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Thread: Safe Custody Rules - MTNL

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    Default Safe Custody Rules - MTNL

    Does anyone here know the rule regarding safe custody of telephone with
    MTNL when you leave your normal place of residence for a fairly long
    period of time, say, 6 months? The MTNL website shows that that there
    will be no rental for the first 90 days after which a discounted rate
    is applicable. Recently, two of my neighbours have given their phones
    for safe custody and the have been given to understand that there are
    absolutely no charges for the service. I called the MTNL call centre
    who advise that the info contained in the website holds good. Will
    anybody help me with the correct info? Why such confusion in the PSU?

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    There are two categories of safe custody.
    Short Term :
    1.Safe Custody from 7 days to 90 days
    2.Cable pair & telephone number will be reserved.
    3.Restoration will be as per customer's request.
    4.Reconnection fee is Rs.100/- will be charged at the time of reconnection.
    Long Term :
    1.Safe Custody for long duration beyond 90 days.
    2.Cable pair & telephone number will not be reserved.
    3.Restoration will be as per customer's request.
    4.Reconnection fee is Rs.100/- will be charged at the time of reconnection.
    To be applied to Quick Customer Service Centres for short Term aswell as for
    Long Term safe custody.

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    Please find below information and illustrations useful.

    Safe Custody of Telephones
    If the subscriber does not wish to avail the facility of a telephone
    temporarily, either because he would be away or otherwise, the Telecom
    Department would, on his request, keep his telephone in their custody. The
    minimum period for which this facility is allowed is seven days.
    Rental for safe custody
    Normal rental will be charged and the cable pair will remain reserved for the
    subscriber if the period of safe custody does not exceed ninety days. The
    connection will be restored in seven days.
    Normal rental shall be payable if the period of safe custody exceeds ninety
    days. If the subscriber is interested in retaining the same telephone number and
    also reserving the same cable pair. Rental at the rate of 40% of the normal rent
    shall, however, be chargeable if the subscriber is not interesting in retaining
    the same telephone number. The Department may in that case allot that number to
    another subscriber.
    Please note.
    1) The subscriber shall be responsible for timely payment of rental bills during
    the period the telephone is kept in safe custody.
    2) The rent can be paid in advance also. No bills will be issued in that case
    unless there is increase in rentals.
    3) The subscribers should give a notice of at least eight days for keeping the
    telephone in safe custody and also for restoration of the connection.

    Closure of telephone:
    If on the expiry of the period for which telephone is kept in safe custody the
    subscriber does not give any instructions to the Department, he will receive a
    registered notice from the Department and if nothing is heard from him, the
    telephone shall be disconnected permanently.

    I hope this explanation is complete and clarify doubts raised by few consumers.
    I also thank BSNL and its Corrupt General Managers(Nagpur) for providing
    me an opportunity to update my knowledge about Telecom Rules.

    Jai Hind!

    Avinash Murkute
    D-23, Vaibhavnagar, Wanadongri,

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