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Thread: RTO office, Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry RTO office, Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

    Hi Sir,

    I have noticed the chain of agents at RTO office from a shopkeeper at roadside to the agents and then official staff working in RTO office all are linked to each other and making it difficult to get the driving license for common public. It seems they have been protected by the RTO officers. Other wise how one can dare to ask for extra money in the premises of govt building of RTO, Aurangabad.

    Please guide me how can i take this issue forward with concerned authority and what all proofs are needed to justify my complaint Or this complaint is enough.

    Another Common Man

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    Unregistered Guest

    Question take action fast

    plz send asst. rto in aurangabad so many problem in office onbody comming on time to duty . baste is rto officer he is don no. 1 plz change his duty
    your faithfully

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    Kishor Chintal Guest

    Default Driving License smart card not received


    I have applied for a smart card for my existing 4-wheeler driving license (DL 185103) in RTO Aurangabad on 13th Jan, 2012, but I am yet to receive it at my Pune address. I had visited the RTO on 30th Mar, 2012 to check the status but I was told that they had sent it by 'Speed Post' on 6th Feb, 2012 and refused to give any EMS number by which I can track the same. Please help me in getting my license as I cannot drive without a license.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Arrogancy and refusal to ply by auto driver reg no. Mh20 q 5986

    Dear Sir,
    Today on 31st august 2012 at about 8.45am,I along with my senior citizen sister and brother in law went to peer bazar auto stand to hire auto for railway station.Auto on number first position bearing registration number MH20Q-5986.Auto driver asked Rs 30/-. We asked him to ply by meter ,to which he said meter starts from Rs 15/-and refused to ply by meter. He was so adamant and insisted to ply if are ready to pay Rs 30/-on refusal he made us to get down of auto and As we had to catch train at 9.00 am ,we had to hire another auto which was next to his number.You can confirm this from the driver of auto by which we travelled.his number is MH20F 1894.
    We as a senior sitizen would like to know
    1) on what basis he was asking so much charge?
    2)Why his permit should not be cancelled if he is charging /looting from public in broad daylight?
    3)we request concerned authorities to investigate the matter and help people to keep faith in law and order,rules and regulations.
    My Address is,

    BaljeetSingh Siledar,
    Peer bazar, Osmanpura, Aurangabad.431005.
    I am ready to come to RTO office Or police station if need arises.

    Thanks and regards,

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    kyogesh1116@gmail.com Guest

    Question laysan milne babat

    11th April triel dileli ahe tari ata paryant laysan nahi milale?

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    Nath Biogenes (I) Ltd Guest

    Post New Four Wheeler Smart Card

    4 Nos New Bolero Registration on Nov 2012 till date Smart card not received

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default lootne thambwa

    aurangabadche traffic police nehmi mokyacha tayarit astat bakra milala ki te tyala kaplyashivay rahat nahi . Mazy gadi nuktich ghetli ani pede dyala taikade gelo tar tumcha officer signal todle as mhanun paise magtoy .ani khara tar tase kahi navte. Tari tye mala dhamky dene suru kele ani mzykadun 150 ru without reciept ghetle mi recept dya mhanalo tar te dhamky deu lagle he ase aple aurangabad adarsh police .yanchyamule aurangabadche nav kharab ahe .sudhara !

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    macdi Guest

    Post shrirang shinde

    i agree with lootne thambwa.

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    Unregistered Guest


    sir, my smart card is stolen on bas-stand, can i get new smart card if yes, plz tell me the procedure

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    Unregistered Guest



    me 27/08/2013 LA Honda dream neo gadi ghetli ani 29/08/2013 LA passing keli
    document :- pan card.license .and home argument (wife name).and name change rajpatrit and wife rahvashi submit but deelar is not done my passing

    yevdhech document var passing karo manun gadi ghetli hot I (majhe Purina document parbhani che aahe ) tari tumi ATUL HONDA yanna sangun te Karen dene

    selling dealer code M11060001
    my name Kapil dashrath shinde

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    Unregisteredyashwant Guest

    Default polic

    Polic lokani thodi c manuski ca wapar karawa

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    Khansare Guest

    Default MH-20 BY-7147 cars ditels

    plz ditels car

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    dr shaikh mudassir Guest

    Default please do something about auto rickshaws!!!

    I am a doctor completing my studies in Mumbai. just a day ago i visited my hometown aurangabad which has been a great historical and cultural city since my childhood but i am horrified to tell you that the city administration has reduced the city to rubble.i just want to bring to your notice problems related to your dept.first of all there is no public transport system for such a major city.the city bus service is just a formality,it doesn't cover the whole city and the frequency is pathetic.the city public and tourists are left to the mercy of rickshaw-wallahs to take them from one place to another.they don't have meters and charge according to their whims and fancy.you can be charged Rs 20,30,40 or may be even fifty for the same distance.the auto wallahs are no less than goondas,you have to literally fight with them for the fare.if you don't agree with their price they wont take you even if you are going to hospital!they have formed unions and no body listens to a common passenger unless you are some kind of a goon!

    I have not written any numbers of auto because its not the case with a single auto or auto driver. every auto driver is harassing the public because there are no rules to catch them.how many times you will make a complaint???? for a common citizen work is more important,he cannot roam around complaining against each single auto driver and leave his work.i can cite you hundreds of suffering the passengers are getting each day!! please do something or else all good people as well as tourist will leave aurangabad and only the goons will be left..
    i request and beg you to do something in this regard to save this historical city of aurangabad from such anarchy!
    thank you!

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default polic

    Police lokani jar vicher karva

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    sayed salim Guest

    Default atou rikshow permit

    dear sir auto rikshow lottry me mera wetting no 13 hae lekin abhi tak kitni wetting nomber ko diya gaya aur kitne riject hoe iski mahiti dena please sir thank you syed salim syed ayyub wahed colony roshan gate au bad

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