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Thread: ICICI Credit Card : EMI facility & extra financial charges

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    Default ICICI Credit Card : EMI facility & extra financial charges

    In the month of July, I had recieved a phone call from ICICI Chennai CC Dept. (by Archana) offering me a 3/6/9 months EMI facility (only for privileged customers) with NO interest on the balance amount & only one time processing fee (i.e. 1.75% of the amount) for my transaction of Rs.20,000.
    I accepted the scheme & paid installments of Rs.7K, Rs.7K & Rs.6K for the month of Aug, Sept & Oct respectively. But when I was about to pay Rs.350 as a processing fee, I realized that bank had already charged me with some interest & the amount was almost Rs.2500 extra at that time.I had tried to contact the concerned dept on the CC toll free no (41131877) available on the bank's website. But I did not get the proper response & most of the times it used to be busy/unavailable.
    In the first week of Dec I had done the transaction of Rs.16,320 while going to abroad for an official vist. But after returning, I did the direct payment of Rs.16,320 (though i didn't receive any statement).Since then I nave not done any transaction using ICICI Card but at the same time bank kept adding the interest on some amount.
    In the Feb month I received a surprising SMS mentioning of Rs.4330 as a due amount.I received 3-4 calls from ICICI representative (named as Jasmine) enquiring about the due payment. I explained her an entire scenario. She promised me to clear off the earlier extra chagers after doing a payment of Rs.350 & also provided a helpline number (984557800) to call upon in case of need.
    After doing the payment of Rs.350, I called ICICI to know the status on the given helpline number for atleast 12-15 times, but, ALWAYS the call used to get disconnected abruptly after prividing all the necessary details or no one was having enough time to pick up the ringing phone on the connected line. I was totally exhausted & irritated by the ICICI customer care's carelessness & negligence. Infact the representatives (one name I remember was Swapna) were talking rudely. She refused & put down the phone when i asked her to register my complain regarding the same in order to have a reference number.
    This was really an unexpected behaviour that disappointed me.

    I have been asking them to reverse all fincacial charges that are totally irrrelevant since month of August 2008 beacause of which my due amount has become Rs.4330.
    I have done the payment of Rs.350 which was supposed to be one time processing fee for the case.
    My sincere request is to wave off the extra charges that have been applied so far in this context (Bank has waived off charges, only for the month of feb 09).

    I dont think its fair that I should pay extra for someone else's mistake.

    1. ICICI only offered me the EMI facility & at that time only, I accepted the scheme. Thus it was a responsibility of the concerned person to register the request (I had asked the person to do so & the response was positive).
    2. As I mentioned here, when I tried to contact ICICI CC for knowing the status, I didn't get proper response.
    3. I have always done the payment for all my transactions, no due amount is pending in that respect.

    Kindly help me !

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    Have you anything that support your statement about that offer?
    kindly provide us your full contact details, and the complaints nos. registered with the ICICI customer care.


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