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Thread: Standard chartered Credit Card Bill Payment issue

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Standard chartered Credit Card Bill Payment issue

    I had my first standard chartered credit card and had used it in Year 2005. I was facing issues in receiving credit card bill from the first month of usage. I reported the same problem to the customer care that I am not receiving my bills neither soft copy over email ID nor Hard copies, so I don't know how much amount to pay and until when.
    Even then I didn't receive bills on my email ID.

    Finally I called up customer care executive and asked for the total outstanding bill amount and payed the credit card bill based on the amount told to me by customer care and stopped using it.

    After few months I got a call from customer care executive that my bill amount is pending, the amount was Rs 2500 (approx) which was not utilized by me, basically it was increased to this huge amount due to penalty on some small amount (below Rs 500, this amount was missed by Customer care executive, when I had asked the final amount to settle the bill payment) which I had not paid.

    Since this was a problem caused due to following points:
    1. Even after registered for Ebills I had not received any one.
    2. Customer care executive did not tell me the correct amount which I had to pay.

    I requested customer care executive to revert back the penalty and let me know the principle amount which I had spent, I will pay that. But executive was not ready to do so, saying that it is a late payment charge and cannot be reverted back. I denied to pay the penalty and since then there was no communication regarding this.

    After five years (in Mar-2010) I got a call from chennai saying that Rs 10421.60/- is pending on my credit card and need to be closed otherwise my credit history will be affected. Bank Personal told me that Rs 2500/- (approx) was principle amount which has been penalized over 5 years and made Rs 10421.60/-, I explained him about how the principle amount of Rs 2500 was created (as explained above), so he asked me to confirm on Rs 2000 to do the settlement, I need not to pay Rs 10421.60/-.

    Again I am in same problem where I was in year 2005, I am forced to pay the amount which I am not responsible for.
    I requested Customer care to provide me the bill amount which I had spent, but now they are not providing me the statement, Even I had sent an email to "card.services@sc.com" and "head.service@sc.com" regarding the same problem, but no response from them.

    Today (05-Apr-2010) again I got the call from same bank personal and asked me to confirm on Rs 1000 to settle this issue, otherwise I may be forced to pay Full amount of Rs 10421.60/-.

    My Email ID is same and unfortunately I was not communicated over my email ID from SC bank.(same old problem of miscommunication)

    I am using other credit cards as well and not faced such issue till now, just because of such bad services provided by Std. Chartered bank customer care, I stopped using your credit card.

    Please help me how should I get out of this issue and close it.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default date of Birth mis match and extra interest amount debiting

    Dear Sir,

    I am carrying manhattan card no4129xxxxxxx0596,

    Dee034831280596 .I recieved message from bank showing min.due amout rs.3345/- even after paying last min due on 3-6-2011 thru net banking..On making call to bank the executive telling me their is mis match in my date of birth.when I applied for the card I submmitted my concern document carrying the same DOB which I am informed.Please let me know this problem can be sorted out?lease revert back ASAP.


    Deepak Seth

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Request to clear out the Interest

    Dear Sir,

    This is J.Vijaya Kumar.My card number is 4196-0749-4776-2861. Validity Date : March 2012. Please clear out my all intrests on this same card.

    Please do needful.

    Waiting for your promt responce.


    J.Vijaya Kumar.

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    krupali kadam Guest

    Default not receiving hard or soft copies of monthly bill


    I am using manhattan paltinum card.
    from so many days i am not receiving soft copy or hard copy of my monthly bill. every time i keeps on asking and then after they send me duplicate bill copy.
    This month again i am facing same problem.
    please do some thing needful.

    krupali kadam

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    Kunwer Nadeem Ahmad Guest


    Dear Sir,

    This is Kunwer Nadeem Ahmad .My card number is 4541_9823_3898_0953. Validity Date : OCT. 2012. Please clear out my all intrests on this same card.

    Please do needful.

    Waiting for your promt responce.

    Kunwer Nadeem Ahmad

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default nonreceipt of statement of platinum reward credit

    I am not receiving my platinum rewards scb credit card for last few month in time. This time also a sms is sent on my mobile with due date. crad no. 4622 7153 5433 6300 brijmohangupta. may i request you to send by email mini statement of nov,11 so that i can verify and pay outstanding. thanking.

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    karunamaha Guest

    Post Settlement of Credit Card Dues – Remove name from

    From 2/12/11
    7A, C.I.D.Quarters,
    V.K.Iyer road,
    1. CIBIL
    2. Manager (Legal),
    Standard Chartered Bank, Chennai.
    Dear Sir,
    Sub: Settlement of Credit Card Dues – Remove name from the defaulter’s list
    (1) Card No: 4129034027009148
    (2) Card No: 4129038080394230
    (3) Card No: 5543748080227694
    Ref: (1) Tamilnadu State Legal Services authority TNSLA No.3821/06 dated 12/12/2006
    (Lok Adalat CaseNo.33853). – Regarding.
    I availed credit card facility from Standard Chartered bank and the bank issued credit cards Nos as mentioned above. Due to some untoward incident in our family, the regularity in payment has got broken. Because of the non-payment of credit cards’dues the matter was referred to Tamilnadu State legal Services Authority for Lok Adalat and the Lokadalat notice was sent to me on 12/12/2006 in TNSLA.3821/2006, facing the enquiry on 19/12/2006 at 10.30 AM in the “SATTA UDHAVI MAIYAM’, High court Campus, Chennai- 600 104.
    On 19/12/2006, during Enquiry the SCB officials in front of the legal authorities concerned arrived at a settlement of Rs.27, 000/- towards full and final settlement of my credit cards outstanding amount. As per the settlement, the agreed amount of Rs.27, 000/- has to be paid in six (6) installments at the rate of rs.4, 500/- per month before 10th of every month commencing from Jan 2007. Accordingly, I paid the above said sum as detailed below.

    S.No Date Receipt No Amount
    1 6/1/07 MA401C113917 4,500.00
    2 6/2/07 MA401C116081 4,500.00
    3 5/3/07 MA401C119353 4,500.00
    4 10/4/07 MA401C123412 4,500.00
    5 10/5/07 MA401C126154 4,500.00
    6 9/6/07 MA401C128253 4,500.00
    TOTAL 27,000.00

    I reliably came to understand that my name has still exist as a DEFAULTER and the bank people failed to remove my name from the defaulter list even after receipt of the settlement. This is like insulting the “legal forum”.
    I request that my name may please be removed from the defaulter list immediately after the receipt of this letter. And issue me the NO DUE CERTIFICATE.
    Expecting your immediate action in this regard,
    Thanking You,
    Copy to:
    Manager (Leal)
    Standard Chartered bank

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Avoiding for Listen the call on payment issue

    I am Holding a credit Card Issued by standard Charted Bank with ref: No. of 5546232901987825.

    All the Interest and Extra Charges putted in this card. when i stop the payment from last 3-4 Months . I got a call from Standard Charded GURGAON office to diposite the same.

    The KIRAN SHARMA was the executive talking to me. and convinced me to Please pay 2000 rs at dated 4/11/2011. next day she will connect me to the consern person to we vied off all the intreast.

    After the Vigorous follow up Now Kiran is Neither picking up my call and responding.

    Please help me to some out with this issue. her No. is 0124-4208525 and 4208523

    Ajeet Singh

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    archana girish sabnis Guest

    Exclamation complaint regarding credit card

    I have received your bill dated 25th November 2011 for Rs. 1101.90 for Manhattan Platinum Card.
    I am really surprised to see this statement, as TILL TODAY I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY SUCH CARD FROM YOU.
    The card number mentioned on the statement is 4541 9823 3325 8207.
    Please let me know since when have you started collecting the charges towards NON ISSUED credit cards.
    Also guide me regarding further action.
    Expecting your early answer.
    Dr. Archana Girish Sabnis
    Cell: 98191 22206
    93222 72738

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Credit card charges


    Your bank's Credit cards agents had contacted me last year in the month of Nov, and forced me to obtain a credit card. They had assured me that no fee will be levied on the same. I am already working with State Bank Of India, and using the Credit card of the same. I had no intention to obtain your card or use it anyway, and i actually didn't use the same till date. but astonishingly , I got a message that I have been charged Rs.275/- towards the fee of the credit card, which is not acceptable to me, kindly cancel my card bearing no. 4196074946463578, dt 11/10 with immediate effect, else i will have no option but to go to consumer court.

    Tushar kanti Roy,
    Flat No 2/2/3, 19D, sbi quarters, golf club road, kolkata-33

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    rc666666 Guest

    Default Wrong credit card number on cheque

    Dear Sir,
    While writing a cheque for payment against my Standard Chartered Credit Card No: 4196 0749 4854 9838, I have wrongly written last four digits as "4839" in place of "9838" on the Standard Chartered Bank Cheque No- 280826 dated 25.11.11 for Rs 8640/- against my Standard Chartered Bank account, Delhi no- 526-1-039190-5. This mistake i came to know when i got sms that payment against my credit card is overdue. I checked up from bank and came to know that my account has already been debited on 25.11.11.
    Kindly help me to get this mistake corrected and arrange to transfer back money to my correct credit card number which has been credited to some other Standard Chartrered credit card No with last four digit as "4839", whcih i had written by mistake on my cheque as mentioned abover. An early response will be very much appricaited.

    with thanks
    Ramesh Chandra

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default change of address of card no 4541982334727135

    This is to inform you that the present address C/502 N.G Complex Marol military Road Near Ashok Nagar Andheri East Mumbai 400072 of the above mention credit card has been changed to B/1103 N.G. Complex Marol military Road, Near AshokNagar, Andheri east, Mumbai 400072
    Kindly update my address

    Mr. Sagayaraj Chettiar

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default complaint about poor services

    Sir/ madam,
    I am using your credit card ending 5995 .I had loaded almost 65000 rs on that account & used only 28000/ .After that each statement charged me the late fees & the interest. On enquiry, it was found that the amount was transferred to another account for clerical purpose.After request to transfer that money to my account I was shocked to see the new statement with late feees 7 interest.The reason was that only a portion was transferred to my account.
    I have been complaining for a long time that i do not receive the statements on time & as they are received late or not received at all, again late fees & interest were charged every time.This time the tolerance limit was crossed as a huge amount was already there in my account & I was being charged.
    Every time you call the tel. numbers you have to stay on line for more than 30 minutes.This was demonstrated to one of your customer care person on a conference call!
    If one goes to the bank branch, nobody is available to solve your problems.
    I was informed by a message on my mobile a few months back that my credit limit is reduced to Rs 10,000/-.I can not tolerate such an insult. I am a renowned urologist working in Pune for last 14 years & I do not want to spend by your bank's mercy!
    I hereby request you to stop all services to this credit card with immediate effect. Give me the balance amount to be paid by me so that I can go to your bank ,deposit the cash & get rid of this expensive & annoying liability for ever!
    Please do the needful at the earliest before I decide on legal actions
    thanking you,
    dr Ketan vartak

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    Shruti Prasad Kutal Guest

    Post complaint about provident fund

    dear sir,
    I Shruti Kutal was an employee with your one of 'dsa' called Nsb bpo solutions pvt. ltd. in Pune since 1st-Jun-06. My PF No. is MP/18211/245. then in 1st dec 2008 I joined Scfl. my employee id was 19142. same time I resigned nsb bpo. & completed formalities of PF withdrawl.Yet after 3yrs also I havnt received my PF. I have heard that standard chartered bank & Nsb Bpo has some issues which are not getting solved. But I think that is not my concern. I was selling products for scb. Now its ur duty to provide my PF. You have tested my petience. same complaint I am going to give to Mr. Khadge Maharashtra Kamgar Mantri & RBI bank. Waiting for reply.
    Shruti Prasad Kutal

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Credit Card Payment Issue


    My self Nirav Patel, and I am using SC credit card from last one year and above.

    My credit card NO is: 5546-2329-0222-5878

    Now I come to the point,

    I have received statement today and just saw it (I already cleared all my outstanding amount before couple of days and in statement it shows me with interests and bla bla...) and called customer care and I had word with one of customer care executive.

    My concern is (My bill generation date is 4th and due date is 26th of every month, I was missed to pay my last payment and due date and due to this I got charges of 350 rs.; when I called at 4th May in customer care, at that time I explain customer care executive (CCE) to all my situation and she replied me if you pay in today date so you will not get more charges and interests; so I paid of that missed bill and next payment in advance. also I got charges of renew of credit card but when I purchased the card at that time standard charted executive told me that your card is free for a year or you can purchase with your limit then you can get next month free also and I already purchase more than my limit till now) as talkies on 4th May with CCE, if I already paid all the bills and clear my A/C then how can I get interest and late payment charges as below:

    Late payment charges: 350 rs.
    Interests on that: 750 rs.
    Sevice tax and cess: 135 rs.

    Total need to pay 1101 rs.

    As I told early I just called CCE and I explain all the whole story of my talkies on 4th (with SC CCE) and regarding new charges but he is not ready to listen me...and catch the things "BHARNA PADEGA" also he is not giving me the proper answered, In more he cut my phone "MADAR@@@@", not giving me proper answered.


    Also during my talkies I told him that I get renewal charge but he replied me "nai aapka card free nai he"...

    I really highly disappointed with your poor services and poor quality CCE.

    I would like to request you to plz take strict steps opposite this kind of CCE (which spoil your reputation in market) and LOOK INTO MY CASE AND GIMME OFF AS THIS IS NOT CORRECT CHARGES.

    I am waiting for your positive response.




    Nirav Patel

    Offshore Manager / Director

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