I added Rs 3500 in my Futurepay Wallet on 28th March 2017 for using it at the Big Bazar Store Gangtok. But in the outlet they said that due to some technical issue their store is unable to use wallet for making the payments for any amount beyond Rs 100. Right then I contacted the customer care from the outlet and asked for resolution. The customer care executive then had a talk with the outlet manager and confirmed the same and committed me that my issue will be taken care of. But after that no action had been taken to reverse the money back to my account. I mailed them at 'support@futurepay.co.in' on 1st April 2017 and also in their facebook messenger handle. They mailed me back and asked to wait stating that they will take care of this issue. Still no action has been taken. And now they have even stopped replying to my mails. The last reply I received was on 7th April 2017.
19 days have passed and they are not providing any resolution and just playing with my time. I know Future Pay wallet is a closed wallet but what will I do with that statement. My money is stuck i the wallet and I can't use it at the store of my location. So what will happen to the amount. 19 days is a great long time and it should be addressed by next level management and the issue should be closed ASAP.