My subscription id is 3015833091 in Airtel Digitel TV.
I had Purchased a pack of 2 years for Rs. 5300 approx. in Feb 2015 But only after 10 months i.e. Oct 2015 they changed the channel list and deleted my favorite channels so the service became useless to me as a person can only watch 5-10 channels only and if they are not there then TV possess no importance.

So I called the customer care and they said that those channels will not be added again so I could change my subscription to any other DTH service and they would refund my remaining 14 months value to me.

Now its more than a year has passed and I have called there customer care more than 50 times and every time they say my issue would be solved. I even have recording of my talks with their senior representatives of 2-3 times.
and lastly they said that they have paid me by cheque which they never tell where they did send this..

I feel cheated, frustrated and fed up..

my complaint # issued initially is47863940 on Nov 1 2015 for disconnection and 47895398 for refund related on 3-11-15,.
then in March 2016 I enquired again with reference # 50448533 dated 21-03-16 which they claim to be resolved on 31-03-16 and so there is a long list like this..

they are so arrogant that they never call me or reply to my emails..
moreover their customer care # is also not toll free so calling them and tolerating those computerized channels is a mental torture and financial burden..

they are a bunch of crooks and cheat.

Even I threatened and warned them that I will go to consumer court many times but these shameless people have no fear of law.. I can produce the recordings of talks with their representatives whenever required..

All I want is justice. Please help me..
I want my hard earned money back with interest and also compensation for mental torture and frustration they have caused to me..