I am a Vodafone Mumbai customer, for 17 years!!!! Recently, I was encouraged to sign up for a Vodafone red plan for my numbers 98202 21767, 98212 46727 and 98202 21760. I was told that I will save much because data and calls will be shared. The charges told to me were the plan charges and service tax; nothing more was to be levied. Over a few months I realised that this is how they make money by fooling us:

1. Each additional number has a Rs. 99 charge for being on the family plan; never told to you in advance
2. The Red family plan does not allow you free roaming in Maharashtra & Goa (I am a Mumbai circle subscriber), whereas all my numbers had this free for many years
3. Neither the app, nor the SMS alerts tell you how much of your data allocation and call allocation (for all numbers together) you have spent; so you never realised when you have crossed your limit and they charge you for that.

I discovered all these 3 over a period of time, and I fear that there may be others coming. I have requested for cancellation of my Red Family plan and have also asked for resolution on all the above; they dont seem to care at all, despite writing to their Nodal officer. This is how they treat 17 year old customers; I guess I will be now forced to port to a better service provider, if there is one.

4. I have also asked for change to individual plans for each of the numbers. They do not allow me to pick a plan; but force you to sign up for a plan of their choice. Really, guys????!!!!

Parthajeet Sarma
M: 98202 21767