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Thread: SBI bank CC account

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    Thumbs down SBI bank CC account

    Two years back We have a CC accont for Sri rama entprs..in agust 2008 we changed our shop Registration to another name "sri anjaneya entprs.We requseted bank to close the prevoius CC account
    and open a New CC account,but they did not closed old account or transffered the old account balance to new account.Now they r asking us to pay the old account balnce amount with intrest,but we r not ready to pay balance.Its a mistake of bank employes,but they are that we are not responsible.
    Please suggest how can we solve this problem?

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    Default cc ACCT

    I had a cc Acct term loan sanction on March 2006 in which I was being told by the Branch manager that my EMI is Rs. 6000 for 5 yrs.So, following the B.Manager directives I paid my monthly EMI as required for the year 2006 to march 2007,and same from 2007-2008.But on the month of march 2008 the bank's employee from RASSMECC who is incharge of the CC ACCounts told me that my Account is having no transactions or idle and that I should try to withdraw some money from my cc account in order for my transaction to be Normal.I explained by saying that my CC Account is a term loan but he insisted.So,I did as he told me,and from that time my account goes berserk and in addition to that,the ignorant employee then told me to prepare a balance sheet and for that I went to a qualified Chartered Accountant for preparing the needed Balance Sheet in which I was charge a big amount for the purpose.Then, on 2009 I went personally to the manager af RASSMECC to clarify my situation, in which she accepted the mistake by the employee and for compensating the damage done,she extend another two year in addition to the 5 yr term.But,me as a young enterpreneur sufferred sleepness nights on the burden of the huge interest and money spent for various unecessasry Balance sheet and other nameless Bank stuffs.The total amount paid by me to the Bank till the time it will be cleared is enormous just because of this Bank employee's ignorance.
    Will someone suggest me regarding my case.Is their a kind of help for me?

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