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Thread: Complaint Regarding Samsung HDD warranty Fraud to Service Center -Nehru place

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    Question Complaint Regarding Samsung HDD warranty Fraud to Service Center -Nehru place


    I am a computer professional working in IT company in delhi
    I purchase a 80GB IDE-Simple Hard drive before 3yrs from Nehru place

    - Some times ago , its giving complaints , so i tried to make a complaint according to warranty , to The Service center of Samsung - 602,Vishal bhawan,Nehru place.
    - The executive in service center , take that Hard drive and give me a complaint slip and say me to come back after 20days.
    - When i come back after 20days, they give me a Hard drive 80GB -SATA (NOT IDE) which is same like my previous hard drive.
    - And after that , when i try to check the warranty of that hard drive , there was no information on Samsung Website - its showing that - there is no serial no. exist in our database.
    - after that - i complaint this thing and they response me that - there is a fault in their software in the service center.
    - after again 20days, i talk with them and they response me that - with in 2-3 days , they will do their responsibility.
    - after 7days when i check Hard drive warranty - its showing - expired in Feb 2005
    But on the other hand , my old hard drive was in warranty period till Feb 2011

    PLease I wants to know the complete procedure to make a complaint about this Issue.
    Tell me , what should i do ? and what kind of documents requires about this Issue.

    And one thing is that - they didnot give me any JOB DONE CARD from samsung about that changed hard drive,.

    I just have following documents

    - Complaint no. filled on 30 Jan 2009 with order no.
    - Previous hard drive warranty information from samsung India

    I shall be thankful for this such kind of help.

    Dinesh Verma

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    Kindly provide us your full contact details, services center address, bill details, and the job sheet details, so that we will guide you accordingly.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint regarding Samsung Home Theatre

    I purchsed Samsung Home Theatre on 05.04.09 from Tata Croma, Belapur, Navi-Mumbai. After two days of purchasing the same a guy came from Samsung for the purpose of demonstration, but he was not aware of the product and was not aware of the installation of the same. I am wondering how Samsung can appoint such kind of person who does not know a single thing about the product and does know how to install it. Despite of giving several calls to the Samsung Customer Care Departments nobody came to attend us. The Complaint No. is 8409940654. I am really fed up my home theatre is lying ideally past from four months.

    Bhavna Arora

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default replacement warrenty


    I am a Media professional working in television channel
    I purchase a 500GB SATA Hard drive today i.e 08/08/2009

    i went home and fix my harddisk in my system but my system is not boot.so i checked and went to shop and told that its not working.he checked the harddisk in his system and said its not working because the ic board is burned by gave a worng connection. He refused to replace the harddisk.

    Here my point is ,when i connected no buring shortcircuit happens and when his service boy checked may that harddisk burned but iam not sure.but he didn't belive wt i said.so monday i will go to seagate service center and i will ask new one if he refuse.wt should i do please give me the suggestion.

    i want replacement by shop owner or seagate because all these thing happened with in a hour. One of my technical friend said u can't give a wrong connection because the power cable is designed in such a way that u can't make a mistake and even i have experience in assembling the pc.

    please help me........

    I shall be thankful for this such kind of help.


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    Dear Manoj,

    Regarding your complaint you just have to send a complaint letter to the Head Office of the manufacturing Co. to get any solution on Company level with a copy to the Dealer. You will have to address your complaint to the Managing Director of the Co. and do keep a copy of that letter with you.

    Good Luck.

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    Manoj Sharma Guest

    Default Refused to give the warranty of Samsung DVD Writer.

    Dear Sir,

    I had purchased a DVD Writer of Samsung on 20-06-09 for one month it was working fine, but suddenly it started creating problems.

    I went to Vishal Bhawan Samsung Service Centre, Nehruplace on 25-08-09, the represented opened up the DVD writer and said that the card is burned and it is not in the warranty.
    You can get it repaired it from the market.

    We are unable to provide the warranty.

    The Drive is just 2 month old. So you are kindly requested to please assist regarding the same.

    Manoj Sharma


    Email - sirji_manoj@yahoo.com

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    Jul 2009


    Dear Mr. Manoj,

    Have you sent any complaint letter to the Co. so far? Pls. send your complaint to the Co. to get any solution on company level.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Exclamation Mrp

    Friends !

    I am a registered dealer for HP,I have sold a laptop which I bought from HP Disrtibutor @ Rs. 35300/- and sold it to one of My Client @ Rs. 36000/-. The MRP on the Laptop was Rs. 35756/- and on the HP Carry Case Rs.2500/-. A suprem court lawyer , who probably his neigbour notice the HP packing and made a pact with the client to create a MRP case and divide the booty. The Lawyer put up the case and claimed that I have charged more than the MRP on the Box but held back the MRP written on the Carry Case.

    The judge said since you have not mentioned on the bill , that you are supplying HP Carry case , it amounts to unfair trade practice and there will be fine (Rs.15000/- is fee for the lawyer and Rs,. 1,75,000/- towards harasment of the client, this is what the Lawyer has claimed) , I don't know what the judge is going to put the fine as.

    I want to go for appeal at state commissioner, Since I have not supplied him the Box pack, I installed all the programs required by him spent two hours with him , he had also enjoyed cup of tea with us. How can I not chagre the service, they say sevice is free , bag is free .... i don't what all is free.

    When a resturant emplyee open the bottle of Pepcy and provide in glass , he chages Rs. 25/- but MRP is Rs.15/- as the MRP is only applicabe, if bottle is provides a sealed bottle. However I did the same thing MRP clause is not valid , since I have not sold the BOX PACK. In the HP mail it is clearly written that HP Carry case with MRP of Rs. 2500/- not to sold sepratly and this also include Installation and service provided by the dealer to the end customer.

    This may also be one of the way to misuse the law. What really bothers me is that the Supreme courts lawyer have gone so cheap , that they have to fight small issues of this nature and waste their time as well as respectable's courts time.

    I hope you will be able to provide some reasonable suggestion.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Samsung complaint


    I PURCHASED A DOUBLE DOOR SAMSUNG REFRIGIRATOR COSTING Rs.40000 three months back , when the same arrived to my HOUSE i found both the doors dented / damaged .
    I complaint to Samsung customer care on date of purchase , first they said that the doors will be replaced , later they said that the product will be replaced and then they said that we will get the money back , but they did nothing .

    Now , whenever i call to the samsung customer care , they says your complaint is pending and i will receive a feedback , which i never received till date .


    EMAIL - pradeep@rsalloys.in


    Pradeep Gupta

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    Nitto 9961750993 Guest

    Smile Excellent Service


    My name is nitto, i am from kerala . I have some problems with my 80GB HDA hard disk and i have contacted service centre in Ernakulam south Maria complex, kerala. They give me 2 days time period and ask me to call. When I called after 1 week they told me that hard disk moved to replacement [ (( my data will lost ] and it willbe replaced next week.

    I have given it to them on 12- 12 - 200 and called on 22-12-2009 . They told me it was ready and you can collect it. )

    When i go there they give me a new hard disk and when I checked it i have found that it was 160 GB...I thought it was a mistake,becoz my disk is 80 GB,,,when i asked them they told me that it was replaced with an upgrade

    I got a fresh 160 Gb hard disk..

    YOu guys rocks,, special thanks to Ernakulam south, service centre team

    Happy christmas

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    Default Samsung Hard disk warranty


    I purchased "Assembled Computer" on 13th July 2007 from computer Shop in Uttam Nagar with Samsung 160GB Hard Disk.Now hard disk is not working well and Hard disk is in warranty(no label remove,no physical damage etc.).
    When i went to samsung service center i.e 602,Vishal Bhawan,Nehru Place, they told me that "5 years limited warranty for drives
    manufactured from Aug'04 to April'07 and from
    Aug'08 onwards. (Warranty applicable from the
    month of manufacture)
    2) For HDDs manufactured in the period May'07 to Jul'08, customer need to contact respective
    distributor/retailer for warranty support.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default hard disk problem

    Computer noit detect my Hard disk

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    mitesh thakkar Guest

    Default Reagaind hdd replacement problem

    kindly inform you that i have promblem with hard disk replacement in your Service center, i have done bad experiance after purchase saumsung producte, i was submitt my pc's harddisk in November-09, First Theya say's, we replaced in December-09, i agree but they replace in January-09 after my continus followup, & they says me we have not avaiable same harddisk we proved you sata hardisk insted of My IDE HARD DISK I AGGREE & COMPROMIS I WLL CHANGE my pc mother board for set hardisk, but the hardisk is giving by your service center it was run hardly 15 to 20 day, after it will creat problme, i went yeaster your service center in ahmedabad , satellite, shivranjin & meet mr. rajendra but he was not giving me proper answer & sys me when they wil received the harddisk from the compnay they will issue me, now this not a proper ansewer first i allreday spend 3-4 months in thsi process & after this says me that type of answer,
    i have business person due to this reason i bear losses due to your company product,

    pls look in to matter & issue me new hardisk as early as possible

    Mitesh Thakkar

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    S.K.Soren Guest

    Unhappy complaint against service

    Dear Sir
    My name is S.K.Soren.
    I have purchase samsung 3310 model from the shop Mukesh Modern Bazaar (p) Ltd at lucknow on the date- 22/12/09.
    mobile imei no is- 354118034838641. After 20 day's I have found sound problem in my mobile .Then I take my mobile in samsung service centre at Coolingpoint, k-2 ashiyana near power house chauraha, lucknow. On the date-16-01-2010.But still today there is no action taken by service centre . So please take some action

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    gaurav05_12 Guest

    Default hardisk replacement

    I submit a hdd on 23/02/2010 they told me u take it on 24/03/2010 but i didnot get

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