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Thread: Complaint Aganist TVS Motors regarding TVS Apache 160RTR

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    Thumbs down Complaint Aganist TVS Motors regarding TVS Apache 160RTR

    Dear Sir,

    This is P.Raghunath Reddy From Kurnool. I have purchased TVS APACHE 160 RTR On Date 8/04/2010 ,for amount Rs 72,000/- in MG BROTHERS TVS show room Kurnool.

    But i Faced so many problems regarding this vehicle.I lost two Rear shock absorbs, with in Third servicing only. On one day when i was in heavy traffic clucth wire was broken.i just narrow escape from accident.

    So I want keep against case on TVS motor company,and i want surrender My vehicle to company, I Want clear explination regarding my complaint.I was very unsatisfied about TVS company

    Thanking Sir,
    Your's Faithfully,

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Iam fed with indoshell tvs (sidco branch)

    Hello sir,
    My name is G.Sasi kumar I Have bought Apache RTR 160 on feb 2010.
    I have done 3 services on Indoshell TVS(Sidco Branch) but i said many complaints regarding my bike but
    they did not take care of my problem.Especially in 3rd service they did not change my oil also and did not check the oil level also and they delivered the bike to me.Now iam getting Engine Abnormal sound from the 3rd service..I have given service to KRS TVS and they serviced the bike Very Very good and i want to really appreciate done by the KRS..

    Now my bike around 8451 kms only now iam getting abnormal sound from the engine.
    so i want explanation against my bike...I wish to take actions against the Indoshell Tvs(sidco Branch)suprvisiors coimbatore.

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    M. Thamizharasan Guest

    Unhappy Tvs Apache 160cc complaint

    When compared to other 150cc level bikes in India Tvs Apache is the worst one i never seen like this. Not a one are two problems in this bike Vibrating, millage, Engine noise even the tire also not good. First i brought Apache 150cc version in the year 2007 bike No. TN 02 AB 4736 at Chennai Anna Nagar Goodwill showroom i really upset with that bike performance. Recently i conclude that want to change the bike again i try for 160cc rtr version in this year April 2010 again in the same showroom Goodwill motors Anna Nagar Chennai Register no TN 02 AL 4736. Only the difference between the old and new one is outer look only not with the engine performance. Service also not good they not care bout your bike and complaint, so don't spend your valuable money with TVS two wheeler. If any one want to know about more please contact me with mail Thamiz_san@rediff.com or Cell# 9884559737.

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    Narbada Prasad Pandey Guest

    Unhappy apache rtr 160 complaint

    Dear sir,

    tvs moter company limited.
    P.b. No. 4, harita, hosur, 653109
    tamil nadu, india

    i have many problems with your one of the model of apache rtr 160
    which is registration no. Mp 20 mj 9924...
    Frame no. Md64ke4892g97553
    engine no. 0e4g92200344
    purchased date-16-8-2009
    dealer- national tvs, address-
    opposite jabalpur hospital, napier town, jabalpur (m.p.)

    i purchased it on 16-08-2009 form dealer national tvs, address-
    opposite jabalpur hospital, napier town, jabalpur (m.p.)
    within two months its accelerator has been broken.
    And now till dated more than five times it has broken,,,,
    one i was more than 80 kilometers so for from jabalpur
    at night. There was its accelerator cable has been broken.
    Did you think how could i came back form there...
    I was to frastating after purchased your this bike.

    One another thing is that about your bike its clutc cable is also broken with
    in 6 month after purchasing...

    One important thing about this bike is that, its silencer is dameged form middle
    side. There is a hole which is continiously getting bigger,,,
    after some time silencer will break form the middle of it.

    It has also problem with handle some times it is very tight, some times
    it make noise when driving,, (as cut, cut) ,,,
    i complaint every servicing but the dealer and servicing manager of
    national tvs, jabalpur is not take any action till dated.

    So if you will not solve my problem with my bike..
    So i will go to consumer fouram, jabalpur,,(m.p.)
    and you will liable to cost of petition and othe expences....

    So kindly solve my problem within 15 days..
    I hope you will very soon contact to me...
    I am waiting for your reply....

    Thanking you...

    dated 31-10-2010 your faithfully

    narmada prasad pandey
    h.no. 1042, opposite-ganesh mandir
    shastri nagar, bajnamath cho

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down tvs apache rtr 160 is woste bike

    my name: mohamed

    i have rtr 160 i was purchased this bike in 5.06.2010 rs 72000 after then three service engine noise sound is tomuch.my head lamp is blinking when iam turn on pass light.rear suspension is not working deep and dug place so many sick on my bike .help me to improve my engine sound in dts

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    Default giving low average(30-35kmpl)

    Dear Sir,

    I am Vikash from bangalore.i purchased one tvs apache rtr160 bike on dated 07july2010 from meghdoot showroom M.G.Road.
    My complaint is that now my bike is giving low milage(30-35kmpl) according to given by company(48kmpl) and some problems occures in gear box..
    I complaint in maghdoot service center during my bike service but that was not profitable for me
    , no change in milage..
    So,i request you please take action as soon as possible...

    Yours Faithfully

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    Nov 2011


    Dear sir
    I had given the My apache RTR 160 to SK TVS for accident repair on 21 sep 2011. I was intrested in getting the service through insurance claim as the damage for the bike was heavy. I was told by the supervisor there that all insurance formalities will be completed by them and they took Rs 500 from me by saying that Rs 400 will be refunded by The insurance companies and Rs 100 for faxing the papers to insurance company. On 25 Sep I was told that the survey had been done and estimate approved however they are waiting for the parts to be delivered. however after going to them for almost one month nothing happened and repair on my bike not started. I enquired from my insurance company on 11 Oct 2011 about the claim and came to know that no claim has been registered for my bike. I reported this to SK TVS supervisor and he assured me that the claim had been registered. However on 16 Oct he told me that the insurance claim has not been registered an I have to lodge the claim on my own. On 17 Oct 2011 I lodged the claim myself and the survey was done on 20 Oct 2011. I was again told that my bike will be repaired by 21 Oct 2011 and since all parts have been received by them. till then I have been visiting daily at the service centre and facing the delay. On 30 Oct 11 I again visited the service centre and saw that shocker rods have been fixed and they told me that my bike will be delivered on 30 Oct 11 itself but on inspecting I saw that there are fracture marks and sweating on both shocker rods. I asked to give my old shocker rods which were totally bent and they gave me two shocker rods which were not of Apache and were of two different bikes. This resorted to me refusing to accept those old shockers as they were my shockers which were repaired and put again on my bike and claimed & charged to be new. I showed them the cracks in the shocker and their service engineer acknowledged but refused to acknowledge in written. The whole incident indicates toward the fraud and cheating attitude of the SK TVS and Rs 500 charged by by SK TVS also is on fraudaulent promise. The case qualifies for the complaint of cheating however I would like to try last resort by complaining first to TVS. The details of my BIKE is as follows.
    given to SK TVS Nawada service centre

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    siva ranjith Guest

    Angry apahe rtr fi 160

    rear disk break in my bike i changed disk plait and disk shoe is new the tvs worker confused

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    rahulhazarika20@gmail.com Guest

    Default frequent mechanical break down in TVS APACHE 160

    Respected Sir,

    With due respect I would like to inform you that I had been an owner of TVS APACHE RTR 160 on 27th july 2011 and the day since I bought it, I am facing lots of unusual mechanical troubles with my bike which I have mentioned below :
    1. The digital fuel meter is not indicating the actual amount of fuel left in the tank even after the replacement of float unit under warranty by the Joyshree tvs service
    2. 4th gear slippage
    3. The pick- up is really very poor and I have informed about it many times to the Joyshree tvs workshop but the workshop personnel are least bothered about taking any necessary action to diagnose the cause behind .
    4. The engine stops suddenly even if the bike is in motion and besides , it needs to be kicked many times to start the engine particulary early in the morning.
    5. After a trip of about half an hour the engine makes some abnormal noise and when this problemwas mentioned out there in the Joyshree tvs workshop, they considered it as a normal phenomenon and to eliminate that noise tappet clearance has to be adjusted and that may lead to reduce the power of the engine.

    I believe TVS is one of the finest bike makers in the country and they are really doing tremendously well with the innovation in technology they use in their bikes and so I preferred RTR 160 rather buying a Bajaj pulsar 150. But when services of the dealers fails to meet the customer requirements and expectations , it can realy effects negatively on the business. So I request you to be kind enough and provide me those services which I am suppose to get as being part of TVS family.

    CHASIS NO- MD634KE4XB2F03228
    ENGINE NO- 0E4FB2277655 With regards

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    Thumbs down complain against shah tvs service centre

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    My name is somnath banik. I had purchased a TVS APACHI RTR -160FI bike from Shah TVS dealer of kolkata city dated on- 11/12/2008.but after the second free service my bike starts to create problems. Like an engine sound starts which changes the original bike’s sound. As a result I was not getting proper mileage as it was being told to me that I will get in the city –km/lit and in the highway around—km/lit. but I was getting in the city max to max 25-30km/ lit and in the highway max 30km/ lit. In terms of pic up very bad .when at the time of riding gear shifting always becomes a great deal for me cuz when ever I change the gear after putting on neutral it does not move up .And another important thing at every shifting time the bike jerks don’t know why. I requested the authorized service centre of TVS motor in the kolkata city under SHAH TVS (Dealer).I requested the authorized person in that service centre n individually the specialized technician in detail those matter. but no result comes. at every service I told, about the engine noise nut either they r deaf or I m a shameless man .particular in this bike model “{FI”) there is no carburetor so u can’t do the tuning like the other models manually have to do by a special computerized software technique .when ever I goes to the service centre for servicing the previous day I made a call to confirm that does their system ok so that I can do my tuning? They replies ok without checking that .U bring your bike we will do that. but after servicing when I asked did u do the tuning the reply comes in the way that right now the system is not working of we have not the password so that we are unable to open the system for doing your tuning .but we will do that in the next service .wt a rubbish reply. Another big problem is my self starting .it does not work in a single time .after a repeating it works.
    All those problems I discuss every time when I bring my bike for servicing. once some TVS MOTOR COMPANY,S specialized engineers came for the visit in the service centre I was too much pleased to think that this time I will get positive feedback and help . They individually check my bike and told me create an SR (written complain) we will sort out .when I told to create the authorized person to make a SR then he smiled n told me that?”Sir don’t be worry we will do the needful “.but they don’t made any SR still now .always they gave me verbal satisfaction .now wt should I do and whom should I contact?
    I m really very much disappointed regarding the servicing …It’s my humble request please help me out.

    Purchase Date-11-12-2008
    Chassis No- MD634LE5782N03749
    Engine No- OE5N82003740
    Colour- Titan
    Contact me- 9062823939

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    Unregistered Guest



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    Dec 2011

    Default complain against SHAW TVS ( TITAGARH)

    Dear Sir,
    I am himalendu biswas.I had purchased a TVS APACHI RTR -160FI bike.I had changed my bike charger from TITAGARH TVS CENTRE ( SHAW AUTO CENTRE) DATE OF 11/12/11 and paid rs 548. But this new charger is not working and this reasons my bike battary is fully damaged.After i had checked my bike from another TVS service centre and their authorized person said that this charger is damaged cause it is local charger not TVS Company charger. my complain is that why did they change local charger from TVS AUTHORISE CENTRE ? How is selling local charger
    from SHAW TVS CENTRE ?

    So I want keep against case on TVS motor company TITAGARH ,and i want replace my battary and charger with free of cost beacuse its not my fault and I Want clear explination regarding my complaint.I was very unsatisfied about TVS company

    Engine No- OE4H92213120
    Colour RED
    Contact me- 9830356559
    Last edited by HIMALENDU; 12-31-2011 at 12:01 AM. Reason: editing charger amount

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    Default Mohd. Adeeb Khan

    Dear Sir, I own a TVS Apache RTR FI Model motorbike. I bought this bike in September,2008. The TVS Company has stopped the production of this bike after two years I bought this bike. Now I am getting bike serviced at Benaras TVS which is an Authorized Service Center of TVS Motors. My Mtorbike has a problem of overheating and I have spend almost Rs. 20000 or more on my bike in this Service Center. Still my bike is in the pathetic conditions. They are not able to rectifying the problem and saying that the Motorbike is heating because of the Hot Temperature and there is no fault. The bike is heating to such an extent that I cant even sit on the bike for long. Please get this rectified or get my bike replaced as I have spend a lot of money on this and now I am unable to pay my EMI's on time just because of the High Expenses caused on this repair.

    I want to replace this Bike with a New Bike otherwise I would file a case in Consumer Forum against the TVS Motors.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Adeeb Khan
    Press Highness

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    sunil kumar verma Guest

    Default complaint of tvs

    This is Sunil kumar Verma From Jaipur. I have purchased TVS APACHE 160 RTR On Date 18/08/2011 , in KS Motors TVS show room jaipur.

    But i Faced so many problems regarding this vehicle.My bike wobbling problem last 6-7 month and when i go workshop and workshop staff tell me you check your bike outside and tell her name mama wheelwala. Today Noise in my bike rear side when i go tvs workshop for check my bike noie problem, workshop staff tell me you purchase chain lock outside.

    So I want keep against case on TVS motor company,and i want surrender My vehicle to company, I Want clear explination regarding my complaint.I was very unsatisfied about TVS company

    Thanking Sir,
    Your's Faithfully,
    Sunil kumar

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default tvs motors company ltd for apache rtr 160 red

    As I am using your bike for past 8 months and I have taken your bike at 27th November 2011 (TVS AUTO POINT SURAT ),but my all service has done by ( SPEED TVS NAVSARI )and I am not satisfied with my bike performance.
    As i am using your bike for 8 months I have out my bike for service for 27 times and your regional manager mr. sagar (m-09601951208) is knowing about all my bike problems, and he is not able to solve my bike problem.
    As for my bike running only 5,130 kilometer and I found so many problem in my bike .
    After taking my new bike delivery I have found any driving pleasure or not with my bike pickup.
    After getting delivery for my bike I have visited your service centre for nearly 27 times, in few day of my delivery my bike have pick up problem.
    As for 1 st time I have visited your service centre for pick up problem, at that time they have told me that your bike having valve problem, after taking test drive. So I have agreed to solve my new bike problem. After 4 days they give me my bike to repair valve & told me your problem has been solved. but after few days go again start problem in my bike.
    As for 4nd time I put my bike with same problem . they have told me that your bike having carburetor problem.4nd time I agree to solved my bike problem. after 33 days go they give me a new carburetor .
    I take a delivery after few days, again the same problem start & I am not satisfied with my bike ,again I put my bike to service centre for few days . As per they told me I change spark plug 3 time & I paid money for three times.
    And again after few days of repairing my new bike problem for liner has came in 8th month that the liner has been broken as they have concen me again I have change my liner & again I have pay for this problem.
    As getting all this problem I was riding my bike on highway at the same time god is been blessing me so well that I was saved by god from accident.at the same time I have put my bike to your service centre on Monday 30/07/2012 at 9:20 am and I will not take my new bike from your service centre.
    Either replace my new bike or pay my money back. As I have put my bike to your service centre many a times I have wasted lot of my money behind my bike I am fade up of going to service centre please solve my problem.
    Name : Sanket D Vashi.
    Address : At & post manekpore, via gadat tal- @@@@evi dis- navsari
    Mobile no : 09825206810, 09825166810.

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