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Thread: Airtel DSL Broadband

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    JV Info Solutions Guest

    Angry Airtel DSL Broadband

    Date 30/12/08

    Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission
    A-Block, Vikaas Bhawan
    I.P. Estate
    New Delhi.
    Tel: 23322946, 23322989, 23321558

    Ref: Downtime of DSL Account ID 10887378 and Excess billing of Bharti Airtel Ltd.

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is with regret that we are being forced to draw your attention and help us
    resolve this issue with Bharti Airtel.

    We are a user of DSL broadband connection of Bharti Airtel which is not working far
    last 4 days, the connection number is 01204310027 and account id is 10887378.
    Static IP ( and 29)

    We have got excess amount billed during period of 8 Oct. 08 to 7 Nov. 2008. We have
    been complaining about this to their customer care center but nobody has given us
    proper response including team leader Mr. Parmar and Mr. Raju Viswash discussing
    with us. We logged complaint on 17/11/08 and we have been following with reference
    numbers regularly.

    Instead of investigating our over billing their billing department is twisting our
    arm and have disconnected our line. This despite we have proven to them that some
    serious error has taken place or even suspect theft –that is either Airtel operators
    or some thieves connect privately our Airtel line to make local profit by short
    misuse when our offices are closed.

    We have real proof with us where Airtel technician once even corrected a situation
    like this with one of our lines (after correction he reported as technical error).
    But this fact that Airtel theft is real is true according to our research.

    We have told them repeatedly to look at it care fully and investigate thoroughly
    because this is serious problem of Airtel and dangerous to both Airtel as well as
    customers like us. We have also told them not take lightly nor be complacent.

    Our complaint numbers in the meantime are:


    We are willing to discuss details with any senior executive of Airtel from Airtel
    Head quarters if they respond.

    Thanks and regards
    JV Info Solutions
    A-28 Third Floor
    Sector-16 Noida
    PH: 0120-437174

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    Unregistered Guest



    I am in a dispute with Airtel, who are charging me late fee for not
    paying erroneous charges in previous bills.
    I saw some news articles about a Telecom Sector Ombudsman office,
    which hears consumer grievances against telcos.
    Does anybody has phone no./e-mail/web site etc of this office?
    Has anybody approached them, abd how was the expereicne?

    Thanks for help in advance.


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