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Thread: Fraud by Saradha Realty India Limited, Midland Park, Kolkata | Real Estate India

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    Default Fraud by Saradha Realty India Limited, Midland Park, Kolkata | Real Estate India

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Need Justice! This is an appeal

    I would like to share my bad experience with all the peoples who are attached or related with Saradha Realty India Ltd, Kolkata.

    I had given my vehicle on hire to Saradha Realty India Ltd, Kolkata on a monthly payment on dry basis on 09.11.2009 against an agreement. After 22 days on 01.12.2009 the vehicle met with an accident and was damaged badly. At the time of the accident the vehicle was driven by a company driver and Sr. Marketing Manger of Saradha Agro. The total cost of repairing the vehicle amounted to Rs. 1,00,000/- but till date neither did i get any hire charges nor any compensation. What I got is threatening with dire consequences from its Head Office at Midland Park. I have tumor in my lower abdomen and have to go for surgery but due to financial crisis i am unable to go for it.

    I feel pain when i read in a newspaper that Saradha Realty India Ltd has donated an ambulance recently. From my experience i can only draw the conclusion that this company is a fraud and the peoples who have invested in this company are sure to be at loss. Immediate measures needs to be taken so that this fraud company is stopped from operating and robbing financially weak and poor people like me.

    Thanking you,

    Anju Singh


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    Without knowing the details of your agreement, its not possible for us to guide you.

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    Default fruad by saradha realty india ltd

    I have deposited 120000 to saradha realty india ltd.now i hv been froud by the company..

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