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Thread: Complaint against Reliance Big TV and M/s APPCO Marketing (India) Pvt Ltd,Bangalore.

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    Default Complaint against Reliance Big TV and M/s APPCO Marketing (India) Pvt Ltd,Bangalore.

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    >1. I wish to inform you that I was approached by two sales representatives representing the direct buisness associate of Relaince Big TV on 13 August 2010. They came from M/s APPCO Marketing (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.
    >2. Their names are Mr Prashant (mob - 9886149040) and Mr shahikant (Mob - 8095070529). They informed me the following:-
    >(a) That a special plan has been launched by Big TV especially for Armed forces personnel on the occassion of Independence day.
    >(b) That in the special scheme two Big TV connections will be given for the cost of one Big TV amounting to Rs 2980/-
    >(c) That one Big TV could be installed at your location while the second could be gifted or installed at any other location in India as per our desire..
    >(d) That Big TV doesnot levy any charges towards shifting charges in case of frequent transfers, which makes the scheme extremely attractive for personnels employed in the forces.
    >(e) That Rain has no effect on the transmission and signal quality of the system as compared to other Dish TV's which is a new feature. Hence Reliance Big TV is preferred choice by most customers.
    >(f) Balance can be carried forward in the smart card by just removing the card when not in use thereby ensuring you donot have to pay anything extra incase you proceed on leave and the TV is not seen for months together.
    >(g) The Big TV which will be installed has a universal remote and thus the same remote can be used to operate the TV and Big TV simultaneously.
    >(h) Big TV charges only 80 Paisa for any movie that is pre 2009 vintage. Balance new movies are available for Rs 15 to Rs 20.
    >(j) That Rs 300/- per connection will have to be paid to the engineer when installing the system.
    >(k) I would get two Gold packs with 3 months subscrition free with a regional channel (bengali which I chose) free.
    >3. Based on the above facts I made the mistake to purchase the system and paid an amount of Rs 2980/- vide ICICI Meerut bank cheque No 925784.
    >4. To my utter shock and disbelieve, during installation I was told by the engineer from reliance Big TV that though two Big TV connections will be installed, only one dish with a big LNB and two connections can be provided. He also told me that you can't put a dish at any other location except this house else the scheme is not valid. Further to my shock I learnt that there are shifting charges being levied by the company, the remote is not universal, rain has an effect on the system just as other dish TV's and movies are not cheap to the extent of 80 Paise as claimed. Finally only One Big TV was installed in my residence on paying Rs 300/- as installation charges (Smart card No 200793737883). I requested them to install the second connection at the following address (Since I had no option as I had already paid and I knew that no concession was made - A TOTAL FRAUD!!!!):-
    >SqnLdr (Retd) SK Bhattacharya
    >House " Gopal"
    >1607/1 Vivekanand Ward, Prabhat Colony,
    >Near Indian Bureau of Mines Office,
    >Jabalpur (MP)
    >Pincode - 482002
    >Phone - 0761 2416273
    >Mobile - 09424392290
    >5. Further Iam given to understand that the Gold pack is available for Rs 1790/- only. As such the discount that was offered to us is only of Rs 600/- and not 1+1 free as claimed!!!
    >6. The above incident has shattered my faith on Reliance which till today I felt was one of the best buisness corporate houses in India doing yeoman service to the nation. This is possibly the worst treatment which can be meted to any service personnel especially during Independence day by playing with their emotions.
    >7. Calls to Mr Prashant and Shashikant are not being answered now. Once Mr Prashant picked up to tell me he has since left the company that too within two days of my purchase!!!! I've registered my verbal complaint even in the APPCO Marketing (India)Pvt Ltd office at tel No 080-32412844 and 9342123614.
    >8. Iam looking forward to the action that can be taken by you against these frauds that have been committed against me. Infact some more service personnel from the same area have also met with the same state.

    9. I immediately rang up the toll free no of Reliance Big TV and registered a complaint in the name of these two persons. The reperesentative from the customer care also advised me to lodge an online complaint which was done on 26 August 2010 by an email to customercare@bigtv.co.in. The mail was replied on 27 August 2010 stating that the company has taken up your issue with concerned department for necessary action and that they apologize for the inconvenience caused to me. However they have clearly stated in their mail to me on 30 August 2010 that no compensation of wrong commitment made can be processed by them regretting to process my request.

    10. May I request you to initiate action against Big TV and APPCO Marketing (India) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.
    at the earliest.
    >11. My Details are as under:-
    >Colonel Shivendra Kumar,
    >13/8 Field marshal Carriappa Colony
    >Cubbon Road, bangalore -560001.
    >Mob - 9164206971, 9738686350
    Email - shivendra124@rediffmail.com
    >11. Please write to me at :-
    >Colonel Shivendra Kumar
    >Commanding Officer,
    >Station Wksp EME Bangalore,
    >Post Agram,
    >Old Airport Road,
    >Bangalore - 560007
    >Mob - 9164206971
    Email - shivendra124@rediffmail.com
    >Regards Colonel Shivendra Kumar

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    Dear Sir,

    I wish to put on record that my complaint against Reliance Big TV was viewed very seriously by their management. They have granted redressel to me by immediately refunding the complete amount and terminating the employees of M/s APPCO. They went a step forward to gift the big TV already installed in my house by their engineers. This speaks very high of the company and has indeed reposed my faith in the industrial giant like Reliance. I would definetely purchase more of their products in future because of their company profile and great customer satisfaction. I would like to put on record the fasttrack redressal given by the company especially by Mr Amit who interacted on behalf of them. I would like the company to felicitate / reward him. He was indeed too good in the whole affair. Thanks a ton to Reliance. Regards Col Shivendra Kumar

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Complaint against Reliance Big TV and M/s APPCO Marketing (India) Pvt Ltd,Delhi

    To whomsoever it may concern

    This is to inform you, that on 31/10/2010, I booked a reliance Big TV (DTH) from your representative Sh.Akhilesh Singh (Emp. Code 00061). He asked me to issue the cheque of Rs.1390/- in favor of your authorised booking agency i.e. M/S APPCO Marketing (India) pvt.ltd. He did not issue any receipt of the cheque, but assured me that a engineer from Reliance Big TV will come within 6 days to fix the reliance BIG TV (DTH) connection, and he shall bring the receipt for the same.
    The cheque was encashed from my bank on 4/11/2010 by your agency and till date no one has come to fix the connection. I have tried to contact the said Akhilesh Singh on his mobile number 9891537501 but his phone is switched off.

    It appears that your company in convenience with your agency have cheated me and i shall report the matter to the police and media. Besides this please note that since you have failed to supply me with the reliance Big TV connection in time, i hereby request you to refund my money within 7 days from the date of receipt of this e-mail, (complaint) failing which i shall shall be filling a written complaint against your company and your agency in the consumer court or any other court.
    Copy of this e-mail complaint may please be forwarded to chairman of M/S Relaince Big TV, 2nd floor, A block, Reliance Communicationlimited, Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge city, Thane Belapur Road,Kopar Khairne, navi Mumbai - 400709.

    Mrs. T.L.Paul
    w/o Mr.Francis Paul
    (Advocate Delhi High Court)

    Contact Details:

    Add: C-23, South Moti Bagh II, New delhi - 110001
    Phone: 9818954277, 9818954277
    Email- jennifer.paul@gmail.com

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    lalji r dhakecha Guest

    Default non instolation of reliance BG TV in promised time

    An executive shri dinesha kohli came to my office saying tat he's from appco marketing, he gave the details of reliance big tv, he collected a cheque of 1490 on 28/05/2012 and promised me that i'll get the connection within 5 working days, once the amount got cleared from my account on 31/05/2012 he's not answering my calls,...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lalji r dhakecha View Post
    An executive shri dinesha kohli came to my office saying tat he's from appco marketing, he gave the details of reliance big tv, he collected a cheque of 1490 on 28/05/2012 and promised me that i'll get the connection within 5 working days, once the amount got cleared from my account on 31/05/2012 he's not answering my calls,...
    Dear Customer,

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you. This is to inform you that your concern has been noted. Please share your contact details such as Full name, mobile no., and the type of Inconvenience you are facing, so that we are able reach you. Our team is eager to help you.



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