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Thread: Complaint Against Standard Chartered Credit card

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    Venkat Sridhar Guest

    Angry Complaint Against Standard Chartered Credit card

    Dear Concern,

    where the Standard chartered bank sending reminders for payment where I haven’t received any CEP kit.Since i have not received any CEP kit, but my account reflecting with Rs 6000+ as due. the same i have logged complaint to cancel such offer, but SCB no where responding.

    I have attached the all customer care complaint/ request no from initial to till date. Where no proper resolution is provided by SCB team. Its really wonder even Head services received my mail no action has been taken. Every time when I call customer care just say “we will check & forward to concern officer and call back to you” but never called me for solution. Even I have contacted to SCB bank, Shivajinagar branch,pune were simply said you have to call phone bank officer, they are not able to solve my problem.

    Below the request/ complaint no

    1.Complaint no: 547872 dated 9th Oct2009
    2.Complaint no: 90864/E01 dated 21st Dec 2009
    3.complaint no: 11/23/09 Ref: 11/09/042787
    4.complaint no: Ref: 12/09/043076/CRD
    5.complaint no: Ref: 02/10/010106/RA/CRD
    6.complaint no: Ref: 02/10/028656

    With Regards,
    Venkat Sridhar C
    Bajaj Allianz Insurance Ltd.
    3rd Floor, IT Dept.
    GE Plaza, Yerawada
    Pune-411006, MH
    Mail: Sridhar1831@gmail.com

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Hazardous Experience using Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card No.5543 7586 8104 5346

    This is with reference to Card No. 5543 7586 8104 5346. Wish to bring to your kind notice that pertaining to last month's statement generation and subsequent payment I had to face huge unexpected hazards from your end.


    However, I am mentioning below all the issues & hazards point wise which I have faced from your end till date:-

    1.As per my normal payment schedule I was paying an amount of 4000/- (approx) every month well within due date.

    2.Due to some medical urgency in my family I have to face a severe financial crunch for last few months. When I got the calls from your executive (MR. RAM) regarding payment, I requested him to wait for few days (mentioning the problem I had to face for this medical urgency) within which I can manage fund and I can make the payment. Inspite of all these I was told that I will be again called next day for payment follow up and IF I DONOT GET SUCH CONTINUOUS CALL FROM YOUR END – I WILL NOT GIVE PAYMENT.......Under such family issues and after having such a good track record, Is this the appropriate behavior/comments a CUSTOMER expects from your end? Please understand being a customer I had no intuition for non-payment (repeatedly I told the same to your telecalling executives) after having a good relation with your bank for the last 6 – 7 years and moreover for this payment, I used to get minimum 6 calls per day on a regular basis.


    1.In the month of March 2010 one of your executive (Ms. Puja) had called for payment, and whatever amount was communicated by her was also paid by me that very month. I had requested her if the late payment charges could be reversed then it would be of great help to me. To this she committed that a reversal of Rs. 1800 will be given and that it would reflect in my next months statement. After this I had repeatedly called up the customer care about the reversal but to my surprise I was told by Mr. Sharat (customer care executive) that no such request was escalated and that he would definitely get back to me in this regard. Mr. Sharat also communicated to me that I have a minimum outstanding of Rs. 697/- on my card account (ending with 5346) and Rs. 3072/- on my Instabuy account (ending with 2182). I had told him that I will make the payment once he gets back to me about the reversal issue. I have not received any call from him till date.

    2.Instead Mr. Ram calls me up again and says that I have a minimum outstanding of Rs. 17000/- this month and that I need to pay the amount immediately. I again explained him about the reversal commitment given to which he said since I have made minimum payment not within due dates the bank will not give me any reversals. He had also behaved rudely and used abusive language saying I had no intension of making payments. He kept the phone and immediately called up my residence to again say abusive language to my inlaws and threatened them that he would take up the matter legally. To this my father in law who had received the call and who is aged and was already unwell has again fallen sick.

    3.I again called up the customer care and spoke to Rehana who communicated that no reversal will be given and that my minimum outstanding would be Rs. 10980/- (for my card ending 5346) and Rs. 2065/- (for my instabuy account ending 2182). Now isn’t this misguiding the customer?????????? Claiming separate amount every time I get a call or I call up to figure out???? When I have been paying approximately Rs. 4000/- every month as minimum amount, how could in a particular month my minimum amount mount to Rs. 17000/- as communicated by Ram?????

    4.Being unsatisfied with whatever explained by the various tellecallers / customer care executive / collection executive, on 10th May I called up customer care and spoke to Mr. Jibran for statements from day one so that I could get a clear picture about my outstandings and minimum payments due and make payments accordingly. And to my surprise he has told that I would get only last 3 months statements FOC, and for the rest I will be charged Rs. 175/- each for per months statement. Now, is this the rule of RBI or SCB??????

    5.However, as usual again I received a call from RAM today morning at residence and spoke some very offensive sentences to my husband like....”Your wife is a fraud is reluctant to make payments and hence putting up lame excuses for not making payments. She has to make a minimum payment of Rs. 17000/- immediately failing which RBI will issue legal notice.”

    I have few questions on this regard:-

    1.How can you conclude that your customer is fraud and reluctant to make payment?

    2.Can't your customer face bad times due to financial crunch (with proper intimation to you) and can pay taking some time who is having a good history of paying all within time for the last 6 – 7 years?

    3.Even if any customer is paying late, the bank with full sanctity claim late payment charges....after which why a customer and her family members shall face such offensive languages from your executive?

    4.Even after repeatedly speaking to the customer over phone how can the collection team give threatening calls at residence, speaking abusive language as well as communicating that legal action will be taken??

    5.Why does various people from bank call up to say different amount of minimum payment? Does any bank accept payments even one paisa less than the minimum payments in a particular month?

    6.If a customer is dissatisfied with the explanation of the customer care executive about statement of accounts of the customer, the customer can definitely claim to see the statement from day one. In this regard why will the customer have to pay charges for the statements?

    However, I also work in service sector and in the same we believe that “CUSTOMER IS GOD” - Hope SCB dosen't believe in this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If according to you a customer is fraud and a customer will not pay if not regular phone calls are made that too having a good relationship for long 6 - 7years and if the bank wants to issue legal notice even after repeated harassments – hope you will not be astonished if a customer is bound to move against you under this circumstances.

    Jayanti Sengupta

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry Spoiling of my rating due to Banks negligence

    I had been using the credit card of Standard Chartered more than 8-10 years back. I paid up all the charges except for a air ticket which was charged to my account - a charge which I had not incurred. When I asked them to give me a copy of the charge slip duly signed or authorised by me, they were able to produce none. They continued charging me late payment charges and interest amout swelling the charge of some 3500/- to over 1,00,000/-

    Then they started threatening me with dire conseqences through phone calls and legal notices and when I produced papaers and asked for their proofs, they retracted.

    In the process they have spoiled me credit rating and hence any new credit card issue has become a problem for me.

    I will like them to be produced in consumer court and pay me the damages amounting to Rs. 1,00,00,000 (Rupees One Crore) for spoiling my rating without any authentic proof.


    Vivek Seigell

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    Dhruv_U Guest

    Angry Wrongful billing by Standard chartered credit card.

    Hello Sir, I am Dhruvaraj Udayashankar had used Standard Chartered credit card 4541-9823-3329-4962 for booking airline ticket on November 23:

    BRITISH A 12579381001718397410 for US$794.50--REF#:32910035803

    When checked on November 25 with a customer care, the total charge in Indian rupees for the above said transaction was Rs 35, 967.73.

    Now I have got the Bill statement dated 25 November with the above transaction amounting to rupees: Rs 38,014.90

    On December 1 again checked with customer care, so here are the details i got REF#:635732:

    Exchange Rate on the November 23 was $43.74, this was amounting to rupees for the above said transaction: Rs 34,751.43.

    MY issue is when the transaction is happened on November 23 how the bank can use exchange rate on 25th November and bill me.

    Here are the replies I got for the inquiry email I sent:

    Ref : 12/10/020590

    Dear Mr. Udayashankar,

    This is with reference to your e-mail dated December 08, 2010

    As informed earlier, please note that conversion rate will be calculated on the
    day the transaction is debited to your card account. Please note that the
    transaction has been debited to your card account on November 25, 2010. Hence,
    the rate is calculated accordingly.

    Assuring you of our best services always

    Yours sincerely,

    Officer, customer care

    Ref: 12/10/002973/JAY/ESC

    Dear Mr.Udayashankar,

    This is with reference to your e-mail dated December 01, 2010

    All transactions incurred in a currency other than India Rupees are converted from the transaction currency into Indian Rupees at a wholesale market rate selected by VISA international from within a range of wholesale market rates. Plus there would be a Bank charge of 2.5% and a reimbursement charge of 1% representing the charge imposed by VISA international on the Bank. The currency exchange rate may differ from the rate on the transaction date due to market fluctuation.

    Please note that conversion rate used on that particular day was 46.24.

    Conversion Rate


    Trxn in Foreign amount


    Trxn in INR


    Bank Charges(Exchange Mark up charges 2.475 %)




    Trust the above clarifies your query.

    Assuring you of our best services always,

    Yours sincerely,


    Officer - Customer Care


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    SunnyKapoor_84 Guest

    Default Threatning & Harassment by SCB collection agent

    Respected Sir,

    This is to bring to your kind attention that I Sunny Kapoor, used to hold SCB Credit Card no: 5546-2329-0095-0329.

    Yesterday, I received various calls from the no. 022- 65290768 by a lady named SAPNA from SCB FRAUD & LEGAL Department office location Mumbai, on my company's Boardline no.

    The calls are regarding the collection of dues. The worst part of it is as mentioned:-
    - using abusive language and threatening to harm me physically.
    - harassing me and insulting me by calling everybody at my office as a result diturbing everybody in my office.
    - calling my business clients abruptly, with whom I have only professional relation.
    - threatening to go to any extend for recovery.
    - calling at odd hours and continuously calling one after another with an abnormal interval of 2 minutes.

    As per the RBI guidelines all such actions are unlawful.

    I would like to ask is this a norm of calling for collecting dues, being a standard method and manner of such a big Bank like yours?

    I have been challenged by her and being told that I will be insulted in my office. He will continuously call my colleagues at my office and share all my credit information with them. I don’t understand how can she do this? How can she share my credit information with a third party? Why should they be held liable for my fault? This is height of making somebody annoyed.

    I told her that I have already made the payment against my dues. Still she was not at all co-operative and instead spoke to me in a very rude manner and was shouting to me on the phone and didn’t stop calling my company nos.

    I regret to say that You should be more careful before hiring a DSA or they should have been told the manner?

    Your action reference to the DSA, is going to effect to my working. I have been warned by my management of serious consequences, if somebody else is being called and harassed for my deeds. I may be told / have to look for other opportunity. I have been told not to entertain any collection agent at my office. Definitely it’s going to be a question mark on my job.

    My inability to pay and my patience should not be taken for granted, it’s my appeal. It was totally immoral, unethical, and unprofessional and had no signs of a civilized person or any kind of etiquettes. Let me inform you that the turmoil after attending the call was so immense, that we decided not to take any call from any third person/ agent calling on behalf of SCB card division.

    I am very much available at 9873634306. I am attending all my calls. If found someone from DSA or third party calling will be disconnected immediately. Rather I would like to speak to someone designated from your bank only.

    Sunny Kapoor

    Manage your finance and manage money through MSN Money Special Drag n’ drop

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    Default Auto-renewal of CEP | Harassment by SCB Customer Care and Sales Team

    Dear concern!

    I have been using Manhattan Platinum Credit Card issued by Standard Chartered Bank for 2 years. In the year 2010, I availed Card Enhancement Pack (CEP) worth INR 4000 + Taxes from the Bank. CEP was given to me for one year.
    In the month of June, I was surprised, while looking at my monthly statement, to notice that SCB has charged me INR 4000 + Taxes for CEP. I called up the customer care and was informed that CEP had been auto-renewed.

    I was disappointed at the Bank's negligence in informing me of the renewal of CEP prior to doing it. Hence, I asked the customer-care guy to cancel the pack immediately. I was told that CEP would be cancelled and I would receive the refund in 15 working days. But, before that, I needed to talk to their sales team to which I agreed. Two days later, I got a call from their sales personnel, she tried to convince me about the pack to which I denied and asked her to cancel it. She disconnected the call without showing any positive response.

    Few days later, I called the customer care again just to know that the request had not been taken yet to cancel CEP. Hence, this time, I made sure that I note down the ref# of the complaint that I raised again. I asked the guy if I should make the partial payment i.e. for the amount that I had actually spent, excluding INR 4000 + Taxes. I was requested to make the full payment and was assured that my complaint would be address soon. I, as a responsible customer, and a citizen of India, did what was right, i.e. made the full-payment so as to avoid any default from my side.

    After some days, I called up the customer care just to know that the complaint was not registered again. I quoted the ref# given to me by the previous customer-care guy, But, to my surprise, I was told that there did not exist any ref# of that kind. Despite this harassment, I kept my cool and raised a complaint again and took down the ref# again.

    Some days later (somewhere in mid-August), I called up the customer care and guy told me that they had already delivered the CEP on June 26, 2011
    . I was dumb-struck because, I had not received any CEP and I was not even informed either. Ideally, when someone delivers the card/any important document/CEP, he/she should call the addressee (me, in this case) and hand the parcel over to him/her in person. This is done to avoid misplacement of the parcel. I asked the customer-care guy to cancel the pack immediately, to which I was told for the first time during this entire episode, that CEP would be cancelled only after I send it back to their Bangalore address. I asked the guy about who must have received the parcel on my behalf and somehow, managed to get it collected. It took my some days to get the parcel collected as the parcel was delivered to my office address.

    Finally, I sent the CEP back to SCB and they received it on September 13, 2011 (This has been confirmed by the customer care guy on September 19, 2011).
    Now, they say that it has already been more than 3 months and as per their policy, only 50% of the amount that I had paid i.e. only INR 2000 would be refunded. (Ref# 904427)

    I use a Manhattan Platinum Card, which, they say, is only for their privileged customers. They treat their privileged customers like this.

    I would like to highlight some of Bank's negligence.

    1. CEP was auto-renewed without prior information (Againt RBI policy on Credit cards)
    2. CEP was sent on June 26, 2011 (despite charging me on June 1, 2011). Please note that the full refund is possible only when the customer send that parcel back to SCB and raises the cancellation request within 30 days of being charged for the CEP. This virtually, gives no time to the customer to get the full refund.
    3. The CEP parcel was delivered to a person other than the actual addressee. (Against the RBI policy)
    4. Despite I calling the customer care cell several time after they had sent the parcel to me, I was informed only in mid-august, roughly after about 50 days, that the parcel had already been delivered.

    What's more, I had sent them an email on September 19, 2011 mentioning all the above facts, asking them of a full-refund. I am yet to hear from them on this.

    Anish Singhai
    A harassed SCB Credit Card customer
    Ph - 9871113343

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Customer Scare by Standard Chartered Credit Card Division

    commented on Standard Chartered's status: "Guys, Pathetic Service by Standard Chartered Credit Card Division! Be indeed careful before you avail their Service and fall in trap and lose your money. I raised a dispute last year and as a policy they're supposed to come back with a result, its been 1 long year, they did not revert after repeated follow ups and for last few months they've started putting a completely erroneous amount in every Statement they generate with an allergic Title of "Previous Balance". I've requested them to resolve this immediately, they rather tell me to make the whole payment whatsoever and if I wish to cancel the Card, I can go ahead and do it. Look at them? How can a Business organisation behave with their customers like this. I got it cancelled and happily discontinued the Service. Mind you, on an average, I have been making a purchase of Rs. 20K every month and there have been no anomalies at all in making payments from my side. In 1 recent statement, they put an erroneous amount of Rs. 36K and I've done the purchase of Rs. 24K; I told them that ethically I can't make the payment of Rs. 12K as I didn't do any transaction at all and nor did SC ever communicate to me about this amount after I raised dispute and hence I'll only make a payment of Rs. 24K, their response is I better cancel the card and make the whole payment or else, they'll keep levying interest. My lesson is SC is such a arrogantly cash rich that it doesn't bother who comes and goes as a customer from its kitty. Its a matter of Rs. 12K and they compelled a customer to cancel his card(I happily did it anyway) and whether this customer does a business of Rs. 240K annually or more, it doesn't bother them. Trust me, I work in a communication house and we've our clientele and many a time, our company has written off reasonably good amount keeping a long term business goal; and SC is an exception to this kind of belief. Its concerned about proving its superiority at the cost of making it customer face blasphemy that it generates. My advice to all not to be part of this kind of Service and my all trusts have gone and as a step, I'm discontinuing my Savings Account from SC also."

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    Join Date
    Nov 2011

    Default Complaint Against Standard Chartered Credit card

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Am B N Raju, I have taken the Standard chartered Credit card after a long request from Standard Chartered executives last year and it was clearly told to me that there will not be any Annual charges and processing charges But what i find in this month bill is Annual charges of Rs 750 has been charged on credit card statement. This is a serious offence and am higly duped with the Standard chartered services, If the executive would have told me about this charges, i would have not taken Standard chartered credit card, now am fully duped with the company commitments and the service given as there is no transperency between the company services. I request Consumer court to look into this issue and kindly help me to decline this Annual charges levied on my Credit card statement or Cancel the credit card.

    Ref No: 11/11/017561

    Name : B N Raju

    Card Number : 4622 7153 5180 7659

    Billing address : BANNARAVURI NAGA RAJU

    Mobile : 9379444121
    Email : raju.bn@aricent.com or bnraju85@gmail.com

    Note : Please check the attached file containing screen shot of October, 2011 credit statement.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Question Harassment by Standard Chartered Bank

    I called and cancelled my Credit card from Standard Chartered in Sep-Oct 2005 and today I have received an email that I have a payment due for 42000 RS Approx.
    this is ridiculous.. I closed my account 6 years back and now they are asking me to pay back the amount i never used.

    I think they had never closed my credit card account and even after the expiry date of the card they reissued it with out my consent.

    They are threatening me with emails and they have mentioned that they will take legal action against me(in their email) .

    In last 6 years I never got the email from SC. And it appeared all of a sudden ytoday with a penalty amount.

    Need help.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default credit card arrears

    With reference to the above subject , I wish to re introduce my self to your esteemed bank. I am Narasimham V V V L , a practicing Chartered Accountant . I was staying in Rajbhavan road during 1998 , in which period I got acquainted with one of the officer Mr. Siva Prasad at Standard Chartered Bank, Rajbhavan bank, Hyderabad. I was given a personal loan by your bank for purchasing a flat at Hyderabad for which I am still thankful to the Standard Chartered Bank.. I remember closing it much earlier than the given period. This shows my intension to pay back the loan amount in time and not to default.
    As I became close to the bank , I was given the following Credit cards by your bankers,
    Master Classic Narasimham V V V L Card No 5543 7480 8669 1935
    Visa Classic Narasimham V V V L Card No 4129 0380 8091 9713
    Master Classic Supplementary V Swetha Vivek Card No 5543 7482 8603 7582

    I request you to kindly see the track of my usage and also the repayment track to ensure my intensions to repay the due amounts. I am submitting the background of all the above credit cards. Though you may be having the record of all the cards , I am resubmitting for your reference
    Master Classic Supplementary Card No 5543 7482 8603 7582
    This card is given in the name of my wife Smt V Swetha Vivek. The last usage of the card was on 3rd November 2003. All the out standings of the Card were fully repaid on 14th Nov 2003. The consolidated statement for a period of One Year of the usage and payments made by me ( with specific reference to the minimum amount due ) is enclosed to show the nature of my repayments.

    Master Classic Card No 5543 7480 8669 1935
    This Card is my name and the last usage of the card was on 24th November 2003. Thereafter did not use the card and surrendered the card duly destroying it. However an amount in the form of ANNUAL FEE of Rs 435.41/- on 11th October 2003.was debited in my statement . I contested the same as I never wanted to continue the card usage . However there was no reply from your credit card division and they insisted me to pay the Annual fee as they have already debited the same. I was following up the issue with your Secunderabad Office and there was no response. Still after calculating the actual due I paid an amount of Rs 845.74/- as full and final payment on 21st June 2004.
    You can see from the records there is no usage of the card from Nov 2003 and still I paid the amount of Rs 845.74/- during June 2004, with a note that this is towards FULL AND FINAL SETTLEMENT OF THE OUTSTANDING.. Your Credit Card dept was adding all Interests, Late payment charges, and service tax on the above charges and the outstanding started mounting up month by month. The outstanding balance on the card without adding all the extra amounts like Annual fees, late payment charges, Service tax on the excess debits made is the prime cause for the outstanding balance , else the entire amount was paid by me in FULL.
    The yearly consolidated statement is enclosed again with specific reference to the minimum amounts due is enclosed. This is only to show that I was always trying to repay the total outstanding without just paying the minimum due only.
    Visa Classic Card No 4129 0380 8091 9713
    This Card is my name and the last usage of the card was on 13th October ‘ 2003. Thereafter did not use the card and surrendered the card duly destroying it. However an amount in the form of ANNUAL FEE of Rs 475/- on 11th October 2003.was debited in my statement . I contested the same as I never wanted to continue the card usage . However there was no reply from your credit card division and they insisted me to pay the Annual fee as they have already debited the same. I was following up the issue with your Secunderabad Office and there was no response. Still after calculating the actual due I paid an amount of Rs 1,005.58/- as full and final payment on 21st June 2004.
    You can see from the records there is no usage of the card from 13 th Oct 2003 and still I paid the amount of Rs 1,005.58/- during June 2004, with a note that this is towards FULL AND FINAL SETTLEMENT OF THE OUTSTANDING.. Your Credit Card dept was adding all Interests, Late payment charges, and service tax on the above charges and the outstanding started mounting up month by month. The outstanding balance on the card without adding all the extra amounts like Annual fees, late payment charges, Service tax on the excess debits made is the prime cause for the outstanding balance , else the entire amount was paid by me in FULL.
    The yearly consolidated statement is enclosed again with specific reference to the minimum amounts due is enclosed. This is only to show that I was always trying to repay the total outstanding without just paying the minimum due only.
    After my final payment on the above Credit Cards there was no correspondence from your credit card . Even after my repeated calls to the office and personal visits no FINAL LETTER OF DISCHARGE OF CREDIT was given as they went on postponing that the letter should come from HEAD OFFICE. As I have paid the total outstanding in full I was silent on the issue.

    The above submissions of the history of my credit card is to show that I was never a defaulter and to show my intensions of clearing the out standings in time ( IF ANY ). Once again I submit there was no change in my RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS, and also no change in my LAND LINE telephone number. This shows I am genuine. Off late that is after 6 years of gap, I am getting continuous calls on a daily basis from your so called EXTERNAL RECOVERY AGENCY from CHENNAI initially appraising my out standings on the two cards in my name. Luckily he is not referring the card in the name of my wife.
    I was trying to explain the background but he was not in a position to hear the same. His contention is that as per the record I am due to the bank a heavy amount which mounted as a result of just the EXCESS DEBITS in the form of Interest, Delay charges, Service Tax and Annual charge for the cards I surrendered.
    The way and the language usage of words by the so called agent are highly objectionable and as a person of status and stature I feel ashamed to present them before you. I leave his usage of language to his standard but what is highly objectionable is the harassment he is creating. When I asked to send correspondence he is not willing to send the same , except for the only follow up to pay the dues, which do not exist at all. This is a highly objectionable issue to me and as a Chartered Accountant having high respect towards the Indian Banking System , I thought its my primary responsibility to bring this issue to the notice the bank management. I request you to kindly take necessary steps immediately stop this nonsense and put an end to this issue.
    I request you to kindly take immediate steps with in a week and solve this issue. I already emailed few letters to the Credit card division but I am still getting the same old story of …clear your out standings. I leave it to your discretion and request you to go through the enclosed consolidated statements of all the THREE credit cards and close this issue.
    As a person of responsibility and social responsible attitude I put all the facts before you and I am sure the issue will be closed with your intervention.
    Awaiting your early action, I remain
    Yours Sincerely
    Narasimham V V VL

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    Manish Tanwar Guest

    Default Complaint against Standard Chartered bank


    I had taken a Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card sometime in 2003. I had been told that the credit card is free for first year and the annual fee would be charged from second year.
    So after clearing all my dues just before end of one year (from date of taking the caredit card) i made a request to cancel my card as i had 4-5 lifetime free credit card by that time and Standard Chartered Credit Card was offering no special benefit.

    I was told by the customer care executive to jst cut the card and throw it away and that he had taken the request for cancelling it.

    I was assured that card account will be closed.

    After that I had same phone number and email for about 7 years and i never got any email and messages that I need to pay some pending amount in that bank.
    but when I applied for home load 2 years back , I was told that there was a default report against me from SC bank.
    I convinced the HDFC bank that I do not own them any money and it was SC bank's fault. So untimately I go the home loan.

    Now in past one month my two Credit carda (CItibank and American Express which I needed for Intervational travel got rejected because of negative report from CIBIL. and this time again the issue was from Standard Chartered Bank's credit card. My name appeared in their defaulter's list.

    Now because they know that I am facing issues because of it, they are not even replying to my email. They want me to pay the amount of some 15000/- even though i closed the card some 7 years back and never used it after its first year completed.

    Card number = 4129034830198401
    Manish Singh Tanwar


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default bill

    inspite of repeated request i am not getting the hard copy of the bill as aresult i dont understand for what i am being charged . I am getting sms which only tells me as to the bill amunt to be paid when i have not incurred the said expenses. please send me hard copy to verify.also ia m not recieving any payment acknowledgement as well.
    Mrs Jiandani
    14,suyash prasad CHs
    25,bandra reclamation

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    Pradeep Barua Guest

    Default Not recieved the statement of credit card

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It is to inforn you that I Pradeep Barua standard charted acount no. 4622715353541322 has not recieved the acount statement till date only getting sms for the payment I want to know the details of my account please send it as early as possibel on adreess 712, Roots Tower Laxmi Nagar Distric Center.

    Please treat this as urgent.

    Thanks &Regards
    Pradeep Barua

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    Mar 2011

    Default Adress change was not happend from last 3 months

    I was a customer of the SCB Credit Card since 5 years and also i am account holder for the same bank.
    I was relocated to Banglore from kolkata, i requested for adress change. I have sent request form duly signed by me to chennai customer care office.
    and i have writen 5 mails to customer care (Card.services@sc.com, Head.Service@sc.com) center , there is no reply from them.
    Please help me on this..

    Name : Gopala Rao Yaradesi
    Mail id: yaradesi@gmail.com
    Complant tracking number :KMM9742596I15977L0KM

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    kiritkumarb Guest

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