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Thread: Complaint against IRCTC/Indina Railways

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    Default Complaint against IRCTC/Indina Railways

    Hi I want to lodge a complain against irctc as I had booked a ticket online and I had got a confirmation stating that my ticket is booked but later when I was actually travelling I got to know that the seat was alloted so someone else and my name is not there on the chart.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Irctc web site service unavailble at 8am

    when i want to log in morning at 8am always irctc says service unavailable when some one wants to make tatkal ticket there is no option entire railway reservation system is under agents control no one bother about this even railways official has no concern entire railway system is corrupt

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    Lourdes Guest

    Default Poor infrastructure at Dadar Railway station

    Considering the complexity (Western and Central Railway) at the Dadar railway station there should be proper direction boards kept at the platform. Assistance counters at prominent location within the station would help the commuters greatly. Given the number of footfalls in the railway station, the authorities could transform the station to match the international standards.

    The Station Manager and his Deputy could be more efficient. Please ask them to work actively for the given time rather than doing the done...

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Tatkal reservation through irctc is becoming corrupt

    Respected sir,

    today morning i tried for tatkal booing through irctc.

    till 7.55 am the irctc site was ok but when time reaching 8.am irctc services stopped working

    and a page occured with "service unable" .

    and when the page resumed working the waiting list for AP express was 48.

    so please take action against those corrupt railway employees.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Highway Robbery by IRCTC

    Every Train IRCTC is booking extra tickets in the name of Waiting List and the number sometimes goes to WL200 like that. While preparing the chart the system will drop the unaccomodated seats as Waiting List and money will be refunded automatically into our accounts. And Waitlisted Passengers are not allowed to travel. In this case IRCTC is refunding money keeping the IRCTC charges. Its the IRCTC who dishonoured the waitlisted ticket not the consumer who cancelled the ticket. People who waited till the last minute with out any other plans have to make emergency alternative arrangements. IRCTC SHOULD NOT CHARGE IRCTC FEES IN THIS CASE. "ITS A HIGHWAY ROBBERY"

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    PUJA JAISWAL 70 Guest

    Default Complaint againsts the harrassment caused by ac attendants

    Res sir,when my husband was travelling in the ac coach in waiting ,hewas harrassed bythe ac attendants whole night. Firstly they give him the permission for travelling and permitted him to sleepon the birth near the bathroom but after that they disturbed him whole night and next day he has to attend the flag hosting functions, they even dont give him a single blanket andin the morning they asked for more money.he is so disturbed by the behaviour done by the ac attendants.so please kindly take the actions agaiinst thecorrupt attendants

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    Pradeep Jpudi Guest

    Angry IRCTC website

    When I was tried to book Tatkal tickets on 22 nd April, 2011 from IRCTC website for LTT - Pune to Visakhapatnam. I have done all the things like logging into net banking, entered passwords of transaction and payment also got deducted from my bank account.

    But the tickets are not been booked, hence I booked another tickets to go to my home town. I have the money only that much of booked amount with me. I borrowed money from my colleague. I did not got the payment back to my account.

    It is a very very worst case which happens in my life. Now we are facing a lot of problems to reach my home town, we need to reach Gudivada. There is no options to reach home. Now we are travelling in another train, which has only we can sit in the seat.

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    asdfghj Guest

    Default Service Unavailable at 8:00 AM

    It was like a magic to book a tatkal ticket from irctc for a common man because India is a democratic country. A common man in India cannot book a tatkal ticket from irctc.co.in, it always shows SERVICE UNAVAILABLE. Railways officials are aware of that or not I don't know as they never use irctc.co.in.

    I guessed there should be some system in railway that each login should be given same priority.

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    shlok2152 Guest

    Smile Complain against irctc

    Dear sir,

    i has reseve two ticket from varanasi to jammutawi at about 1345 hrs. But in both time i did not found reserve ticket in my booking history. And i lost two time 409 rs. I.e 818. So pse intimate me about my rs. Or otherwise.

    mr. Shlok kumar

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    It was like a magic to book a tatkal ticket from irctc for a common man because India is a democratic country. A common man in India cannot book a tatkal ticket from irctc.co.in, it always shows SERVICE UNAVAILABLE. Railways officials are aware of that or not I don't know as they never use irctc.co.in.

    I guessed there should be some system in railway that each login should be given same priority.

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    raghu_tnk Guest

    Default transaction failed

    dear sir

    i have booked a ticket through irctc on 04-11-2011 from narasapur (ns) to secunderabad (sc) in train no.17255 in 2nd class and an amount of Rs.210/- was deducted from my bank account. Thereafter, the transaction was failed and ticket was not generated. I request you to please see the said amount be credited into my account.

    thaking you


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    RKJENA1968 Guest

    Default Non Receipt of Refund

    I have not received rufund on cancelled tickets from August 2011.

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    Thumbs down Non Refund of TDR

    Dear Sir/Madam

    This is to inform you that I had filed a TDR on 1st November,2011 whose details are as follows:
    Transaction Details
    PNR Number: 2424463153 Ticket Type: eticket Transaction ID: 0374235958
    Booked On: 5-8-2011 Class: 3A Internet Service Charge: Rs 20.00
    Date Of Journey: 01/11/2011 Railway Zone: IRCTC Bank: axisvbvpg
    Total: Rs 1151.00 Train No: 12144 Ticket Charge: Rs 1131.00
    From Station: LUCKNOW NR(LKO) Quota: General To Station: LOKMANYATILAK T(LTT)
    Ticket Details
    S# Name Age Sex Coach Seat Res-Status
    1 ARPIT SAHAI 23 Male B1 0030/ UB Booked
    TDR Details
    Reason For TDR: Train Late More Than Three Hou
    rs and Passenger Not Travelled
    TDR Status: EDR Approved Reference No: ekt2011111003584859
    TDR Zone: CR TDR Filing Date: 01-Nov-2011
    Refund Details
    Refund Status: Refunded Refund Date: : 09-Nov-2011 Refund Amount: Rs.565.00

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

    Train running Late by More than Three hours And Passenger Not Travelled:-
    • In case of train running late by more than three hours & the passenger not performing journey on this account ,full refund is permitted subject to the condition that the ticket is surrendered/TDR obtained in case of I-ticket, if is in E-ticket customer should file online/mail to IRCTC within the prescribed time limits which are as under-
    Ticket distance Prescribed time
    Upto 200 Kms 3 Hrs
    201- 500 Kms 6 Hrs
    More than 500 Kms 12 Hrs

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
    As per your Refund policies on IRCTC web site, it is stated that If the train is late by more than 3 hours and Passenger has not travelled, then full fare will be refunded.
    But, I had got only half the amount of my ticket refunded back in my account.
    I would be highly grateful to you if you can tell me the reason for it.
    Hope for a positive response soon on your part.


    Arpit Sahai

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    Dear sir/ mam..

    This is amit oswal from bhor, dist- pune (maharashtra)

    today morning on 15/11/11 from 7.45 am to 8.30 am i was trying to

    connect to irctc.co.in for booking of 3 passengers for pune- falna (fa)

    journey in tatkal quota in sleeper class for the train 16508 jodhpur express

    running on 17/11/11. I use bsnl broadband 4 mbps connection.

    But only irctc website was showing "internet explorer can not display the webpage"

    between 7.45 am to 8.30 am only. After 8.30 am website was stareted working fine.

    Because of this problem i have not been abled to book tickets in tatkal quota

    & tickets are not available now. This journey of 17/11/11 is very important for us

    so please help me in this matter at urgent priority.. Thank you.. Amit oswal..

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    i4umahesh Guest

    Thumbs down worst irctc server

    the irctc server is very slow compare to yatra.com server ,why this govt server is very slow,the maintenance is very worst

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