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Thread: Indian Railway Act

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    Default Indian Railway Act

    Dear Group,
    Last week my family members were required to travel by train from Jalandhar to
    Hissar for which they all were having confirm ticket (sleeper class) and they
    were allotted S-1 coach. But to the great surprise when the train arrived there
    was no reserved coach(sleeper coach) in the train and the ordinary coach with
    seats of FATTA were emarked as S-1 coach. The said S-1 coach was not having any
    sleeper facility as it was ordinary coach and it too was overcrowded with the
    passengers. There was no place to sit or stand in any of the coach including S-1
    coach. The matter was brought to the notice of TTE of the train and he was
    requested to make arrangement for sitting of the passenger holding confimed
    tickets in S-1 coach, but he refused to help stating that go the ask for help
    from RPF. When we contacted the officer/official of RPF he adviced to approach
    GPRF or Station Master. We rushed to Station Master and while narating the
    problem to Station Master the train left the
    station and there was no other train for that route.. Only single train run and
    that too in night. the matter was reported in complaint book describing the
    whole situation.
    My clarification is Who responsibility it was to provide
    accomodation of the reserved seat if it is occupied by unthorised person? who is
    to keep the coach vacant for the reserve person/ticket holders who have to
    perform there journey? As per Indian Railway Act what are the duties of TTE,
    Station Master, Guard, RPF or GPRF? can i get copies of the instruction issued
    by railway in the matter?

    What are legal remedies I have left with? Is compliant lodged in the
    compliant book be looked into by the railway and will any action will be taken
    Is there any judgements of Hon'ble Apex court, High court or National
    consumer court on the above issue, if so please quote it.
    Can any one arrange to supply any copy typed or scanned of any
    complaint lodged in consumer court on the above issue or issue similar to my

    waiting for feed back.

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    Default 1961 maddox

    Dear friend,

    It is a fit case to be filed in a consumer forum. I am certain that there are
    already some relevant jugement on similar cases which I read in the news papers
    some time ago. since I am not a legal man I did not keep a record of it. You may
    have to find out the relevant judgements

    Best wishes,

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    Bharat Guest


    I was in Mumbai for a week and want to bring your king
    attention to something I found very disturbing. Hotels
    here charges for sealed mineral water bottel Rs 22 to
    Rs. 25 though mrp is around 10-12 One of the hotel
    named Dara's Dhaba on thane road and others name I
    dont remember. I have bill of one of the resturant as
    well if you want I could send it to you.

    Moreover in the boarding area of CS Internation
    Airport there is a resturant named Celebration they
    sell Kurkere packet for Rs. 50 (MRP Rs. 10) and on
    objection they talking in a very insulting way.

    What can be done to stop this as nobody could sell
    anything for more than MRP


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    1. The AGM is the supreme Body. Its decisions are
    binding on every member.

    2. If the AGM has passed a resolution which is in
    contravention of the Bye laws ( old or new Model
    Byelaws ), then you have the right to approach the
    Registar or any other competent body as mentioned in
    byelaws for justice.

    If you lose the case, still you feel you are right
    then you have the right to go to higher courts
    ...uptil ...Supreme court

    3. In your particular case the Society has acted very
    fast in appointing a Advocate and you have acted very
    slow in not appointing one the moment the resolution
    was passed.

    4. Society has right to recover dues which the member
    owes by attaching the property of which it has issued
    the shares to you.

    Normally Member has to pay in protest and then fight
    back to recover the extra amt billed to him/her and
    payment recd. ( Since the amt here was so big and
    hence ) you decided not to pay, it gives the society
    the right to declare you as Defaulter and take
    necessary action.

    5. You all Row houses owners have to now act very fast
    and get a stay order on the same. Parallel to that you
    have to appoint a advocate who specialises in such
    property matters like Mr Vinod Sampat, etc...who can
    resolve this issue in the society itself rather than
    dragging this matter to court.

    Best of Luck !

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    There is no provision of law under the M.C.S.Act,1960,Rules,1961 and approved
    byelaws for passing any resolution with retrospective effect.

    Any such resolution is ab initio illegal.

    Secondly regarding their high-handedness,please confirm as to whether they have
    executed indemnity Bond or not.
    If not,file sraightway a criminal case against them and put all of them behind

    Any Registrar will not help you as all of them are on the pay roll of such
    delinquent committees- cum -racketeers and organised gangs and looters and the
    same have been proliferating at the cost of incompetent and ignorant general
    members who neither read nor understand their rights and duties.Ignorance is
    bliss in this country and reached its nadir.

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    Default Transfer from SCR-Secundrabad to SWR-Bangalore.

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I Request you to kindly let me know is there any possibility to Transfer from SCR-Secundrabad to SWR-Bangalore.

    If Please let me know the procedure for the same.

    If not please let me know “Is it possible to apply a long leave for a Period of 1 Year” and please let me know the procesudre.


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    Default TTR - Reg

    One month before, i travelled from Velachery (Chennai) to Triplicane. when i get down at Triplicane station, a person enquired me to show Ticket. He is not in TTR uniform. i requested him to show his ID card, but he refused. so my Question to authorities is, Can TTR Enquire passengers without uniform? and does we have right to ask his Department ID when the person is doing his duty without Uniform?

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    Default Ticket validity

    Hi Group

    Today morning I travelled from Vriddhachalam to Chennau in Pallavan Super Fast (2S class) reserved till Chennai Egmore. I have to go to St. Thomas Mount instead of Egmore, so I got down at Tambaram and took a sub-urban train to St.Thomas Mount. In the Mount station, ticket checker fined me 255 Rs for travelling without a ticket. Is it really requried to buy a ticket seperately to travel in sub-urban train. If yes, how come the railway has not opened any counters in the platforms of the sub-urban trains for this kind of situation to help the passanger. I have to walk all the way from platform no 8 to station entrance with all my luggages to buy the ticket. What if the passanger is a women, old age or disabled person? Is there any way to bring this to the notice of the railway ministry or department? Please let us know.



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    Default Carry sealed liqure bottle

    Is it a punishable offence to carry a bottle of liqure in train?

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    last week my sister was travelling from Pune and her luggage got stolen ..As the train started she has ntgot down frm train due to which she was not able to file a complaint in Railways Police Station .On the same day i went to file her complaint which the railway authority denied to take my complaint .Being sister of her they havent taken the Complaint and said the person who was travelling has to herself get it registered .but she was in train how can she file a complaint over there.The concerned person said to lodge a compalint to Ticket Checker but she was not able to find a ticketcheker in train or may he was not dere??can u plzzz tel me can i file a suit against railway authority for not lodging my fIR?? is there any law which states that only the person who travels can lodge a FIr for stolen luggage/

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    Default cockroach problem

    I am travelling in himgiri express board from howrah on 29/3/14 upto Kashmir in B3 coach AC 3 tier . Lots of cockroach moving in the AC coach which is really creating problem.No railway staffs is either caring to solve the issue.

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