I talked to amazon customer care executive on 24th oct 2016 regarding Order# 171-7065923-4061145. I told him to deliver it before 4th Nov 2016 ON PRIORITY EVEN IT IS CHARGEABLE as I was leaving for Srinagar on 5th Nov. He told me its not possible and said he can deliver it in Srinagar. I told him it would be difficult for u to deliver it in Srinagar due to prevailing political conditions but he said, HE WILL MAKE SURE PACKAGE IS DELIVERED... Its Dec now, It has been 2 months ,package has been replaced twice still I did not received my items... Now after WASTING my 2 Months amazon has refunded my money and is now again asking me to replace the order THIRD time..... The package contained books for my studies...they have wasted my 2 months and now they say replace the order and still am not sure if they can deliver it.. I want a proper compensation from amazon for WASTING MY PRECIOUS TIME...and causing MENTAL AGONY to me by their callous approach..