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Thread: Easy Movies - BAD SERVICE

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    Default Easy Movies - BAD SERVICE

    I am a member of easy movies india.
    Easy movies membership with minimum payment of rs 300
    (100 for registration+200-1000 deposit).
    If u book any tickets(max 10). Money will deducted from ur deposit and
    added if u pay the money at theatre. But my didn't added from noe month.
    I call customer services but no response.
    I lost the money 150 for calls(20 times) . I decided to cancel the
    easy movies membership.
    ************************************************** ***************
    my suggestion for people :
    Easy movies the worst customer support service in hyderabad

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default easy movies is worst in hyderabad dont book tickets

    i am the member of easy movies i booked the ticekts and i paid the amount in theatre and to cancell the membership again we have to go thier office in lower tank band ., at the time of getting memebership they send by courier

    if i want to cancel means i have to spend 250 for travelling

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    Venkata Ramana Dodda Guest

    Default Bad Service.

    I forgot my password to use easymovies, you know the easy movies doesn't have a facility to get the password from internet. When I called customer care, they are saying I need to go to Lower Tank Bund office in Hyderabad, I don't know where the office is.

    Forgot Password :
    How can they don't have changing the password online in this era? At least when we call customer care, they can send the password to the registered mobile.

    SMS Charges:
    One more thing, they are deducting more than Rs. 30/- as SMS charges, Hardly I get 2 messages per month, that is they are charging Rs.15/- per SMS. Now-a-days, everybody is sending free SMS. I don't know what is costing them Rs.15/- per message?

    Customer Care:
    Worst!!!Worst!!!Worst!!!Worst!!!Worst!!!Worst!!!Wo rst!!!Worst!!!Worst!!!Worst!!!Worst!!!Worst!!!Wors t!!!Worst!!!
    I called 10 times yesterday to book tickets, nobody were there to attend my request.

    Please contact me if you need any clarification.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Talking Explanation for the Bad Service...

    Dear Customers,

    I represent EasyMovies in Hyderabad.

    We are a very small company with a novel idea of making it easy for cinegoers to buy tickets.

    But enroute, we face many issues.....my explanation below for few issues:

    1.) balance not updated inspite of paying at theatre:
    We were using BSNL Leased Lines for a period of time, with bad connectivity issues of BSNL, we moved onto BSNL DataOne (you know, other private operators do not provide connectivity at all theatres, because of thier feasibility issues). With BSNL DataOne it was equally bad. the theatre connection to our main server go down once every week, with the line-men taking few days to get them up........This is the state of connectivity in our city. In such disconnected-circumstances, our Counter-guy-at-theatre updates such data at the end of day. it is not feasible in any other manner, for the kind of qualification/expertise the counter guy has.....To et rid of this issue, only in the month of Aug, we started establishing Satellite based connectivity. Now we are seeing fulltime connectivity, at a little higher costs.....but we wanted to desperately provide better service....being small, we are forced to be slow....(we are not airtel, ICICI etc.)

    2.) Forgot Password section:
    Only recently we got the SMS stuff onto our system. We shall provide the same soonest....Yes it is a gap, we had overlooked.

    3.) SMS Charges:
    We have started sending everytime a noted movie gets released. And moreover, we sms the booking / cancellation information to the customer's mobile. This definitely eats up the little revenue we get. Therefore we are forced to transfer the sms charges onto the customer. These are charges being charged on a larger scale by the cellular provider.

    Also, if you look at it, we charge around 30 and can end up sending more than 100 sms's for booking and cancellation too....Now, with the forgot password stuff, we will have to send sms, everytime a custoemr seeks for the same. You should know, that we cannot keep counting the number of times we have sent a sms to a customer. ( this is just like an Airtel, which does not give incoming calls list in the bill, even in a postpaid connection, without a charge. they cannot because they simply do not have the systems in place, after incoming calls became free.) I mean, if we start counting how many smsm to each customer, then the main booking database can become drastically slow......Well, there was nothing more we could think of....But to charge flat for sms being provided per month.

    4.) No response on the call centre. (Sri.Venkata Ramana Dodda had called 10 times with no response)
    Well, on Peak days, we get many calls , multifold than we can handle.....this is a scaling-up issue...and we simply cannot scale up our call centre...we already have more than 120 lines(ports), on which we take simultaneous calls.....even that was not enough...now wat can we do about it....therefore at peak times we were unable to handle these......
    POSSIBLE SOLUTION: we are at the verge of launching an sms based system, which can be scaled up to the maximum level....this shall take care of our customer interface system thoroughly.......

    Our request:
    Please do not cancel your association with us. We are doing our best. We will be there upto everybody expectations by the month of November 2009, with all issues taken care....

    Atleast we are not stealing anything, we always offer to refund the Prepaid ticket money.....

    Only to avoid any misuse in the process of refund of money, by anybody(including our guys) ( You know, India is a poor country, and whereever there is a loop hole, people simply try to take out money from there)...we request our customers to visit our office. Pleae tell me if we can send the money by courrier, we shall do so...but you know the problems...the postman/courrier guy gains by it....Please be practical...and we will be happy to incorporate any good suggestions on any topic concerning our system

    Please write back on this blog, if someone has more complaints......or if someon'e got a great suggestion please write to easymovies.blog@gmail.com ....

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Fun cinema

    Hi I have been to FUN CINEMA for ajeb prem ki ghajab kahani but the seats in the theater are very bad !! It's smell like junk for that kind of seats we pay 300+ for golden seats..

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    unregistered Guest

    Angry How to cancel easy movies membership?


    Can anybody please let me know the procedure to cancel membership from easy movies? I had an issue with the easy movies guy at Siva Parvathi theatre, Kukatpally.

    I booked tickets online and amount got deducted from my prepaid balance. But, when I reached the theatre the easy movies guy refused to give tickets and asked to pay money for prepaid balance. I already had a balance of 180 rupees and it should be my descretion whether to recharge my account or not. There is no point in maintaining prepaid balance if they demand money at ticket counter for the booked tickets. What if I didn't take money to theatre? I would have to return back being a member. He was not even polite, and it's not even a request. He was simply demanding money as if I owed him. This is ridiculous.

    I tried calling customer care many times but in vain. It's not just at peak times the customer care is unavailable because whenever I tried they're unreachable. And, I couldn't find new movies updated in the site at least until some time after the movie is released. I don't think it's because of the tickets were already sold off.

    Overall, it's pretty worst experience which I can't fully express here.


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    Unregistered Guest


    ur website is worst i tryed so many times its not open

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Displaying wrong timings in the web site


    I am the member of easy movies holding Login id : 8142344556, i booked ticket for teenmaar film on 16th april 2011 in CINE PLANET SCREEN2 . While booking the ticket in website it was showing the time of show is 11.00am . after words i went to take a print out at internet center and i taken a copy of ticket in that the show timings printed at 10.15am.
    due to that mistake i lost RS: 530.00 .

    please take an action on EASY MOVIES PEOPLE. so that they may not cheat others.

    Thanking you sir.

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    Oct 2011

    Lightbulb E-mail ID & Name

    Dear Sir,

    I have just registered with Easy Movies and have received the password, but when logging in to 'My Account' for paying the account balance, it is asking for Name and E-mail ID, which no window is showing for entering the required info. Could you please help me in this regard.

    Thanks & Regards,

    T.Rajendra Prasad

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default hi

    today i joined in easy movies online registration i transfer 100 rs to that acount in my bank amount is reduced but i didnt get in my easy movies acount ...so how can i get balance in my acccount is therer any customer care service no i didnt see any service no in internet so please tell how can i get it .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ...

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    Bhanu Prakash Guest

    Thumbs down Dirty cheaters -dont trust

    I registered to Easy Movies online today by paying 211 rupeees with Tax. I booked tickets for Shanti theater movie RA.ONE.

    Money got debited from my account for 3 tickets..Rs.185. I did not get any seat numbers. I was confused. There is no customer service to these dirty cheaters.

    When I email them, they sent below message. Now I have to pay 185 again and my account will be recharged. What the F****K. Why should I pay money again.

    ================================================== =============================

    Shanti is a non-computerised theatre.....the tickets along with seat numbers will be given at the theatre itself....please visit our easymovies nline counter at shanti, few minutes before show time....mention the reservation number along with your mobile number, tickets will be given....

    Note: in our current version, you are required to pay for these tickets at the theatre in cash,....this will only recharge your account for subsequent use....this is not like paying twice for the same tickets....

    we have a new version coming up in few weeks , then this system will change.....but for now, please pay , which will only recharge your account.....


    Member Support,
    ================================================== =======


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    Thumbs down I HATE easy movies, cancel meber ship

    wat is the use of easy movies i dont know.... to reachrege they are taking money extra......we are paying money from our hand to counter + 5 rs for each ticket. then after crediting th acont iwth the balnce which we have used. there is a recuiton og 5 rs gauranteed.IT means that the acount which the amount which are recahrged cant be taken by us.ITz the complete property of easy moives. THen if it is like bank pay the interest to that amunt.SO i wnat to cancel the member ship at any cost. BOOK my show is better than this.. shit how did i rechaege my meber ship so stupidly i am tinking now..plz how to cancel the meber ship.plzzzzzzz i am daman irtated about easy movies

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    Default How To Get the amount back From the prepaid accoun

    Hi can you guys help me How to get the prepaid account balance of easy movies to my bank account every time i am booking the tickets and paying deposit at theaters my prepaid balance is increased but i want to stop thisssss so...... plzz tell the way to get my money i have nearly 700 in my pre paid account

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    Angry EasyMovies is a Fraud

    Hi ,Request the easy movies to shut down and refund the balance in the account.There is no proper justification for re charging the account and again paying that amount in the theatre for the tickets.So this is a kind of warning to the people at Easy movies.. !!!!Manojpmanojbe@gmail.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Unable to upload photo in Easymovies


    I am unable to upload photo in easymovies website. anyone ca help me on thi. i've cropped my photo below 30 KB.


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