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Thread: Samsung window AC Problem and bad response from service centre

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    rookie Guest

    Angry Samsung window AC Problem and bad response from service centre

    i had bought a samsung window AC only 5 weeks back and i "was" happy about buying a samsung product. but now all of a sudden 3 weeks ago the new AC stopped working and i called 04430308282 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting@@@@@@@@@@@@@@04430 308282@@@@@@end_of_the_skype_highlighting and registered a complaint and they didnot respond.
    For one whole week they didnot send any service engineer to my house which in the metro city of Chennai . . . After repeated calls they finally sent a guy after one week and the guy came and randomly checked and told that the Control panel had gone and it would take 15 days to replace it . . .
    Now i was seriously pissed off . . . i buy a new AC and within 2 weeks the control panel is gone and it takes 2 weeks to fix it that too in a metro city ? ? ? After all this i had to call the service centre umpteen number of times and not once did they call to say the status of my complaint [ come on guys . . . where has all the customer respect gone ? ]
    I called on once and some other service guy picked up and he disrespectfully cuts the call off saying the service engineer is not there . . .
    After 2 and 1/2 agonizing weeks he came one night and brought the wrong control papnel [ wrong model's panel --- how can a service guy bring a wrong panel ? shouldn't he like know which panel is for what whit even his eyes closed ? . . . where has all the good service times gone . . . ? ] and next day got the right panel after i called and shouted at the call center, he brought it and fixed the Control panel and still the AC was not working . . . after which he found out that both the Stabiliser was also not working . . . and he got it fixed the next day

    After almost 3 weeks of no AC i got my AC fixed and now after 3 days after he fixed the AC the AC is now emitting sparks form the control panel and stopped working . . . ? what the hell is this man with these samsung electronics . . .

    AC Model: Window AC 1 ton
    Installed date: July 1st
    Stopped working on July 20th
    Repaired on Aug 10th
    Stopped working on Aug 14th again

    Service engineer no. : 8056017183

    Guys somebody plz help . . . i donno wht the **** is happening with samsung ?

    So one good advice : Plz don't don't don't buy any SAMSUNG products . . . its a **** pain getting it serviced

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    In this case legal direction are required by appropriate authorities to solve your this problem along with compensation for your unnecessary harassment.

    In case if anyone here need any legal help you can contact us (via below email) by writing your problem on


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    dbanu Guest

    Default Bad response in the service centre

    I have purchased Samsung split AC in the Ratna stores last Month. The purchased date is 5the May 2011. But, now I faced problem that the cooling is very low and some noise is raising while switch on the AC.

    I have registered a complaint, and the AC service engineer came and just told that ii is the voltage problem and it needs stabilizer. But, while purchasing the AC I told everything that the power shortage of our area and just we receiving 160 v. Then they suggested that the samsung new model named S1B6 As123BGC W/4 kv has two inbuilt stabilizer and it will tolerate the power shortage and I no need to buy the separate stabilizer.

    I beard nearly 28,000 Rs for this new model AC. then how can the service engineer can tell it needs separate stabilizer?

    Let me know. I am very disappointed on the response of the service engineer. It makes me hereafter we didn't go for samsung company for any electronic item.

    My complaint number is 8427746556. Please do the needful.

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    Angry Samsung AC Service Center in Chennai - Engineers are not good still

    Hi, my Samsung window AC is worked fine long 3 years. some day back no cooling just like fan.

    1. we called Samsung service center people, they come and take Samsung AC he told reason "due to current fluctuation AC compressor gas leaked/empty".
    2. 3 days back they come with Samsung AC, that time no current in my house, so without checked they went. once current came, i checked it is same problem, no cooling. again we called Samsung.
    3. new Samsung service people are come, they checked, again gas leaked, they found it was happen because of improper fixing by old Samsung engineers. again they took.
    4. 3 days back, they come and fixed. we got more sound when Samsung AC run. I called again. one more new Samsung engineers come, they told fan not fix properly, than they do it and went.
    5. current position of Samsung AC is.

    1. sound is still come
    2. energy saver not working when it run in more than 20 degree C

    Samsung AC not like before.

    I plan to change Samsung AC because of this two problem.

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