Dear Airtel team,

It is been observed that there is bad response from Airtel every time when a request or complaint is logged in.
My building second line connection in the name of Mr. Kishore my cousin (landline no: 04449580790) registered a complaint initially that line got disconnected and no one from your team resolved it and after a longtime internet line was completely barred and deactivated the account. Many times complaint was registered and there was a bad response every time with different answers. Finally they gave an answer which cannot be accepted that existing port of customer was utilized for some other connection and it was told from Airtel service team person who examined the status of the complaint. The complaint was registered for more than 3 times to Airtel that we need our connection back but they give answers which is not technically convinced. Same building one more line connection can be accessed from the same port how come it will affect the second connection in the same building.

First of all there is no nearest DP box which is away from 70-80m distance and every time it get disconnected. Every time this problem persist and the action which is on temporary basis not pertaining to permanent solution.

Sept 19th complaint.No: 73164538