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    Kishore Kumar Harit Guest

    Default Agon Religare

    The Agon religare life insurance company attracting customers in the name of low insurance premium. Recently it has launched i-term plan which can be purchased online only. They attract me in the name of low premium which was only 10400 for a policy of 50.00 lac for 25 years. But later on they asked me to pay 9000/- more and made my annual premium 19600/- that was almost double to initial offer. They are saying it is because of my medical history. I have no medical problem as on date neither i was having any problem in past. But I had some check-ups in the year 2006 which i told them. My all the reports were normal. but even they have doubled the premium. I feel it is their trick first to attract to customer in the name of low premium and then ask him to pay additional premium. Customer is trapped if he accepts he has to pay extra premium and if he does not accept his medical history become worse and other insurance companies will also ask him to pay extra premium.

    I want to know that even when I was not having any medical problem how can they ask me to pay additional premium. I am posting here the letter i wrote to them. please suggest me properly.

    February 17, 2010.

    The Director – Underwriting and Claims,
    Aegon Religare Life Insurance,
    Registered Office,
    2’nd Floor, Paranjpe B Scheme,
    Subhash Road, Near Garware House,
    Vile Parle (E),

    Dear Sir,

    Your revised offer on iTerm Quote 99999999

    I am shocked to get a revised offer from you vide your letter dated 16.02.2010 vide which you have almost doubled the initial offer of premium from 10423.00 to 19689.00 on the grounds of my so called “personal medical history”. Please note as under:-

    There is nothing wrong in my personal medical history.
    Each and every report submitted to you as my personal medical history is showing everything normal.
    As per your advice I have visited to a cardiologist and the certificate given by him has also been submitted to you which also indicate my cardiac status normal.
    You have done a lot of medical tests including ECG etc. and I am sure my every report is normal.
    I am ready to appear before any doctor of repute of Govt. Medical College, Jaipur as per your choice if he/she can find any ailment.

    I feel that this is your game plan to trap a customer in the name of comparatively low premium to other insurance companies and then ask him to pay some additional premium on some irrelevant grounds. And that additional premium is shockingly almost double to your initial offer! Now I have no option other than to accept your offer because if I refuse to accept my Insurance history will become worse and It will be difficult for me to take any Insurance policy from other Insurance companies.

    Please note, I am not going to trap in your netting and now you are bound to issue me the insurance policy as per initial offer only. If you are failed to issue the policy within 3 days of this letter I shall be bound to take a suitable legal action against you at your cost.

    With regards,


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Looks Like a Trap

    I guess Agon Religare's iterm policy is a complete trap for those who fell for it being said to be the cheap insurance (term) in India. But the fact remains that they seems to have a high non-payment of claims till now! They also reject the application without telling proper reasons. All in all it is our best interest that we don't fall far this trap set forth by Aegon Religare. As we may think that our family is secure but unfortunately if we die, our family will be tormented by this company in our absence and that would be worse than not taking any insurance at all.

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