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Thread: Colorful Vacations Pvt LTD - Internation Tour package service

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    Default Colorful Vacations Pvt LTD - Internation Tour package service

    Hello Sir / Madam,

    I am Surekha. Me and my husband(Kishore) have planned out for International tour to Malaysia and Singapore. We tried to reach to Colorful Vacations Pvt Ltd (CVPT)which is a Delhi based travel agent. We were offered a price of Rs: 37,500 per person. The travel would be "Hyd-Bgr-Mal; Mal-Sing(Via Bus Coach); Sing-Mal-Bgr". We have paid Rs: 60,000 before journey. Our travel dates to fly to Bgr are 19 July '10 to 25 July '10. Following are the problems that we would like to sue them for:

    Point 1) They have asked us to pay a balance of Rs15000 in the form of USD to the driver who would pick us up at Malaysia airport on 19th July, 2010. We were dealying with Menka Srivastava (CVPT coordinate). I asked her there would be deviations in the exchange rate. She said please pay only the USD that we got in exchange of Rs15000. We have exchanged the money at bangalore airport and the exchange rate was Rs: 49. So that has got accrued to USD 300. As soon as we reached malaysian he has asked us to pay USD 320. We denied to pay that extra USD 20. Then the malaysian coordinate said that you travel will not happen in case we are not paying the USD 20. So we had to pay that amount in Singapore Dollars (30) as we were carrying only them at that point of time. When we tried reaching out to Menka, she said they would reimburse the Rs 1000 which is equivalent to USD 20 or Sinagapore dollars 30. Till date I tried reaching them both on phone and through mails atleast 20+ times. They said that they have debited that amount. However, it is not reflecting in our account (which we have asked them to debit in). They are not receiving my call and they are not answering my mail too. I have attached the email trial for your reference.

    Point 2) They have given us the tickets of Air Asia to travel. They have not paid the baggage cost for the travel (25 July 2010) of both of us from Malaysia to Bangalore. When we tried to check in the baggage, Air Asia coordinate has told us that our baggage cost was not purchased at all. And he has shown the area where that would reflect in the ticket. Ticket showed that our baggage cost of our travel from Bangalore to Malaysia was paid. Whereas baggage cost of travel from Malaysia to Bangalore we showing empty representing that the baggage cost was not paid. So we had to use our credit card to pay RM(Malaysian ringets) 60 which is equal to Rs: 1200. Attached is the ticket wherein I have marked in black circle. This circle represents that the baggage cost for the return travel was not bought. I tried to reach them about this. However, Alok did not even respond to our request to reimburse on this. Our luggage weight was 30Kgs which is the normal allowed luggage. This is not the extra luggage cost.

    Point 3) While communicating about the travel, we have asked them to send the detailed itinerary. Menka said that the travel agent can only share when we reach to that particular country. However, I asked them to share the travel plan atleast. Then she has sent a mail wherein Night safari was a part of the travel. When we reached Singapore, the travel plan shared by the travel agent of Singapore did not have Night Safari included in it. So we called Menka from Singapore hotel. She denied that Night safari is a part of travel offered by them. After, Long discussions with Menka and Alok (Menka’s Boss), Alok said if in case any of their mails would consist of even mention of Night Safari, they would reimburse the night safari cost for both of us. Night safari has costed us Singapore Dollars 100 for both of us. This is equal to Rs 3500. For discussion on phone from Singapore hotel costed us Singapore dollars 25-30 which is equal to Rs 1000. After reaching to my place, I have send the mail of Menka to Alok and Menka both. Now Alok denies that this is not a part of tour package and cannot be reimbursed. Attached is the email trial for your reference. This email trial has the tour plan divided into 5 parts. When all the other 4 parts of the travel have been done as said we both are not able to understand how Night safari part cannot be?

    To finalise, following is the amount that we are expecting as a reimbursement from Colorful vacations (the address is----------------):
    Rs 1000 as per Point 1 above
    Rs 1200 as per Point 2 above
    Rs 3500 + Rs 1000 as per Point 3 above
    Total: Rs: 6700
    We would like to make a humble request to you, as we had money we were able to manage the international tour. How about in case we couldn’t carry that extra money? We have to just waste our Rs 75000 and come back with a sad and dissatisfied note. We were out of our country and just could not manage things. And over and above this, all this manipulations and misguidance by the travel agent is just not digestable to both of us. It is sad that they could cheat us though both of us were educated. Just imagine in case old people who are uneducated are sent to that place believing the service of the travel agent.

    Kindly let us know if any further information is required from our side. I would send them immediately.

    I am eagerly waiting for your action towards them, as we are feeling hurt by there behavior.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Surekha & Kishore
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    we had a superb trip with the same travel company!

    the services were super and smoothly cordinated, even in malaysia we were given surprises in free dinner and auto upgradation in hotel

    we were a group of 12 person and had a great trip to singapore malaysia.

    thanks to colorful vacations, specially menka who arranged such a wonderful trip..


    gautam juneja and family

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    My family travelled to Malaysia and singapore last month in Aug 2011 through Colorful Vacations.

    We had a fabolous trip and everthing was arranged to perfection. The hotel, the coaches, Indian Dinners everything was organised well. There was surprise B'Day Cake arranged for my little daughter which she thoroughly enjoyed . The entire team especially Menka was very co-operative and helpful .

    We look forward to many more enjoyable trips through Colorful Vacations!!

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    Unregistered Guest

    Red face Good Arrangements

    Arrangements were excellent. Abhay and Sandeep did the fantastic job, I also want to say thanks to rest of the team who worked it out me.

    Many thanks for making my honeymoon memorable. Arrangements were excellent. Abhay and Sandeep did the fantastic job; I also want to say thanks to rest of the team who worked it out me.

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    I fully agree with Sureka on the subject. This is the most pathetic travel agency i have ever come across till date...

    I and my family were part of the 18 people on tour to Malaysia, Singapore and Colombo.

    Things were un-organized, there was plenty of miscommunication, agents went missing, there was tremendous delay in the airline, luggage was misplaced and hence the entire tour could be summarized as a complete disaster.

    1. Sri Lankan flight from Delhi to Colombo was delayed big time, because of which our connecting flight was missed. The next available flight was scheduled next morning and the entire night had to be spent on the airport. No arrangements were made by the airline to accommodate us during the period. The flight next morning was also delayed due to which we missed one entire day of our trip to Kuala Lumpur.

    1. The city tour was pushed back by a day and was clubbed with the day we were supposed to leave for Genting, without our consent, making the schedule very hectic

    1. The guide on our tour to Genting (Mr Komelin) was very very rude and disrespectful to our entire group making the experience very unpleasant

    1. On reaching Genting, we were left in the hotel lobby alone by Mr Komelin. We were informed by the hotel that the bookings are made in the name of Mr Sajid and unless he comes personally we cannot check-in. Mahmood was not reachable for the entire day. When we finally managed to reach him he said we would come personally and sort out the issue. It took him around 5 hours to reach the place during which we were made to wait at the reception. While we were supposed to be given deluxe rooms as per the itinerary, we were allotted standard rooms, thereby causing further inconvenience. Entire day got wiped out due to this miscommunication and mis-cordination of the local agent appointed by Colorful Travels

    1. We were told by your team that we would be checked into 4-5 star beach resorts during our stay in Colombo. However, the accommodation given to us in Colombo did not even have the basic facilities making our stay and the entire trip more unpleasant and unbearable.

    Humble request to all travelors not to book packages through Colorful Travel. It might seem to be a bit cheap compared to other agencies, but the quality of services are pathetic to say the least....


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    Vincent Sahayaraj Guest

    Thumbs down Cheating company

    I have planned Singapore an Malaysia tour, thro Colorless vacations Pvt Ltd, Chennai. On the last day they told me that our Singapore visa was rejected and they arranged alternate with additional cost. Very worst company.

    A.Vincent Sahayaraj

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    Smile Amazing Malaysia Trip


    I am thankful to CVPL for arranging a good memorable trip to Malaysia 7d/6N. Though there was a delay of 5hrs due to aircraft delay and Malaysia immigration delays the CVPL Malaysia partner Red apple staff Thiru picked up promptly. Thiru is a nice and friendly helping person. Accommodation hotel rooms are nice. It is an amazing and wonderful trip. I congratulate Chitra, Sushmita, Harvinder for coordinating nicely for tickets and other itinerary arrangements. When anyone travelling overseas they need to check the travel procedures, luggage details and the itinerary. Demand the details here itself and clarify all your doubts. Do not unnecessarily blame the agency for your mistakes.


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