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Thread: DSIDC , Delhi State Industrial Development Corp

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    Default DSIDC , Delhi State Industrial Development Corp

    An official report has suggested a massive revamp of the Delhi State Industrial Development Corp (DSIDC) and its diversification for the national capital's larger good.

    Ramesh Chandra, a former finance secretary of Delhi, has said in his recommendations that the DSIDC, which was set up in 1971 to promote industrial development in the capital region, should be strengthened to get into newer areas.

    "The functions of DSIDC should be given a second look, placing more emphasis on development of infrastructure," said the 38-page report submitted to the Delhi government. A copy of the report was made available to IANS.

    The report said diversifying more into infrastructure "would involve the reorganisation of some other corporations under the government of Delhi but should be painless surgery as the end result is going to be value addition and better service for the clients of the stakeholders".

    The report has demanded that DSIDC should spend more on R&D and take charge of the various industrial estates in the city.

    "The need of the hour is to put all such estates under the umbrella of DSIDC who should be asked to prepare a detailed action plan for better management of these estates.

    "This would necessitate greater public-private non-polluting industries in these estates."

    And in a suggestion with far-reaching consequences, Chandra has said that 50 percent of the property tax collected by the municipal corporation of Delhi should to be "passed on to industry associations who could be directed to accept full responsibility for the management of these estates.

    "In order to make DSIDC a more effective body, it would be desirable if the office of the commissioner of industries and that of managing director of DSIDC could be combined and some of the regularly functions transferred to the reorganised set up."

    The report called for focused attention on service industry.

    "The future belongs to service industry. For DSIDC to be able to meet this challenge would require a complete reorientation of its functions and style of delivery.

    "However no radical change is possible without political commitment and direction. For this purpose it would be both necessary and desirable if an industrial board under the chairmanship of chief minister is set up to provide appropriate direction to the functions of the department of industry and DSDIC.

    "Another important step the government needs to take is to associate experienced and senior entrepreneurs from Delhi and even outside both with the industrial board and also the DSIDC."

    The report said although DSIDC should have nothing to do with liquor trade, the business provides the corporation with revenue while ensuring supply of quality liquor to the people.

    Until an alternative system comes into place, "this activity may remain with DSDIC (which) in turn must plan to make (liquor) outlets more consumer friendly and remunerative".

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    Default harressment of a poor cobbler in okhla ph 3 by the estate manager Mr garg.

    sir , this is to inform you that i saw the estate manager of okhla phase 3 Mr garg with his collegues Mr ramesh and Mr ram vilas harrasing a poor cobbler who was sitting under a tree and repairing shoes. He was abused in front of me when i was getting my shoe repaired. that was a very sorry position but when i intervened they stated abusing me also and threatened me with dire consequences. i later found that they were asking for money which the poor chap was unable to pay.
    i would like you to take action against all the three people involved and transfer them immidiately.
    thanking you

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