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Thread: CIBIL India - Credit Card Frauds

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    Default CIBIL India - Credit Card Frauds

    Dear Friends,

    Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited this was kicked off by RBI with as a good initiative to collect and disemminate the credit history of individuals.

    Such credit history collected by them are not accurate (which is violation against ISO 27001:2005) data integrity which CIBIL is certified and against Chapter IV Clause 19 of CICRA 2005.

    Either the banks or CIBIL before reporting or recording such data do not warn the individuals in advance. This is a violation against CICRA act 2005 It comes as a surprise when I applied for a home loan suddenly I am a defaulter in January 2008 and this was not the same when I applied for a housing
    loan in November 2007. CIBIL claims the banks have updated the data on 31/12/2007 the records which belongs to the year 2003.
    The CICRA act 2005 do not protect the borrowers by any means like warning in advance before making an individual as a defaulter.
    No banks or credit agencies does this as well. Now, I applied for a home loan which did not get approved due to a surprising bad credit history.

    Why am I escalating this to the consumer court ? I have mailed all the grievance departments of the banks, CIBIL, their ISO certification authority, RBI but still no satisfied response as their process do not seem to couple together. Now I have only two options. One is the Court and another one is the media.

    Please see the links below for a wonderful evidence of how accurate CIBIL gives the data. No body can deny this video as the date and time is recorded with the concerned officer name
    being recorded as well.
    Please see and rate this video as this should help atleast all our fellow people around the world to be aware of this kind of credit agency data integrity related issues, harassments and frauds.

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    How can we verify and remove one's name from CIBIL database?


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    Default So facts about CIBIL


    CIBIL only reflects the data that is submitted to them from banks and credit institutions, It does not have the rights to change or modify any data submitted. hence if someone has to be blamed for the wrong information on your history, it is the banks itself and not CIBIL. You can approach your bank for the correction of data which further instructs CIBIL to correct the information.


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    Default unnecessory harrassment by HDFC Bank

    My name was added in CIBIL by HDFC Bank Credit Card deptt. and the settlement was done by the local HDFC Bank on 18.08.2006
    I have adequate evidences against the settlement done by the bank and i still awaits the NOC from Bank
    i want my name to be eliminated from CIBIL

    Best Regards
    Harpreet Singh Hora

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    Default want to remove name from cibil database


    How can we verify and remove one's name from CIBIL database?


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    Respected Sir/s,

    With reference to above subject, firstly, please find below my brief introduction :

    Name : Vishal Vinodkumar Gujarati
    Address : 7, Divyamangalam Flats, Jagabhai Park, Rambag, Maninagar, A'bad - 8.
    PAN : AISPG8578R

    I was having HSBC Bank's Credit Card in above mentioned number and also add-on credit card no. 4476 9212 0420 7850 in my brother's name since 3-4 years. At the time of issuance of credit card, it was informed by bank's representative that this credit card is life time free, so, there would not be annual fees charged in future. Even though, every year they were charging Annual fees & service tax on that. After telecom talk in customer care, they were reverting the same. I must inform you that till today, I have not paid a single rupee towards annual fee of these cards.

    Same way, last year they had charged membership fees & service tax on that of Rs. 1179.78 in statement period 19/01/2009 to 17/02/2009. So, I had prepared request letter for cancellation of primary card as well as add-on card with immediate effect and assured that I will pay my whole outstanding amount pertaining to purchases from credit card but I will not going to pay anything towards membership fees or annual fees and forwarded the request letter in drop box of HSBC bank, C.G.Road branch, A'bad on 09/03/2009. As per my assurance, I paid full amount towards my purchases from swapping of Credit Card. Then after, I had not received any statement of outstanding for 6 months.

    Again they had sent me outstanding statement in August'09 end for statement period 18/07/2009 to 17/08/2009 with outstanding amount bifurcated as under :

    Opening Balance Rs. 1361.49
    Late Payment Charges Rs. 400.00
    Service Tax @ 10.3% Rs. 41.20
    Finance Charges Rs. 48.57
    Service Tax @ 10.3% Rs. 5.20
    Total Dues Rs. 1856.26

    Hence again, I prepared a request letter to waive all above charges with a reason that I had made an application for cancellation of both credit cards because Annual charges were wrongly charged to my account and forwarded the same in drop box of HSBC bank, C.G.Road branch, A'bad on 05/09/2009. In September'09 end, I had received a call from Bank's executive and forcing me to pay whole outstanding amount for whih I have denied. Then after, bank sent me monthly outstading statement or letter for 2-3 months for which I have not accepted the courier.

    And now from 25/03/2010, I received calls from bank from phone no. +91-11-45650221 / 45023823 / 45650228 and forcing me to pay outstanding dues and when I replied them that I have paid everything towards Credit Card swap. He agreed that my outstanding is not towards C.C. swaping but towards annaul fees + service tax and late payment charges on that and also threatened me that they have blocked my credit cards but account is not closed till date, so, I have to settled the account by paying the full outstanding else they will put my name in black list, so that I will not get any credit card or loan from any bank and also transfer my case to their recovery dept. Initially, I had picked up their 2-3 calls and tried to convince them that nothing is due from my side, but while they had started to forcing and threatening me, I had stopped to pick up the phone coming from above numbers. So, they have started to call at my residence and threatening to my family that they convince me to pay their dues.

    Sir, if you check my payment history of all credit cards, housing loan and personal loan, you will not find a single default or fraud because this is not my intention. Also, in above case, I don't have any outstanding towards credit card swapping but it is towards wrongly charged annual fees and late payment charges on that which I am not atall ready to pay. So, HSBC banks' executives are calling me as well as my family and threatening by all ways and tring to recover their improper dues.

    So, I request your goodself to intervene in this matter if possible or provide your guideline or suggetion to sort out the issue.

    Thanking your & warm regards.

    Vishal Gujarati

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    We suggest you to send a written complaint to the Nodal officer of HSBC at the below mentioned address via registered post, mentiom all the date wise details in it and ask them for the proper solution within the mentioned time in the complaint else you will drag them to the Consumer Forum for wrongly charging of annual fee.

    Nodal Officer,
    The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited,
    No. 96, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai,
    Chennai - 600 004.
    Email: nodalofficerinm@hsbc.co.in

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    Default wrong information

    dear cibil team,

    My DOB is wrong in my cibil and two credit cards shown in my a/c are not mine.kindly check my a/c and correct the same.my details are as below;

    Sunil Kumar S/o Sh Tara Chand
    Amravati Inclave,Panchkula
    DOB 10th February 1981

    Kindly do the needful

    thanks & Regards
    Sunil Kumar

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    Narendra007 Guest

    Default status of credit card

    Bank Manager/ Nodal Officer, HSBC

    I am Narendra Singh. I found my name in the defaulter list.
    I applied credit card but never received and never used any credit card related to HSBC.
    I got loss for your irresponsibility.
    Prove this or give me the No objection certificate otherwise Ill launch a FIR.

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    Default want to remove name from cibil database

    want to remove name from cibil database

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    kalpesh Guest

    Unhappy remove name in cibil

    dear sir,
    i completely do satelment in caredit card payment of icicbank sice 4 years but they dont remove my name in cibil, they give me promisse that u do complete your credit card satelment after we remove your name in cibil but they dont remove my name ,pls do something

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    Default Name still listed as defaulter


    In 2007 I had closed my credit cards. when i did that i was assured that there would be no issues held after that. but now when i want to apply i am unable to get another card. The reason mentioned is that i had closed my previous credit card. I still have a few loans running in my account. but i you check not a single payment has gone late. Is there any way for me to get my name of the defaulters list? your assistance is appriciated...


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    Hello respected sir/ma'am,

    This is in regard to my CIBIL history for PAN CARD:

    AKWPB1370L in the name of Anuj Bawa, S/O Shr. S.K. Bawa.

    I had the chance to review my credit histor today and found a credit card information which seems to a fraud.

    Mentioned below is the information:

    Member Reference Number: M00CPAA278A
    Account Type: Credit card
    Date Opened Disbursed: 12022007
    Date of Last Payment: NA
    Date Closed:19072008
    Date Reported: 30112010
    Sanctioned Amount: 482865
    Amount Overdue: 482865
    Payment History: 016
    Payment History Start Date: 01072008
    Payment History End Date: 01072008
    Suit Filed Status Code: 4
    Suit Filed Status : WO.

    Sir/Ma'am, this card does not belong to me and it is very disturbing to see such a fraud. I've run through all my old cards and none of them have a credit limit of more than 90,000 rupees. I would request you to please provide me the details of the bank which issued this card on my name and my PAN card number. I would also like to challenge this card and its data integrity.

    Please help me solve this case as it has severly impacted my credit history. Looking forward to your reply.

    Anuj Bawa

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    latha m Guest

    Default How to clear the CIBIL report

    Hi ,

    I want to clear my cibil report as it has become a big headache for me to get a house loan.
    Are there any ways of getting cleared in the cibil.
    please suggest me

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    Post Threatning Calls

    Rs 6000/- is overdue on me from ICICI Bank Credit Card. I assured them that I will pay the amount within 6 months. Still i am receiving threatening calls from recovery agents which affects my mental status and disturb me. I want to know that Banks are allowed for threatening the customers.

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