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Thread: Railways -www.irctc.com

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    Ramki Guest

    Default Railways -www.irctc.com

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ID:	5357Recently I tried to book a ticket through internet at the railways
    website irctc.com
    Though the amount has been debited from my Citibank account the
    transaction was not successful. It shows as failed payment. I have
    neither got the refund nor any mail.
    Can anyone tell me what to do? How many days I've to wait for the
    refund? If I don't get refund what recourse I've got? Could you share
    any experience please?



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    Jathar Guest


    Hello Ramiki,
    Inform railways regarding your this transction no. Also inform citibank about
    this transction no & send printout of the page saying transaction not successful
    showing "failed payment".
    Get reply from them. This will work as an acknowledgement of the letter you send
    them saying "payment failed".
    Normaly it takes 15 to 20 days for reverting the amount. Citibank is responsible
    for this . You have to prove "payment failed".

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    Unregistered Guest


    Dear Ramki,

    There is a column called Failed Payments and also
    Booked Tickets.

    Did you check with them for both ? There might be a
    case where it might be showing failed payment but
    might be ok in booked tickets.

    That shall help you to prove your case.

    Secondly there must be the transaction ID no in the
    failed payment history. Copy that and send email / Fax
    to IRCTC H.O in New Delhi.

    Send cc to your credit card customer service.

    Then call up and follow up with the authorties. Failed
    / improper software is not the responsibility of the
    Credit Card company but of the Merchant Banker
    involved and the company ( in this care IRCTC )

    you have 3 months to contest any payment billed to you
    by the credit card company.

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    Unregistered Guest



    Failed payment -- means Payment is made by your bank to the IRCTC due to
    network erro or any other error, And it shows in "Failed Payment Option" in
    IRCTC site, You can see the details and reason also. With this you can contact
    CITI bank authority to credit ur account .


    sudipta mandal

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    Unregistered Guest


    Dear Sir,

    I have had occasion to get refund in respect of uncompleted transactions as
    well as cancellations. The refunds have been prompt and I have also received e
    mail confirmations from IRCTC. You may consider writing to them giving full

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    Unregistered Guest


    write the same by Regd.Post with Ack. Due to concerned Railyway authorities with
    all particulars of booking, date of journey, date of debiting from your account,
    to whose address the amount reached and briefly explain your difficulty for
    their deficiency in services. You further , without prejudice to rights and
    contentions, ask them to return the amount with higher rate of interest as they
    had the benefit of your money and caused loss to you without any fault on your
    part. Wait for some time and approach to your District Consumer Forum and
    complain either in person or through a competent Advocate of your place.

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    Unregistered Guest


    i feel you should ask citibank whether the payment has been affected or not and
    if so the reference number,with which you should go back to irctc.

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    Unregistered Guest


    To the best of my knowlege this is a fit case of deficiency in service.You may
    write to General Manager etc by way of legal notice and then file a complaint
    with District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum .

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    Hi Ramki,

    THe best is that you contact your Bank.

    The payment should come back to your account within 4 working days and if it
    does not come back within 4 working days, you please contact your Bank.



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    Unregistered Guest


    I have been using the irctc website to book tickets for a few years now.
    The failed payments occured mainly because of the slow connection speed or a
    problem with the bank server or the irctc server. However, rest assured that
    they will credit the money back even without any reminder. I think it is one of
    the few organizations which does not behave like a government organization where
    they feel they are doing charity despite collecting hefty fee.
    It should not take more than 7-8 days maximum.

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    Unregistered Guest



    I agree wholeheartedly here ... IRCTC is one of the best service providers we
    have ... and considering the volume of tickets they book online, the ones that
    face issues are a very very small number!

    It is a very nice step towards a new India, and I believe we MUST use this
    service, and help the authorities overcome the teething problems that they may

    About the issue - a few patient phonecalls to Citibank and this should be
    resolved. I can say this with experience.


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    Unregistered Guest


    my suggestion is to file a complaint with Consumer court after sending Notice to
    the railways or bank whatsoever the object being if their is no check from the
    citizens side things wont improve people go on suffering day after day year
    after year.Specially on the face of politicisation of populace such measures
    become absolutely necessary.

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    Unregistered Guest


    Make all efforts to get the money back from railways/ Citibank. Keep proof /
    copy of all documents, if you still do not get the payment, file a case in the
    consumer court, makiing citibak the first party and the railays the second.

    I am sure you will get your money back. It is not advisiable to book tickets
    over the net

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    Unregistered Guest


    Hello, I would like your opinion on a transaction.

    About six weeks ago, I purchased some items from an auction run by
    an auction house in Texas (not one of the major auction houses). I
    paid for the items with my amex card and they promptly (the same
    day) charged my credit card for the purchase.

    I sent three emails asking when I would receive the merchandise and
    each time was told it would go out within the next couple of days.

    Well, today SIX WEEKS later, I still don't have the stuff i
    purchased and they still did not send them out despite the fact that
    my invoice included $40. for fedex delivery.

    I feel that since it is over 30 days I not only have the right to
    dispute the charge with amex, but that the sale should be null and
    void since this establishment charged my credit card immediately but
    six weeks later I have no merchandise.

    Am i right? Quite frankly, I am upset with the business ethics of
    this auction house and don't wish to do business with them. thanks.

    If I do not make a mistake Amex card protects its customers from such practices.
    Please get in touch with them and also you may have to make complaint to the
    local authorities such as police or any other concerned authority. You would
    have to surf the net to find out which one

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    Unregistered Guest


    Write a letter to the Bank with copy to the railway authorities or vice versa.
    Detail the loss sufferred due to the faulty transaction and claim damages apart
    from refund.

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