I got (almost a 1 month back), and water purifier for my house from 3M, The product name is AP141T. When i was buying product, the distributor informed me this product will help you to reduce the scaling in home and water will be purified. and he also said water hardness also will be reduced. Before buying i also called 3M company using customer care number 1800 425 3030
, so customer care also informed me the same (features and also confirmed the prices). But after fitting the unit, i observed for 1 week, i was not observing any effect, so i had called the customer care, they informed be that you have to wait for 15 days for full effect. So i waited for full 2 weeks, But still no effect. Meanwhile my family member had some skin etching problem for which i went to doc. Doc has given the medicine. Initially it never strike to me, this skin problem could be because of the unit, but Doc was probing me for the changes in the food or etc. Then i informed him about this. So he suggested to me dont use it and check. Then i started calling 3M and also my distributor (Surya Hardware- Bangalore). Then after a 1 week of daily follow up, one technical visit my house his number is 8884991915. After seeing my utensil and bathroom condition he clearly admitted the unit is not working at all. He said i will have the word with senior sales man, his name is Abhishek (his number 9742062620). But after call him, he started abusing me, and said problem is in your mind, there is not problem in the unit, we cant do anything. Then after anger i again called 3M and requested them to sort this immediately, but they refuse to take any complaint, and refuse to take my compaint and allow me to talk to senior person. Then i was calling them daily for follow up, But they are not doing any thing. Now i am calling customer care they are saying issue has been raised the concern team, then are not connecting me to any senior people. Later they started saying i had discuss with very senior person called Mandeep Sharma. But this is all lie, they are not at all done any single step in this. I am planning to put this legal step on the company now. Since my family has very bad experience because of this One recommendation to all people never ever buy any 3M water purifier products, those are bogus products.