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Thread: LG 1.5 ton AC

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    Rajesh Mago Guest

    Default LG 1.5 ton AC

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    I am Rajesh Mago from New Delhi.

    I have a LG 1.5 ton AC with the power rating of 1.85 KW. When used in summer,
    It shud approx. take 2 units per hour i.e. Rs. 8 per hour. I have approx.
    calculated its total usage alongwith other electrical load in our house for a
    month and then found that the electricity bill for our total house is approx.
    ok, though Rs. 500- 700 more per month. As I don't maintain a log book for the
    knowing the exact time usage for my house electrical appliances, so I have
    ignored this extra amount of Rs. 500-700 amount p.m.

    My calculations for AC also are approx. as I have never maintained the log
    book with the exact time usage of it but it seems to be OK as per rough
    calculations done by me.

    Example - Suppose my 1.85 KWH AC is used for 5 hours per day for a whole month
    (30 days) in summer, then its electricity usage bill shud be Rs. 8/hr. (per 2
    units as my AC is roughly 2000WH)x5x30= Rs. 1200

    Kindly let me know more about the way You have concluded that ACs have design
    failure due to which they consume more electricity. This will help me & others
    in checking things at their ends.Pls. write more details about this fact. Have
    You done some testing for ACs (all models?), how was it done? is the testing
    method ok? Is this design issue only with ACs or with other heavy load drawing
    electrical appliances like geysers, microwaves & fridges ?

    I am sure that You will understand the logic behind my queries and will answer
    them in right spirit. I am not doubting your conclusion but trying to have more
    information so that I can also benefit from this.

    I always felt that ISI mark appliances are tested for this & there cannot be
    such issues with reputed AC brands such as LG, Samsung, Voltas which have their
    own R&D divisions.

    Kindly give some more details about your conclusion of AC's having design
    failure due to which they consume more electricity. I will also try to check
    things at my end and see what can be done if it is so.

    thanks for raising an important issue which I might have ignored somehow. It
    can save a lot of money per household if the culprits Co.'s are forced to modify
    their appliances design so that they consume the right electricity as per their

    My biggest concern is How to have the solid results which can be shown as a
    proof in the court that these electrical appliances are having design fault and
    thus consuming more electricity?

    waiting for yours and other members replies


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    Arpan .S. Makwana Guest

    Default Lg ac


    My name is Arpan S Makwana. I am a resident of Vadodara,
    Gujarat. I bought a LG Air Conditioner (1.5 TON) a month back.

    The AC was not working fine since the first day. There was no cooling even
    if I kept it on for the entire night. The temperature never went below 25. I
    logged complaints at the dealer and also at the LG support center. They kept
    on delaying and there were somewhere 7 inspections (from dealer + company).
    The tried all the possible things to make it work well. The engineers that
    visited my place, accepted that the machine has a fundamental problem, but
    they didn't do anything. I am really tired of these people. They had
    promised to replace the entire unit if they were unsuccessful in repairing
    it. But now they are not doing so.

    The dealer that I got the AC from is Sales corner, near Kothi Road,
    vadodara, Gujarat.

    The model is the latest AC with Neo Plasma.

    Please guide me as to what I can do. I am not at all satisfied with the AC
    and I want to get it replaced.

    Thank You,

    With Regards,

    Arpan .S. Makwana

    Associate Software Engineer,

    Indralok Technology.Pvt.Ltd

    e-mail: arpan.makwana@indralok.com

    Ph: +91-9727990044

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Reply to arpin

    Dear friend your ac is having thermistor problem.... The temperature the thermistor must be telling to the ac eu must be cold i.e. 16 to 20 degree.. That is why your ac's compressor musnt be switching on resulting in malfunctioninmg of your ac

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Installation of HITACHI 0.9 TON Split AC ACECO

    We have purchased a HITACHI Split Cutout 0.9 TON AC on 15/09/2009 from ANANDAMALA Kolkata. Sales person in the store promised us that they will deliver and install the product on 16th.

    After whole day no show of any representative from ANANDAMALA we started calling the Dealer.
    After repetitive call they derived the product in our house after midnight , but they have not installed it. Delivery boys provided one number to contact for installation but nobody available on that number.

    This complain is against the ANANDAMALA and their false promise. We have several dealers of Hitachi in Calcutta but we purchased from ANANDAMALA as they promised us installation in very next day, but they are irresponsible and careless.

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    Jul 2009


    Dear All,

    Regarding such complaints, we will have to forward our complaints to the Head Offices of the Companies. Kindly forward your written complaint to MD of these Co. at their Head Office address, as soon as possible.

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