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Thread: Unethical business practices of UTI Bank

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    Soumyajit Mohanty Guest

    Default Unethical business practices of UTI Bank

    Dear Sir

    I am holding a salary account with UTI Bank, Noida branch since May 05. i
    would like to bring to notice some unethical business practices followed by this
    bank to seek advice as well as inform members out here.

    Whenever i have called the branch for any query/problem, they are in the habit
    of transferring calls without informing you, and then cutting the connection
    whenever they feel like. they are not in the habit of telling their names, so
    you cant complain about any specific persons. i have made numerous complaints
    about this (not giving out name) to UTI Bank through email, but i am yet to get
    a satisfactory reply.

    Recently, they took an inordinate time to change my addresss and issue a new
    debit card. One day, the UTI Bank in Cochin gave me a missed call on my mobile
    (thats a first too... getting a missed call from a bank). not knowing who had
    given the missed call, i immediately called back. i asked the guy who was
    online. he said "UTI Bank", who are you. i gave him my details. however, on
    repeatedly asking him his name, this person refused to give me his name. and
    then banged the phone down.

    i again called up the bank, to the deputy manager (from his no on his visiting
    card). i told him about the issue. he tried to avert the issue, by asking me to
    forget the problem. he refused to give me the name of the person who had handled
    the call.

    next day, i gave a written complaint to the branch manager. he also tried
    coaxing me to forget the matter. however, i asked him to let me know, whether
    not giving out the name was a company policy (as it was always happening) or was
    it the fault of the individual. he is yet to reply to the letter (i gave the
    letter about 10 days ago).

    i should also mention here what the port blair branch had done. i had the
    occassion to visit the branch with a problem in may-jun last year. i demanded to
    meet the branch manager. the receptionist directed me to one room, which had no
    name plate or designation on either the door or the desk. i gave my details to
    the guy sitting on the chair and enquired whether he was the branch manager. he
    said yes. mind you, he once again, did not give out his name. what followed was
    a big surprise to me... the guy actually insulted me for bringing up an issue of
    Rs 20 being deducted from my account for large amount deposit. he even
    sarcastically tried giving me 20 rupees from his own pocket !!!

    i sent a detailed mail once again to UTI Bank. surprise of surprise !!! next
    day, the port blair branch manager sends a mail, saying he wasnt present at the
    bank that day.
    so then who was the imposter?? UTI Bank is yet to give me the answer.

    i have told UTI Bank that i will approach the RBI Ombudsman if they dont take
    proper, evident and comensurate corrective action. till now, they have been
    trying to shoo me away, by using their standard phrases of "regret the
    inconvinience" and "we assure you of the best services"

    i want to know, if i am right in asking the bank to identify the person who
    speaks on the phone to a customer and what action can i take against the bank?

    Soumyajit Mohanty

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    Unregistered Guest


    It looks like that

    Some body is going to steal your identity through annonymous calls from bank etc.
    open a fraudelent account by your identity and doing illegal transactions. It is a growing business in India. Private banks hardly take care of KYC( Know your customer) norms. Tough Demat account opening procedures, PAN requirement etc. , identity stealing is the new way of crime in India. BEWARE OF ANY CALL FROM BANK/TELE MARKETING OFFICE ASKING YOUR ADDRESS, MOTHERS NAME ETC. As per norm if you receive any call from any call center of any bank, phone banking service, the guy identifies himself first and you have every right to ask any question to him and you may or may not reveal your own information.
    only way out is to change your bank.

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    Unregistered Guest


    This seems quite immoral about UTI Bank. All Bank employees should put his or her names with designation on the Front which should be visible to read. At the time of phone calling, any person from any Bank Or any public dealing organisation should speak out his or her name with designation before the conversations begins.

    with regards

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