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Thread: MSEB - Excess Meter Reading - Faulty Meter

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    Angry MSEB - Excess Meter Reading - Faulty Meter

    Since last 1 year, I am observing excess meter reading (Units Used on very high side) than expected. There was no satisfactory response on the above query. Every month the Units Used were increasing hence finally when I tried to give written complaint at MSED at Thane, in Jan 2009, I noticed that not a single officer/clerk at the office was ready to accept the complaint. (Most of the times the office is empty at any time of the day.Really dont know how this is accpetable to their seniors. Every time understanding given that seniors are in meeting.)They simply told me,its of no use to give this written complaint. Thousands of such complaints lying in the office. (Its high time to privatize all such govt sectors).Every month I am being asked to pay the payment in time to avoid the penalty. After doing constant chase up finally I managed to get them check my meter. They noticed some error & hence agreed to put serial meter where in they put parallel meter to existing meter. After three weeks the meter reading clearly showed the diff. (Units used as per their meter - 177 & with our faulty meter its 411). Now when I am trying to ask them to change my faulty meter & credit me the excess amount (with proper ratio), they are telling me that they will send out meter to lab for testing & then some test report will come & then they will decide next action.

    For this single action (which was completly in their control) of checking the diff in meters they have taken 1 & half months time. For every small action, they are taking such a long time & expecting me to pay the unacceptable amounts every month is really irritating. I am literally visiting that office twice a week which is not possible while you are a working women.

    I am intending to publish few of the officers names as welll as thinking of not paying next bills till the my problem gets rectified to the fullest.

    In case things are not gettign sorted out in next 1 month, I will be lodging a complaint in the Grievance cell setup by Govt. of India.

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    If they are not accepting your written complaint then their is a very simple procedure which acts a legal proof if you knock the Consumer Court, Just send a Written notice and send it through registered post.

    Note: Keep the delivery slip in safe.

    Best of Luck


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    Default Excess meter reading

    hello all

    please guide me where to post compain against excess meter reading.

    place vasai, thane district.

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    Default Fauly Meter

    Dear Sir,

    I am staying in Vedant Complex, Vartak Nagar Thane. My meter is default from February 2009 about that I launch the complaint at Lokmanay Nagar Branch on 06th February 2010 they are given me Inward No. is 61603051/2 dt.06.02.10 my consumer No.00061603051 Meter No. 9000309631. They are told me that meter will be replaced within 8 to 10 days.

    After 8 to 10 to till date I am contact him regularly even I am meet Mr. Tawade who is Chief Engineer of Vartak Nagar also Area Incharge Mr. Jadhav but they are only promising but reguarly comes faulty. I am regulary paid my bill. Requesting you to kindly look into the matter at the earliest or guide me.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    Prasad Korde

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    ajit mishra Guest

    Default Unauthorised conncetion in my meter

    Dear Sir,
    I want to register my complaint against MSEB (MAHARASHTRA STATE ELEC. BOARD) that they are not taking mycomplaint.Sombody have taken unauthorised connection from my meter i have visited the local mseb office in kalya (waldhuni) they said for registering complaint ihave to visit tata power house (katemanivli) when i have visted their they said for these i have to visit kolsewadi.

    I am working in a pvt. sector bank i get leave only on sundays, therefore i dont have enogh time.

    Details of meter:-
    consumer no. 020853012891
    name agasti kumar singh
    mob. 9930664111
    kalyan east

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    ram shinde Guest

    Thumbs up regarding faulty meter

    My name is Ram and i am staying in shahad unr1 ,since last many yrs my bill is 800to 900 and suddenly in the month of nov2010 i got a bill of 10548.i ran to the mseb office in unr1 and show them the bills .in the begining they told me that my meter is faulty and they told me to fill an application and to pay 100 so that they can send the meter into the lab for testing .I did that and waited for them to come and take my meter off.but it takes more than 2weeks for them and of course my regular visit .they came and they put the new meter and take the old one with them.they did it in the morning and the same day they came telling me that the seal of my meter is not there and they cannot send it for testing and again they took off the new one and put the old.i went over there and they are telling me that i have to pay this bill now if there was no seal then the same time they have to inform me .after taking out the meter and after couple of hours they are telling me that.now in the meanwhile the meter reader again takes the reading of the faulty meter and again send me a extra bill of 12500.so now my total bill of nov and dec is 23000.Now about the seal,the seal is made of iron wire which gets rust as my meter was 15yrs old so it is understandable that why the seal was not there.my question is since last 15 yrs i am getting a bill of 800to900 and suddenly it is 23000 so it is understandable and moreover they telling me that i only did something to the meter and break the seal now it is computerized and no one can do anything to it .secondly i am telling them that send the meter in to testing u will come know it is been done by me or else it is faulty,but they are not ready to do that.now i get ready to pay the first bill of 10500 and told them to replace the meter but becoz of there negligence and laziness again i got the bill of 12000.now i just want to know what i need to do becoz the seniors are also treating with me in the same way.
    now i just want to know can i file a case against the officials in the consumer court.or any way i can lower down my 2 months bill.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Mtr bill which is not installed

    for the consumer no 020200002564 which is mtr is not installed at my premises but bill is generated from dec 10 onward .i had already maked a compalint at tata power house but it,s a very funny that official told that on record you are using two mtr and my engineer should visit your premises. I am asking a question who have paid the deposit of that mtr and how mtr was instaled.
    All these are the wrong and it is shame for msdcl to send to bill to me .
    Kindly cancelld all these bill,s and stop wrong billing .and harrasing to me .

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    Pramod Sawant Guest

    Default Faulty Meter & not responce received after complain exees bill

    Dear Sir,
    I Mr. Pramod Sawant requested to you that I have already given complaint about exees amount bill before 3 months agon, but still not responce received from MSEB.

    Now I have received current electiricity bill, in that meter shown in Faulty.
    I once again request to you kindly look into that matter & replace my meter as soon as possible.

    My Conumer details is as under :

    Consumer No. 000461268382
    Meter No. 6504307690
    Division Mumbra

    Address : Room No. 107, Narayan Complex, B Wing,
    Shree Samarth Nagar, Diva (E).

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Non receipt of electricity bill

    I am not receiving electricity bill from july onwards. I went to e' office every time they commit that next time you will receive bill. As usual they never act on their complaint.......

    I enquired from line man, he told request them for activation of pd on their system...

    I requested for that also. The department is so lazy that they cant even enter in their system pd report.

    Msed employees seems to be relectant, just bothered about their salary without doing their work.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post about stock of electric meters

    Just want to know the availabel stock on 06/05/2012 of the electric meters in pune division.

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    Purnima Guest

    Thumbs down One of the worst campany mscb

    We stay in sec-12/a kopar khairane navi mumbai. They came for meter checking. The meter was .1994 they removed seal they said your coal has changed. They told to pay 65000 for last two year my shop light bill 1500 every month. 3 fan 1 ac 3 light. I am tent I earn 3000 every month. What they are doing from last 10 year if meter runing slow. I am unhappy with mscb service my no 8080787440

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    Ramashankar Guest

    Default Higher meter reading with respect to connected load 2 uses

    In my flat at present connected loads are fans,lights and TV,but meter is showing more reading than I use since may 2012 which is clear from the comparison from earlier bills. I have lodged a complaint to Assistant engineer MSEDC LTD BOISAR ON 08/01/2013,but NO response came from there.

    Cosumer No-0032330379113
    flat no-305,K1/2 ostwal empire saravali
    Tal - Palghar, Dist-thane (MS)
    Email- rama904@rediff.com
    ph- 02525-264519

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    Jerene Jose Cherian Guest

    Default Excess Electricity Bill Consumer No.: 000157252836



    MSEDC Ltd, Ghansoli,

    Sub: Excess Electricity Bill

    Consumer No.: 000157252836
    Billing Unit: 4753
    Area: Ghansoli

    Respected Sir,

    I stay in flat A 704,Progressive signature.Since last few 2 months I am getting excess electricity bill of 13k and 7k.Before that I used to get bill of only 420 rs. Since daytime we are in office hence there is less consumption still the bill has come so high.

    Please find attached electricity bill copies of last few months.

    Request you to please look into the matter.

    Thanks & Regards
    Jerene Jose Cherian.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Mrs. Sulochana tukaram dhopat

    CONSUMER NO. 028652889699
    METER NO. 7620202889

    the subject meter is newly installed in the month of FEB-2013 as a new METER installation process by MSCB while making the installation UNIT - 143 are added in SAMA UNIT for that month for adjustment which is got fixed in every billing and TOTAL billing is getting calculated with ( Monthly usage + Fix Unit 143 ) so billing is going higher. We have paid RS. 150/- for meter checking but person said there is no issue and everything is normal.


    CONT NO. 022-27426228 / 8976139932
    F-103,SEC-11, GURUKUTIR CHS,

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default bill getting more than usage

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Since last 6 month I am getting bill more than usage , please do the needful

    Best regards,

    email : dgparab.mum@gmail.com

    G/4 ,Divya Co-op Soc,
    Laxmiben chenda nagar
    Nallasopara- (W) 401203

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