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Thread: Videocon D2h Complaint

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    Thumbs down Videocon D2h Complaint

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    Dear Sir,

    My Videocon D2H customer id is 983300. I have 4 products installed under the same customer id. I had Diamond pack on all the 4 products. As per Videocon D2h scheme they should charge Rs. 650 per month ( Rs. 275 on first product and Rs. 125 each on the rest of 3 products). But they are deducting Rs. 38.45 daily from my account ( Rs. 1100 per month) i.e. Rs. 275 for all 4 products. I have complained many time in the customer service center. The first two times they refunded some amount in my account but kept on deducting Rs. 35.48 daily. No action on further complaints. The customer service guy said that we cannot accept your complaint because you have already complained four times, and our billing department knows more than you and the amount that we are deducting is right. After wasting lots of time and energy calling the customer service center i decided to opt for gold pack. But again same problem. They should charge Rs. 525 per month and they are charging Rs. 600 Per month.

    Please give me some advice what should i do.


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    7823209 Guest

    Default complaint about videocon d2h services

    my customer id is 7823209 . I can install videocon d2h on 7 april.that day d2h run ook but next it cannot working.
    i complaint the customer care then he tell his engg. visit next day tommarow. but the engg cannot visitt.then i again complain to customer care the they said the engg can came after two day .the customer care behaviour is so bad
    they cant talk properly
    they can harash me.the service is very poor and they can make fool of the customer.please take action of these type company which make fool and total harash to the customer

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Kids' channels not available in English for South Indians

    Videocon D2H transmits most of the children's channels in Hindi. As south Indians we are at a loss. Other service providers give language switching options. The customer care people at videocon are almost illiterates and when you contact them they drill you through how to use your remote to switch language, although you tell them a million times that some of these channels are only available in Hindi in their service. They also try to dupe you by telling you that it is the broadcaster's problem.

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    aman deep singh Guest

    Default product not working

    hello sir my name is aman deep singh. my product id no. is 4419065.my product is not working from since last 5 or 6 days. i have complaint to ur customer care and ur executive has told me that within 48 hours our engineers will come to ur home and he will repair ur product or change it. but after three days i didnt get any response from ur company. pls solved the problem as soon as posible.

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    In case you are not satisfied with response of Videocon Customer Care, then send a email to your area nodal officer, mention all the details in it and ask them to solve the complaint and damages with in the mentioned time in the notice.

    Wait for their reply and revert us back.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Videocon d2h product issue

    Myself vijay kathoke . My customer id is 2629274. Last 5 days engine er has been visited & tell that he will come back with fr unit for restart the product. Till date he is not come & last 5 days dialy i am personally taking follow off from customer care . They are also teelin that within 24 hrs . Yur complaint will be resove. But still same has been not resolved . Please look into the matter.

    Vijay kathoke

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    sarojpanda09@gmail.com Guest

    Default panda

    technical error, restart the divice. Set Up Box Not Open.

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    nileshbhamare1@gmail.com Guest

    Default Money back certificate till date not received

    Dear Sir,

    My Videocon D2H customer id is 12185123.
    I have 1 products Purchase under the same customer id. I have Videocon d2h 2202 LCD Model purchase As per Videocon D2h Money back certificate and 2 years Free Diamond pack scheme. But till date my money back Certificate not received (of Rs.5000/-). I have complaint many time to the customer service center. no any responce for your side.

    Please give me some advice what should i do.

    Thanks !

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    Amit11_86 Guest

    Default d2h complaint

    Dear team,

    My name is Animesh Singh i am facing a problem regarding my d2h and i also inform to customer care on phone line and they send i executive to solve this problem but the executive is unable to solve my and he always told me that your problem has resolved but i am facing same problem related to channels i unable to watch any channel on my t.v. screen so pls help me out .
    I ma facing this problem from 15 of aug and it is 20th so you can understand my situation . My previous complaint no. 16967882 .


    Animesh Singh
    Cus id- 3316587
    Mob- 09313692606

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    Manphool Saini Guest

    Default Worst service by Videocon d2h

    I bought almost all the electrical appliances of Videocon ,which are quite good. But I got a connection of Videocon d2h which proved me wrong. My customer ID is 72174. Within one or two month one set top which was faulty was changed by the company, but on 14.8.2010 I lost the service of d2h. The receiver was downloading, which was counting 0 to 46 , after 46 it continue to start from 0. I complained to the customer care ,they gave me some instruction, but in vein. They lodged my complaint the number of which is 17037771 and told that my problem will be solved within 24-48 hours. No one came. I again reminded again they gave another number17042391. Some body contacted me, I told the problem and stated him that the same problem was arose when I bought the product, then the receiver was changed, so when you come please bring the another receiver. But he did not, he checked it and declare that the receiver will be changed. I ask him to take my receiver to take with him as it was no use for me. I contacted few days later he replied as their is no stock , when it will arrive, I will take one to you. But no one come. I again reminded the customer care, they gave another number which was stated to be complaint against their engineer No. 17391742 on 24.8.2010. After that ,he came and asked some body to swap the programming which was not done. He told me that my earlier receiver is wet. As it was raining and moisture level was 95-98 %. I told him that it is OK I can dry its moisture with dryer and you can check andsee it.He told no need. He took the receiver new and old both and went away. After that no one came, I again contacted the customer care they gave another No. 17451882. No one came, Ironically each and every time I was told that your complaint has been forwarded/mailed and you will have no need to contact us .your problem will be solved within 24-48 hrs. or 2.10 pm, 4.00 pm or 8.00 pm or 10.00 pm. I am tired, The Company has changed to be a big cheat because of cost cutting, they have appointed their screw driver brand engineer, who have no man power or time to attend the customer and report the company the wrong information about customer. I know that it was a system application fault, it can be rectified by patch up CD or formatted it and re-install the application that may take 5 minutes hardly. But, after assurance given by the Sr. Executive Mr. Abhishek, no action has been taken till this date and time. If any body, who is going to take any DTH connection, please abstain from Videocon d2h opt for another one.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Worst Service and Unsatisfied Response

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    My name is Rajendra J Shah.

    MY custmer id is: 8778456.

    My contact no:9428502331.

    I have taken one d2h connection from you.

    We bought this connection from Mr. Vishal.

    his contact no. is: 9974031851.

    He told that we would be having this connection free of cost for 5 months.

    Instead of this our connection waas disconnected within 4 months only.

    In between this, I once sent an sms for the movie channel to watch movie De Dhana Dhan.

    My 50 rupees was deducted.

    But then also i couldn't watch movie on that channel.

    I also complaint for it on the same day but i got no response from you...!

    My some 150-175 rupees are deducted for because your person is saying that they are charged for the cable.....!

    But no extra cable is used here....!

    Now, your executives are charging different-different charges and misguiding me.

    My account balance is in negative.

    Last but not least:

    In ahmedabad, whenever there is rainfall, our connection gets disconnected.

    We were not able to watch channel since last one week.

    I called your customer care at 29 august, i had a conversation with Mr. Dipesh.

    But he also not responded me and after that i made a conversation with the head, Mr. Harshad.

    But he also didn't respond.....!

    I am now tired of your lethargic and fraud work...!

    SO i am filing complaint in consumer-forum.

    U have cheated me....!

    In our neighbours, all are having connection of Tata Dish TV.

    But your person Mr. Vishal told that Videocon is the cheapest and the Best...!

    So we chose it.

    But now we are repenting for it....!

    SO just give the solution to my problems.

    You contact me at my new number: 09825060805.

    Solve my problems and queries, otherwise i want to disconnect Videocon forever.....!

    I want the solution urgently....!

    Now, its all in your hand....!

    Hope you will reply positively....!

    Awaiting your reply.

    Please do contact us as soon as possible.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default no any service form videocon d2h

    My customer ID 6758136 & my complaint no is 17635690 .dated on 29th Aug 2010. but videocon d2h service is very poor , after my lot of calls to your customer care but Videocon service person or no one is came to resolved my complaint or no any after sales –support it’s a extremely bed………………also I received message that complaint resolved successfully .but how it possible without doing anything ???????????????

    Hope to do needful otherwise regret your service any give my money back.

    munish raval

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Fraud d2h

    please do not sell your product in market

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down D2h lcd


    I got installed D2H by today the engineer told that it will work fine in half an hour and he left but it’s not working I called the costumer care 3 times from 1pm to 2pm they told that they will send the engineer with in 2 hrs but still now no one has turned up. And I even called the distributor they told they will send the person. I thought it’s the best service but now I am thinking that my assumption was wrong & this is the worst service which I have seen ever in DTH services.

    So if any engineer of D2H watch this send your person to rectify it by tomorrow before 10:00am
    My costumer ID is :- 25707877.
    My no is :- 9176627886

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    Rajashekar badiger Guest

    Default videocon D2h complaint

    ham naya videocon D2h service ko belgaum ka bapat galli me SUMAN ELECTRONICS (9844238136)se liya taa. ham date 4-11-2010ko 1700rs jama kar kare set up box le kar ghar gay, lekin abitak conect karne ke liye nahi ya. is ke baare me SUMAN ELECTRONICS ko puchane se vo tik tarah se bat nahi kar rahe, hai, lekin hamare ghar ke samnewale bi videocon liya hai lekin ek din me usaka conect kiya, pir hamar 5 din huva abi tak kyu nahi aaya, iske bare me pucha ne se SUMAN ELECTRONICS owner ham kabi bi aya sakte us ke baare me jaad bat nahi karne ka' aisa dhamaki de rahe hai.

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