Name - Hemal Dikshit, Bangalore, Karnataka
Phone - 9886265149
Email -
Complaint against - Hindware, Pepperfry
Product - Hindware Fabia 90 CM BF Chimney

I am very disappointed with the after sales service from Hindware. There is no interest in service, no follow up and no resolution. I purchased a Hindware Fabia 90 CM BF Chimney from Pepperfry on 9th of September. The product was delivered but I never opened it since the intended use was for a new home which was undergoing interior work. The interior work completed recently and I promptly called the Hindware Installation number 180030102273 for scheduling an installation. The installation person came home and when we opened the box, the glass panel on the chimney was broken and he also pointed out that the motor inside spins sideways while rotating. I contacted Pepperfry immediately and got a callback from Craig in their returns department. Craig denied any help since their return policy is strictly limuted to 7 days only (irrespective of circumstances). Pepperfry customer care wasnt ready to offer any help in this case.

I called the Hindware care number 180030102273 again on 7th of Jan 2017 and reported the problem. I told them that I need the glass panel replaced. I was told that the service center will call back. I so far, have not received even 1 call back from Hindware. I have called the customer care number each day since the 7th still no action. Everytime I call the customer service, I am told that they will call the service center and talk to them but nothing happens after that. Yesterday I was frustrated with the service so I asked for the service ceneter number. I was given the number to Go Services (No one answers the phone here) and Mr. Rajashekhar Gowda's (Area Manager for services) number. I spoke to Mr. Rajashekhar Gowda who asked me to send him pictures of the damaged parts and a copy of the invoice which I sent immediately on whatsapp. I called him back and confirmed that the required pictures and documents have been sent but after that I havent heard anything again. I have tried calling him twice today but no answer to my calls. I need this chimney fixed immediately since I need to shift to this new house and unless the chimney is fixed, I cannot continue the rest of the finishing to the house.

This is ridiculous service from Pepperfry washing their hands off from the product and bigger disappointment from Hindware for no follow up, and no solution to the broken chimney. I am now left with an expensive product which is broken and an international brand thats not bothered to fix the problem. I am never buying nor recommending prducts from both Pepperfry and specially Hindware.