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Please suggest me how to get relief from EMIs till I get job
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I took a personal loan for my marriage, unfortunately for me right after I spent money I lost my job (March-2016) just a week before my marriage (April-2016).

I paid initial 3-4 EMIs without any issue, I had some money in my acccount.

After this initial period I suffered with Malaria and was asked to bed rest for 2-3 months.

Then HDFC started threatening me, abusing me and my family. They even visited my land lord and called from his number.

I said I am on bed, they did not believe, visited my place and started abusing me and family despite telling them I will close the loan before the agreed tenure itself. I had visited them at Indira Nagar Bangalore branch to pre-close the loan just after 2 months they told they can't before completion of 1 year.

I even written to customercare to beg for some time till I get my job. No use.

They started blackmailing me telling they will report to CIBIL, take legal action, get me jailed, will make sure I don't get job any where. I had to take additional loans from private lenders outside at very high rate to pay the EMI. Even I had to sell all the little gold I had, took loan by even keeping wife's jewellary. But my bad luck still no job. Because no savings and no job, we are hardly managing to meet day to day expenses. I have parents, brother's college, And niece education expenses, which of course I haven't paid. Sold my bike.

Told all this to HDFC but nothing helped.

Now they are telling me you send woman at your home to work, you work as a construction worker of course in abusive and derogatory language.

Clear entire loan amount we have sent a person to collect, be ready to go to jail, we will get you arrested.

Many people from HDFC have threatened so far, at some point or many point of times I even thought of suicide to avoid this harrassment. Current person who is harrassing me n threatening to beat me up by sending goons is Parashuram- 9741118467.

My loan account number is: 33518654
E-mail id: coolrajpro5@yahoo.co.in

I reiterate, I have no intention to run away not paying the money which I owe to HDFC. I will repay your entire loan amount along any fines if applicable before scheduled loan tenure. So far i.e. March-2017 some how I have managed to pay the EMIs despite having no job and no money. Going forward I cannot pay any EMIs before I get a job. So stop harassing / threatening / Abusing me. If this continued and I suicide you and your organization is responsible. Again to re-iterate I will repay all the loan amount I owe you before the loan tenure of 4 years.

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Please suggest me how to get relief from EMIs till I get job
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