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Thread: Two Wheeler - Shriram City Union Finance Ltd.

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    Default Two Wheeler - Shriram City Union Finance Ltd.

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    Dear Sir,

    Sub: NOC and RC Pending – Reg
    Ref: Agreement No. H1TWKKNO808531

    I took two wheeler loan in the year 2008, Jan, and I gave 10 cheques. On November 2008 one of your collection executive Mr. Megavarnan came and asked for the balance cheques as the previous cheques has cleared. Again I gave him 10 cheques and I have the receipt for that also. Again he came to my place saying that they have entered the year wrongly in the cheque, so they need my signature. I signed and gave it back to him in December.

    After some days Mr. Senthil called me and said that he didn’t receive any cheques and he asked me for the cheques. I said I already gave it to Mr. Megavarnan. He said that he will check that and get back to me. But he didn’t contact me after that. One collection executive came for collection as my cheque was bounced. I paid the amount and called Mr. Senthil and asked about the cheques. He told me that still he has not received any cheques. There is no entry for that. I told him that a person came and collected the amount. Next month, again a person came and said that my cheque bounced. I called Mr. Senthil and asked him that as he didn’t have any of my cheques how it is bouncing. Again he said they don’t have any cheques. So I didn’t pay the amount as I got doubt.

    After 2 months an executive Mr. Prakash (9962968231) from Perambur branch called me and told me that there is pending payment. I told him all the details. He said as per sriram’s agreement they have to collect only cash from me and somebody has collected my cheques by mistake. I told him that I am ready to pay but I need either a letter saying that they misplaced my cheques or if they are having my cheques I want that number to be mentioned in the letter and I am paying the amounts against that cheques. He refused and he said that Sriram never do like that. They are only to collect the payment not to solve the problem. Again I was talking with Mr. Senthil and he was telling there is not entry for my cheques in the record.

    Next month again two collection executives came to my place for collection. Again I told all the problems and i asked for the letter. They went and one of the executive and Mr. Rajini, Perambur branch manager came to my place. And I told all the problems again to him. After hearing all that he said I am not here to hear all this, I am just here to collect the payment. I asked him to return my cheques when I pay the payment and he refused that also, saying the cheques will be in Bombay so they can’t give it back. And I said ok but I can’t able to pay the full amount in one payment I will pay it in 2 installments and he refused and said I have to pay the full amount. I said I cant. I don’t have money. He asked me why I spent the money when I have to pay to Sriram. I said that I don’t have the job at that time. So I can’t able to hold the amount in the bank. He is not ready to hear anything except using abused words. Then I said that I won’t pay the amount to him and I will contact the superior person to solve my problem.

    After that one collection executive Mr. Antony called me in the end of Feb 2010 and I asked him to come directly with the statement. He came to my place with his manager Mr. Nagarajan. And I was telling all the problems to them. They said the loan year is over and the only option is to pay the full amount. I agreed and told them that there should not be any problem giving my NOC and RC after paying the amount. He asked me to come to the office directly and talk to the superior, in person. If he agreed, there won’t be any problem because he is one who decides all.
    I went on March 8th 2010 and talked with the Manager Mr. Meenakshi sundaram. When I checked the statement, the balance amount was not correct. It shows that 13 EMI is pending. I took the loan for 24 months. I paid 12 months and the balance has to be only 12 months. One Advance Emi and 10 cheques were cleared and one I paid to the executive. But the amount I paid to the executive was not updated. Mr. Meenakshi sundaram asked me to pay the 12 months arrears and cheque bounce charge of Rs.2000 and I asked about the balance cheques which are not deposited. He said that it is not bank to give the cheques back. It is a financial institution and there is no rule to give the cheques back to the customer. And that balance cheques are not deposited. Still in Sriram they are saying that my cheques have not received. When I asked, then how the cheques were bounced. Then they are saying it is only 5 cheques they received they didn’t receive the balance cheques. It was surprised to here that. An executive who collected my 10 cheques has handover only 5 cheques to the office with the receipt showing 10 cheques collected. And I asked the Manager Mr. Meenakshisundaram, that if I paid the amount today when I will get my NOC and RC. And he said in 2 days. I confirmed him again because I don’t want any problem of getting the documents as I know from the experience of my friends, it is always a problem in Sriram to get the documents back. He said there won’t be any problem if I paid fully and he said definitely I will get in two days. I paid Rs.28193/- (Receipt No. 131329 & 131330) on 8th March, 12 Emi x 2101 = 25212 and Rs2000 as cheque bounce charges and the balance is 981 as penalty charges.

    After 2 days I contacted Mr. Antony and Mr. Nagarajan for the NOC and RC. Mr. Nagarajan said that the Managers have gone for Yercaud trip and next week definitely you will get. I told him to call me when it is ready. And next week I called Mr. Antony and asked for the documents. He asked me to go to the office to collect the documents. I went there and asked for the documents in RC section and they said that I have 8000 pending so they can’t release the documents. I called Mr. Antony and told him. He talked to the female on the counter and told everything and she said that she can process only when she get the statement signed by the Manager. I went to the Managers cabin and he has gone for lunch. I waited for 3 hrs but he didn’t come back. I called Mr. Antony and Mr. Nagarajan and told the details. I told them to get the statement from the Manager and handed over in the RC department. Next day I called Mr. Antony and asked whether it is ready. He said he talked to the Manager and it will be ready. Again I went to the office. The same has happened again. The manager has gone for lunch and he never came back till 6.30pm. I told Mr. Antony that I can’t take leave everyday. And when Mr. Antony and Mr. Nagarajan went and asked the Manager Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram on the next day, he didn’t respond to them properly and said there work is only to collect the cash and put the receipt. That is over and they don’t have any rights to ask for documents or asking him to sign the statement. Still I didn’t receive my documents because they have not credited the amount as what they said. Now it is showing that the EMI is pending.

    Kindly look into this matter and do the needful to get back my documents as early as possible.

    Thanking you,

    Yours truly,
    S.SHUMATHI (9841621852)

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    Default complain


    I am live in pali(rajasthan) i purches a hero hond bike and bike finince by your compney.but the counter boy (Naveen Naval) take one emi advance against the finince he take one emi and return me one cheque.
    i request u that pls refund me that emi soon its unlegal so sir pls refund .

    Ram lal

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default about clearence certificate

    dear sir
    i dr rupesh kumar from city kapurthala has buyed suzuki acess in 07/05/2008.and got finance of rs 31800 for the tenure of six month
    with monthly instalment of rs 5300 .the last emi which was sucessfully paid in mnth 07/11/2008 with check no-869667.kindly send me my clearance
    certificate as i has been requestd so many times in branch at jallandhar.my contact no is-09888486874.i had already selled my acess there is problem in trasfering the name.i shall be very thankfull


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    t. mangaiah Guest

    Post No due certificate pending with Shriram Kukatpally

    I am working in Commissionerate of Agriculture. I took two wheeler loan from Shriram City Finance ltd during 2007 towards loan no. NRTWKUT0701139. I have given 36 cheques. But they are submitted 33 cheques to the Bank. 3 cheques have not been submitted to the Bank. Neither submitted to bank nor returned the cheques to me. I enquired several times. They denied to give the NDC. Now they are forced to me to pay the over due charges. I am asking them to return the cheques. REcently they are attracted me to personal loan. I have paid the due amount of three instalments. However, they are not giving the NDC.

    T. Mangaiah

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Noc

    Dear Sir,

    Sub: For get NOC
    Ref: Bike no.

    I took two wheeler loan in the year 2008 nov., and I gave 12 cheques. All EMI are clear as per my account statment in IDBI bank a/c. No.050104000013192.I not have loan a/c no.so please cheak
    My account Trough my name/bike no.or account no. $ issue me NOC.I visit your udaipur branch many time but not get satisfied anser your re-presentive says that we not have any account by your name$ bike no.How it is possible that your branch have no record.

    Kindly look into this matter and do the needful to get my documents as early as possible.

    Thanking you,

    Yours truly,
    pankaj mehta
    1/13 sapetiya road,bedla

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    Default Not recevied noc

    Emi all clear 998/- my account no 652 union bank of india jabalpur

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Settlement

    Myself HARISH SHUKLA from gwalior,i am medical representative at gwalior,i was taken loan from shriram finance for tvs star sport in 2008,my E.M.I was 1047 rupee which was properly deducted from my Mrs SBI account around 12 installment and around 18 installment from my ICICI account,that was salary account,because of switch to other company,i was not able to maintain that account and i inform to this to local executive but they didn"t help me out and because of these reason my five to six E.M.I was bounced from by bank,after that local executive again come in my touch and i gave him further E.M.I by cash and request him to please settle my six installment after completing last financial year 2010-2011,but he will come in 2011-2012 in feb month and suddenly ask me about E.M.I OF that six installment and when i ask him,how much i have to pay,he said 20000 and after so many discussion,local office forcing me to pay 11000 rupee,please sort my issue,i am ready to pay only my six installment.

    Harish Shukla

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    pravin trivedi Guest

    Default bike loan

    bike loan finance 85% down payment and 2 years stallment period and stallment amount rs maximum 2000 rupees...

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Approved byke loan urgent base

    I have taken bajaj platina loan Shriram city union finance kaithal branch & his Branch Manager Mr. Satbir Singh & Area Manger Vijay Kumar(Karnal branch).
    Shriram city cancel my two wheeler loan without notice.Why cancel my two wheeler loan & my bike dealer want cash payment my bike.
    I can not pay cash all payment bajaj platina byke.please take action about this mater & approved my two wheeler loan urgent base.

    Thanks & Regards
    Raja s/ Kapoora
    VPO Kichana,Distt-Kaithal

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    A.SELVAM Guest

    Default Two wheeler loan details

    I encoled my loan no:madu2two5250004, may i know about my loan details

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry TWO WHEELER LOAN - Shriram city union finance

    Dear Sir,

    I get a two wheeler loan from shriram city union finance on july 2011 from jodhpur rajasthan branch. i want account statement but this company say that they
    not provide account statement than how can i see that this company how much balance due from me. i not submit my year return properly without statement.
    so plz action for the account statement. i also send mail again and again but no reply and also call to customer care but not give me satisfied answer.

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    nagesh.reddy.dr@gmail.com Guest

    Default loan status

    sir,i took two wheeler loan in sept 2012 my name is j.nagesh reddy. i pay amount of Rs.4550 on first installamnt. so please

    send statement to mail address

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default To inform about the shameless attitude of Shri Ram City Union Finance Ltd.

    it's second time when i complain to u about your shri ram finance allahabad office.I downpament for passion pro bike on 7 nov 2012 and your finance executive of allahabad civil lines branch Mr. Arvind Upadhyay. he commited to me bike will be delivered on 11 nov 2012. but he cannot delivered the bike to me.
    Because of his wrong, lazy and so unserious working attitude.
    i don't no what action doing from you. but i cannot get my bike till no.

    if my request and complain cannot reach to higher administration. So It's very Shame for your company image.

    if my bike can not delivered tomorrow. so i will complain in Upbhokta Forum of your company.

    Ashish Kumar Srivastava
    335/288 Nai Basti Kydganj, Allahabad

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    Palani e Guest

    Default Loan no.slyurtw1207170007

    I have taken two wheeler loan from shriram city union finance on Aug 2012. But we have not get welcome letter and Repayment schedule. and my first month emi was bounce for no intimation. Kindly revert this mail and waived the bounce charge and overdue charge.

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    abhishek bathla Guest

    Default misbehavior of sales guy shriram finance bareilly

    i was planning to purchase an lml nv 4 stroke ls scooter, n gave my docs to the local sales representative at sriram who promised me to give the vehicle in 2 hrs as my loan creditionals are good enough, after almost 24 hrs i called the sales guy who wasnt having my contact no, i called that guy thrice..once in the noon and twice in the evening around 6....n he didnt picked my call...after another day when that guy picked my call i asked him to justify things as an why he didnt replied to my call...or he must have called me back as iys a courtesy to call someone when he calls u thrice...he answered in very casual behavior that you taking the loan not me so you shoul come to my office i dont have that much time....i got frustated n seroiusly abused him for his casual behavior... the next day when i went to the bareilly lml showroom to pick my scooter...the finance guy came n said sorry we cannot finance ur scooter....bcoz u didnt talked to us in a right manner....but when a customer like me waited for almost 25 days for my white colour lml nv ls...n when the scooter finally came to the showroom i cudnt get it bcz of the casual bahavior of the sales guy of sriram finance...dont knoe how these non banking finance companirs will sustain, their way of talking n behaving is shameless...as they are the only ones who are financing lml scooters....shame to company like lml to who are hungry for a market share...n dont know how to satisfy a customer...a casual attitude by mahalaxmi automobiles bareilly and shameless work by sriram fianance bareilly....u.p....dnt knw how these guys promise to fund for consumer requirements....a serious concern for the future of automobile industry in india...rectuiting all the futchas of the industry....

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