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Thread: Defective Germ Kill Kit with Pure-it Water purifier

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    Angry Defective Germ Kill Kit with Pure-it Water purifier

    This is regarding to my serious problem with after sales service with pure-it

    I purchased Pure-it on August 4th week 2009

    I never used it completely. From beginning on wards it starts leaking. we complained 3 times but the problem not solved so we stopped calling. But this month we again called pure-it to solve the problem.
    On Wednesday-Aprial-20- 2010 the pure-it customer care executive(Ravindra) solved problem. On that same day also we asked the executive about the battery kit. Executive said: As it is completely white so no need to purchase it, You will find a red indication in the kit. The red indication will increase day by day while you are using the purifier. Once it is 80% red you can place the order. So we are happy.

    Now the story started. on Friday just 2 days after the service the battery kit suddenly become red, and the water stopped filtering. We called to customer care and explained the problem. One of the customer care executive told that it might be because of manufacturing defect, no problem our engineer will visit your place and change the kit. Next day the same executive (Ravindra) visited my home. He is the same engineer who solved my pure-it leakage problem just 3 days before.

    He repeatedly telling that you have to purchase the germ kill kit only. The same engineer solved my pure-it problem just 3 days before never tried to explain the situation to his superior. He just keep quiet. Even i had a talk with his senior executive(Yogesh), he also says the same words as the kit become red you need to purchase only. We won't change the kit.

    After that i again contacted to customer care senior executive. They also not listening my problem, They also repeatedly says that as the kit become red you need to purchase, that's it.

    The problem is with Germ Kill Battery kit only. Pure-it doesn't take care about after sales service. If the Germ kill kit is working fine then it should become red day by day slowly. But it not worked like that, suddenly become red (i.e. It is a manufacturing defect but customer care wont take care of it.)

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down useless water pureifer

    i just purchased pure it in mar and with in span of just 3 month germi kill battery has become red. once contact their contact center they did't reply satisfactorly. so plz for cheap purifier do't go for pure it.

    it is just wasting of money. if at all planning to purchase pureit then go for nomal stainless steeel pureifier.

    kk pathak

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    meghnath paudel Guest

    Default germ kill kit

    please order germkill kit
    my address- E-2 arera colony p.d parisar bjp office bhopal mp

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    Dilip Gadhave Guest

    Default Pure it after sales service

    I agree, after sales service of Pure it is third class. I placed germ kill battery order 2 time and also called a person who delivered pure it to me. No response from them. I think pure it is made for use and throw. I will suggest don't go for pure it.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default same problem with pure it

    i have the same issue with pure it. i tried to conduct pure it service. no reply. i changed 3 time germ kit battery. so red after 2 to 3 weeks leakage started from germ kill kit. just i throw it in dust bin ., very worst product i met in life

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy Same Problem: Pureit GermKill Kit - Leakage

    Pureit GermKill Kit - Leakage :

    Suddenly, Pureit GermKill Kit started Leaking, within few minutes, the Colour Changed from White to Red. When I called Customer care, Simple Answer is : REPLACE the KIT, since it is RED.

    No answer as why it got leaked and then it became red.

    I am going to throw the PureIT in the streets if it happens again.

    Worst Purifier Technology and No after sales Service or no Genuine answers !!!.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default pure it water having high chemical smell

    Recently I purchased pure it classic germkill kit and fixed in filter. But after that the filtered water smells like water mixed with chlorine/bleach. By drinking that water I got slit throat problem. Is there any expiry for germkill kits from the date of manufacturing. If any one knows please share with me....

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default germkill kit

    I changed germkill kit of my pureit few months back but the white colour remain in same position does not change to red. Normally it starts changing to red after 3 months. So I would like to know, if there is any problem in the germkill kit or I did wrong in placing it.

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