My mother Dr. (Mrs) Bharati Prasad was mislead by an ICICI agent Abhishek Pandey in Ranchi into the Life Stage Pension scheme. He told her that it is a one time pension scheme and invested part of her money into the Life stage pension fund. The policy number of this fund is 13021257 and the premium amount was Rs. 1 lakh every year, which was paid by ICICI cheque # 704414.

The policy was signed on 7/12/2009 and the documents were later received by the security guard of our colony in the 3rd weeks of December 2009. Since my mother was out of town she was not able to respond to the policy within 15 days of receiving the form, and she received the form in the 2nd week of January.

Thereafter she has made several calls to the insurance agent as well as the customer care at ICICI prudential and none of her requests have been addressed.

Through this forum I would like to make a formal complaint regarding this behavior of your customer care and would like to seek some advice from other people who might have faced similar situations.

Piyush Kumar