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Thread: Airtel telecommunication complaint

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    I am Rajat Sharma. My father Mr.Naresh Sharma is using Airtel Sim number 9815639847 from the past 15 years and suddenly on last saturday (28/01/2017) it got blocked due to unknown reason. When asked from the nearest airtel service centre (silver plaza, sodal road, jalandhar, punjab) they mentioned the reason of not depositing the proof on time and deleted the number whereas the proofs have already being deposited when number was bought. The Sim had Rs.600/- and also my the number was deleted without noticing me (no call or message was sent to me before deleting the number). Now they are reissuing me a postpaid number and that too after 4-5 days whereas my number was prepaid. I request u to take strict and quick actions against the company for all the inconvenience and i want my prepaid number and money back as soon as possible. You can contact me on:-
    Rajat Sharma

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    Default airtel pune complaint

    i am also a victim of airtel telecommunication. my billing cycle starts from 11th of every month. today is the 15th of feb. i am on national roaming right now. my airtel app tells me that i have consumed 113 minutes of roaming from 11th feb to 15th feb. when i checked my phone logs, i summed up the call minuted and it came out to be 68 minutes (rounding off all seconds to 1 minute).
    i called up airtel helpdesk to know the reason for this difference. it turns out that they have added extra minutes in almost every call without any reason. when i asked them to email me this unbilled summary, they refused. i took the call id no. which has the recording of my call with airtel executives. it is 2362690195. i request consumer court's kind help in this matter. why should i pay extra unnecessarily for the service i have not used.
    airtel no. 9665197225
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