This is regarding Prestige Cookware - Omega Deluxe Granite. I had used the product with care for about 1.5 years and then the non stick part started getting damaged. The warranty for the product is 2 years. As instructed from shop, I had taken the faulty product to the LalBagh service centre for replacement since it was within warranty .At Lalbagh Service Center, I was told to pay Rs 272(25% of MRP) for the replacement although the product was under warranty. The product was used as per instructions and with proper care. However, the service center head was non cooperative and rude and I had to pay money even though product was under warranty of 2 years. Service center person told that product was not used properly whereas it was used with utmost care . This is very bad customer service. Prestige should honour their customers and provide proper customer service. Why do customers need to pay for service/replacement even though product is under warranty?? This is absolutely false promise made by the company for a poor quality product by the company and very bad customer service / after sales service. Customers are always at receiving end and are duped with false promises.