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Thread: No CHRISTIAN TV channels in TATASKY DTH

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    registered Guest

    Default No CHRISTIAN TV channels in TATASKY DTH

    There is not even a single Christian channel in TATASKY DTH.When ever the customer care is been contacted ,they give only political promises .So it is high time to add Christian channels like SHALOM TV, GOD TV.....

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    Unregistered Guest

    Unhappy SHALOM TV not available in Tatasky

    This is RAJ. I am a customer of your TATASKY.I have been using it for some months.we urgently need SHALOM TV.SHALOM TV is very popular Tv channel among malayalees across India.

    SHALOM TV is available in all DTH services except in Tatasky

    Dish tv -------------( channel no-766 )
    Sundirect-----------( channel no -712 )
    Reliance Big tv----( channel no -867 )
    Airtel Dth------------( channel no -694 )
    Videocon D2h------( channel no-869 )

    Even after repeated requests from customers,Why then Tatasky is delaying in adding such popular channels like SHALOM TV.Please do not provide silly reasons.Its no wonder why Tatasky growthrate is very less in south India

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    Unregistered Guest


    Even I was wondering why TAT SKY do not add these channels. Initially I thouight its ok, But I can clearly see that rest of the religion get their shares in tata sky space but none of the christian channels lists with them.. Does it have some anti christian attitude or some hatred towards this particular religious group.. I am tempted to think so.. I do not know since how many years tata sky is getting these complaints, if they are still adamant that they wont add any christian channels, i better be adamant in taking up someone DTH which shows more tolerence towards all the religions.

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    hcnand1960 Guest

    Unhappy don't deprive me

    Please do not deprive any of your tata sky viewers to waech free to air channells through their tata sky dth facility. When you can have live darshan why deprive us who wish to watch christian channels ? Please be secular and impartial in this regard .god bless you.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Non availabilty of christian channels in dth

    In india we r living in a system which is truly not independent and free (as preached by the govt that we free country).

    Most of the christian channel are not available in dth platforms.

    M.T. BOAZ

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Christain TV to TATA sky users

    With TATA sky being a reputed DTH service provider, I think it is high time to include Christian TV channels which most other DTH services provide. And why not in a secular country like ours when other religion channels are aired.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default No christian channel available

    I wanted to watch GOD Tv for quite some time now but still they have been no feedback on that. i really am a bit suprised that they have queries in the past with regards to the same but you people have not taken that seriously. But now that i have prayed to the LORD i am convinced that he will make a way very soon so that all the christian channels will be transmitted from tatasky and his name will be glorified. so irequest christian people to pray and not give up becoz when God is with us who can be against us.

    God bless!


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    Default christain tv channel

    Dear sir,How come the christain in india has commited sin that TATA SKY refuse to broadcast christain tv programme despite all other channel broadcast these programmes?.I am having TATASKY DTH service and viewing my desired channels and why they refuse my desire to view christain programme.I humbly requst you to help me to view christain tv pragrammes on TataSky.For this act of kindness i shall be gratefull and however I dont accuse them.

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    Chandra Guest

    Default false promise from last 2 years ....

    I complained to TATASKY , thy replied Saying : "We will add Christian channels as soon as possible", and its been more than two years now. what is right of freedom in India?

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Reg:christia channels on tata sky

    Dear Sir, Greetings in the name JESUS CHRIST, i have tata sky connection from 2008, and since then requesting you to telecast GOD tv, and DAYSTAR tv, which are free, but you have not yeelded to our request,so we had 6 connections,we stopped and renewing our subscription, wats the problem vn others channels are telecasting

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down TATA SKY is "ANTI CHRISTIAN" no use complaning.

    Quote Originally Posted by registered View Post
    There is not even a single Christian channel in TATASKY DTH.When ever the customer care is been contacted ,they give only political promises .So it is high time to add Christian channels like SHALOM TV, GOD TV.....
    Dear Friends,

    tata sky is ANTI CHRISTIAN. You may call them at their service centre or email them but they only have pleasing words to say and worse of all they will ask you to buy add on packages or multiple connections.

    Do not ever buy any DTH that does not want to air the word of CHRIST.




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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Why false Promise?

    If you are not able to keep your promises, don't ever attempt to do it.
    before i bought HD TV, they promised me that they will add christian channels. Now, if they don't include it soon, I am planning to disconnect the connection and go for some others that offer christian channels.

    I will urge my friends to do the same;

    why don't we start a campaign? I think only that works out now a days...

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    Joshua Raj Guest

    Thumbs up Christian channels in name jesus christ

    My Holy Father

    In the name of "JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH" we ask you that we require your blessed channels.

    Lord you aware those channels carrying your HOLY WORD will liberate us. We know you do things by having FAITH on you, hence we have complete FAITH & we believe only on you.

    In your name we received. Amen

    Brother. Joshua

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    Unregistered Guest

    Question No Christian channels in Tata sky

    I requested to add Christian channels in Tata Sky two years back but no response from them. Why they are not adding Christian channels where as they are broadcasting other religion channels???

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    Default Tata Sky Christianchannels missing.

    It been always communicated, they are working on providing christian channels..but its not provide as of i know more than 6 months am wating for the same.
    Looking forward for christian channles like GOD, PowerVision, Day Star, Angel TV etc.. not all atleast few should be provided. Thank you.

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