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Thread: AIRCEL Activation of Dialer tone without any acceptance from the Customer

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    Exclamation AIRCEL Activation of Dialer tone without any acceptance from the Customer

    This is Anil. I am Using aircel mobile service. The no. is 9700012728.
    These guys have activated Dialer tone without my intervention and deducted Rs 30/- from my balance on 20th April.

    Then I called the Customer Care and register a complaint to deactivate that and refund my money.
    They told me that the money will be credited within 2 days.

    But today is 29th. I did not get the money back. And everyday i was calling those Customer service guys but they are saying that tomorrow it will be credited and they are telling some Tom Dick and Harry tales.

    The complaint number is 1-1882671008.

    I was fedup with these stories. and daily i have to spare 15min to know the status.

    I have the recorded conversation between myself and the Customercare representative.

    How can they activate those dialer tone and deduct my money.

    The mobile service provider shall be punished for playing such cheap tricks to make money..

    Please look into this matter.

    With regards,

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default AIRCEL Activation of Dialer tone without any acceptance from the Customer

    Dear sir/madam
    My cell no. 8802791640 as usual today(27/08/2010) also i got a call regarding dialer tune offer n then i simply told the guy that i m not interested and he told me about the offer then also i told him im not interested then i hung up the phone but later after 2hr i got a message regarding dialer tune that your dialer tune is activated on your mobile and a sum of 30 rs is also deducted from my cell.i don't know how come they simply deduct my money from my cell even if i haven't applied for it or without my permission how can they deduct my money...i tried to call customer service but no one was picking phone other side i.e, no response..i m very much frustrated and this thing happen me twice...so i don't want other people also cheated like the same as i .You need to take this into account as a very serious issue and see that they pay a heavy penalty for this and they need to return our money back. You can call to my number and just verify it. This is very much embarrassing.Hope u can do something to it...

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    ash.tri01 Guest

    Default Number activation related

    मेरा नंबर 8400048914 जो पिछले 10 दिनों से इनकमिंग और आउटगोइंग दोनों ही बंद है id और एड्रेस प्रूफ देने के बावजूद बंद कर दिया गया

    नाम अभिषेक त्रिपाठी
    नंबर 840004891

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Aircel activation of dailer tune without acceptance

    Dear sir
    These guys activate dailer tune without my acceptamxe and when i talk to them they say u have activated this by your own ,and doesnt listen to me.plzz help me i am a
    middle class person.It is worst thing that aircel is doing.plzzzz help me .my no is

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