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Thread: BARCLAYS FINANCE - Personal Loan

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    Default BARCLAYS FINANCE - Personal Loan

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    Hi.. I have taken a personal loan from Barclays Finance for an amount
    of Rs. 1,21,400 and at the time of taking the loan i was told that i
    was getting the loan for 13.46% rate of interest. But now they are
    charging me a rate of interest of 23% which is way above of what i was
    told at the time of taking the loan. Would request your help in
    sorting this case.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default personal lone

    My loan form no b807960 my lco16311005960133

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    sureshkanojya Guest

    Default suresh

    Subject: LC016611204236........(Barclays Finance)
    From: "SURESH KANOJYA" <sureshkanojya@rediffmail.com> on Fri, 27 Nov '09 @ 05:35 PM
    To: <customerservices@barclays.com> and others
    From: "SURESH KANOJYA" <sureshkanojya@rediffmail.com> on Fri, 27 Nov '09 @ 05:35 PM
    To: <customerservices@barclays.com>, <vijaykanojia_82@rediffmail.com>
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    I just wanted to inform u that Miss Pooja Santosh at Thane Branch use abuse language& also didn't provide me her email id,lastly she hang up the phone. It happens when i call her for my excess amount refund cheque.Does relation ends by a/c foreclosure ????
    Please reply..

    Thanks & Regards,


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    Angry Irresponsible approach of Barclays finance

    I had taken a loan of 269400/- on 28th Dec.2009. Loan A/c No. LC010611006246741.
    On the date of disbursal I requested Barclays finance Rajouri Garden team to complete all formalities, spent 3 Hours in the branch,then on 20th January 2010 I received a call from barclays finance confirming about my Mobile No. and ESC date. My saving A/c was funded ,but on 5th February 2010 I received a call from M # 9711159258 Barclays branch stating that the first ECS got bounced.
    I requested about the reason because my Ac. was funded.
    I was not getting a satisfactory answer, caller at barclays said it might be a problem in our ECS form. "You have to confirm from your bank i.e.Citibank. Please walkin to the Barclays Branch and fill the ECS form again."
    I said i don't have so much of time because I am residing at faridabad and when I had done all the formalities on the very first day then why these mistakes have occured after one month.
    Then some manager of Barclays called from 9711310517, misbehaved, said it's none of our business your bank has returned ECS you are a defaulter

    Prashant Kataria

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    Michael Guest

    Default EMI deducted from my a/c after foreclosure of my personal loan loc 14211005743702

    I am Cajeth Michael Rayan from Chennai.
    EMI deducted by Barclays from my bank a/c on Mar 03 2010, after the foreclosure( on Feb 25 2010) of my personal loan loc 14211005743702.
    Request Barclays to refund or credit the EMI amount to my a/c ASAP as i have my own commitments.


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    Default My personal loan lc021011002883489

    I am D.Rajeshwar Rao residing at Warangal in Andhra Pradesh, taken a personal loan no. mentioned in title wants to know your telephone number as your toll free no.is not working to BSNL connections.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint for Barclays Finance Thane branch

    I have taken loan 1.50 lacs from barclays . At the time of loan approval i was told rate of intersest of 14% but in actual
    there are charging the 25 % + also compulsory they are giving max new york policy of rs 33000 . This is pathtic service at thane . they should be clear at the time of the loan agreement. this clearly cheating . I suggest all who are
    going with barclays finance . please dont take loan from them . they do cheat with you.
    branch .

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    Jun 2010


    not only the thane branch and not only the barclays finance. the same thing is done in citifinance also and barclays finance all over the branches. If you are not willing to take the insurance from the certain insurance companies your loan application is automatically rejected.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Hi

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    I am Cajeth Michael Rayan from Chennai.
    EMI deducted by Barclays from my bank a/c on Mar 03 2010, after the foreclosure( on Feb 25 2010) of my personal loan loc 14211005743702.
    Request Barclays to refund or credit the EMI amount to my a/c ASAP as i have my own commitments.

    have you got your refund ? how much they have taken time to refund money back ?pls reply

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Refund

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    have you got your refund ? how much they have taken time to refund money back ?pls reply
    Yes. I got the refund within 15 days.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Smile complaint


    iam saleem khan has been taken loan in the month of april for 2.5lakhs and i have and my acont number is

    Lco15411006646420 i have foreclosed the loan on 9 09 10 and my reciept number is 483675 and so for i have not

    recived my chequs

    so kindly make arrangements to retur my chequs

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default personal loan repayment


    i am residing in bangalore and i have taken a PL from Barclays i have been repayinthe emi regularly but unfortunately i was not able to pay the last three installments,i was contacted by thebank and asked me to settle the account,what should i do now,should i foreclose the loan or continue to repay the loan,kindly advice,i want to settle this matter amicably.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Darshana Yerunkar

    I had applied for personal loan on 8th December,2010. Till date you have not informed me about my loan.
    If you are not interested to sanction me loan of Rs.100000/- kindly return my all documents taken by you.
    Darshana Yerunkar

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    P G Venkat Guest

    Exclamation Personal Loan (LTV 5060700004)

    Respected Sirs,

    I have applied Prsonal Loan in many banks and as I am working with a partnership company, most of the banks rejected to sanction me the loan.

    Before two months two gentlemen came to me and told that we are from Barclays Bank, Eros Building, Nehru Place Br.

    They shown some identity card and convinced me that my file is very good and it has been approved for at least Rs.4.70 lacs on the basis of your salary and status etc.

    They have charged me Rs.5000/- towards forwarding a good report of mine for sanction to then higher authorities. The two gentlemen are Mr. Vikas (8826560741) and Mr. Ankit (8882010212) pretending as Surveyor. They told me your Loan Sanctioned under No.LTV 5060700004 on phone.

    Mr Ankit visited my residence and taken information from me after showing identiy card and told me within 5 days you will get the amount of Rs.4 lac either transferred to your account or the bank will call me and issue a cheque for the amount after signing the loan kit in Barclays, Nehru Place.

    However, now one month has already been passed but the two guys are not traceable on the mentioned mobile phones and I am totally get in their trap.

    I hope they are maintaining one racket coordinating with fraud persons from many banks (either working with bank or working as bank's agent). I have no other proof of them except the mentioned mobile numbers and name.

    I hope you will look into this matter with highly important and get me the good justice at the earliest possible.

    My email address is jackfroot@hotmail.com and numbr is 9891326279

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Fraud bank Barclays Finance

    My experience is that Never ever do any dealings with Barclays Finance they are fraudsters, they get the business because they process the loan quickly to anyone but it's trap, if you take a loan from them its for sure you will regret on your decision. (I had a loan from Barclays finance, they will make all efforts not to let you foreclose the loan) and even finally they will issue a cheque for the excesss amount charged and then they will stop the cheque from clearing.

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