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Thread: Complaint against traffic police

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    Default Complaint against traffic police

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    I am on my bike with my brother, we have all documents and both have helmets.

    Traffic police stop us and challan us for said that "you cross red light".

    But we cross green light and other vehicles are also with us.

    They not stop other vehicles in green light but only stop our bike.

    When i said you are only challan us because this is 30 january now, and you guys just challan us for the sake of mantain your challan records. traffic police said loudly to me "ek baar dubara kehna jara, sabi cameras on hai."
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    NOw, i have challaned of my vehicle now, but i want justice that "I cross green light" not red light.

    Is there any help from me from your side, or any way to proved my self.

    Or these "traffic police empolyees " same do with other persons to and there is no government law to handle our goverment employees?

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default complaint against traffic police-Pune

    THis is to bring it n your notice that Mr R R Sawant & Kelaskar(Traffic Police) at vishrantwadi,pune are doing some unethical work.
    It's today incidence at 8pm(22feb'10) where there is too much traffic at signal in bombay shappers where some bikes forcefully come on zabra line.
    THey have taken our licenses & ask us to come aside.
    THere they have asked us to pay Rs.100 fine(ticket no-6581920 (Charges on crossing zabra line) which we refused to pay since its not done intentionally but due to too much traffic its happen in signal.
    But they have told that its traffic rule which they have too follow.
    We are there for more than half an hour debating on same topic where we saw that lot many others bikers & buses also done the same thing(standing on zabra line) when we asked them to call those people also they replied ist you people pay the money then we will free to catch them.

    This is surprising to see that traffic police inspector also inspite of doing there duties more interested to get money.
    there are 4people(traffic police) who are interested for money colection but not a single person to handle traffic.

    THey also threaten us to pay money otherwise we will take your license & you have to go court.

    I don't think this is more imp duty of traffic police to collect money not controlling traffic.

    This is such a wrong manner to treat common man,misuse of his uniform.
    Finally we have paid the amount to the police.
    But still its a complain against these people who are threatening people.

    Suraj Rana

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    gnaik79 Guest

    Default Threathened and Beaten by Mr. Santosh Thorale (Traffic Police)

    Dear All,

    On 28th March at 5.30pm myself and my wife were stopped by Mr. Santosh Thovale and his colleagues on the way to Aksa Beach. We showed the bike papers, insurance, PUC and license. Then he started asking for what reason are we both going on the Aksa beach. He started threatening me and before I could give him any explanation he slapped me 4 times and pushed me down the road. I was hurt in the left ear badly. The scratches of his nails are still on the ears. Their collegues started threatening us with their stick that they would put us behind bars under section 110. They also said to us that they were the gundas of Mumbai and they can do whatever they want. Somehow we both were released after 15 mins with all policemen abusing us.

    Immediately I called Police No 100 where they told me to call the Worli Traffic Control but even they did not respond properly. Then I went to the Malvani Police Station and asked to log a complaint against Mr. Santosh Thovale where I was made to sit for 40 mins. Then a senior official named Mr Prashant Surve called me in his cabin and took some details about the incident in his diary. He was sorry for the incident personally and assured that action would be taken against Mr. Santosh Thovale.

    My wife and I are completely shocked and traumatized by the complete incident. Till today I had a belief that the law of Mumbai is for the ordinary people but by yesterday’s incident I am upset by the system. There has to be some kind of stringent system to take severe action against these policemen like Mr. Santosh Thovale who are not here to help out people but to fear them by showing their attire rights.


    Ganesh S Naik

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Complaint against Mr Mahaveer Sharma Sub-Inspector Rajaouri Garden circle, Delhi

    This is to bring it notice to all Delhites..

    pls beware of a Delhi Traffic Police Official- Mr Mahaveer Sharma, Sub- Inspector, Rajouri Garden Circle, Delhi.

    Demanding Bribe is nothing for this guy. What he did, was highly shocking for me. He stopped my car and threatend me to give 1000 rs. to him or he would have made a challan of rs 1400 for overspeeding. He also pushed me, abused me and tried taking my car keys and other material from the car. He was with 7-8 more illiterate officials- who were talking just like road side Gunda. Passing derogatory comments on girls, man handling and abusing the general public...this is all they do.

    I dont know who has given the authority and power to these bunch of, so called "public servants", to spread their Gunda Raaj. One thing is for sure- these officers doesn't deserve any respect. they come out on streets just for robbing the general public.

    I dont know, writing this issue over here would help or not. But this will definitely show the zero disciplinary levels of our police officers.


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    May 2010

    Angry Harassment By Traffic Police Kolkata: Mr. Tapas Kr Pal (40769)

    Harassment By Traffic Police Kolkata: Mr. Tapas Kr Pal (40769); Time: 17:50; Location: Shibdas Bhaduri Street Kol -4

    I'm writing here not for sake of putting as complaint against Traffic Police - Kolkata or police department, because I know there is no solution to this problem. I am really clueless about whom to say this. People whom we look for help and who are the supposed guardian of law - when they treat us partially and rudely using foul words; where should we go?; what should we do?
    On 8th May 2010 mother and I stopped in front of a laundry shop – in Shibdas Bhaduri Street (Kol – 4) for 1 minute; just to collect our clothes. The shop owner instructed us to park the vehicle in front of his shop.There were other vehicles (Scooter and a Red Qualis) parked in the same street in same place. Mr. Tapas Pal (GPF No. 40769) didn’t pay heed to any of my pleas that my mother had serious knee injury and it was not possible for her walk all the way from main road and we would just take a minute – in fact we were getting on the car –- when he gave us the case under ‘Parking Violation – illegally parked- U/S 122/177 MV ACT’. Not only that he even insulted us on the street using foul words which I don’t even want to write about. May be it was an everyday incident for him – but it was first in my life – I’ve lost all faith in the system – is this how we are treated??? – The normal citizens while the goons roam free looting people? What crime did we - a girl and her aged mother did on that evening do deserve this insult? The money is a small thing compared to the public insult and humiliation.
    I dont know if anybody would take any action against this traumatizing incident. I really don’t know whom to complain, neither I have contact with any influential people – I just want fair justice. May be everything is NOT BLACK in this city of joy after all.

    A law abiding citizen

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    Mubai-Citegen Guest

    Default Goregoan East traffice policed chaants..

    One day i went to HDFC bank Goregoan (East) by car to diposit the amount. I was parked the vehicle properly and next to my vehicle there are somany vehicle were parked. When i came out of bank. My vehicle was not available there. Some body told that vehile taken by Goregoan traffic police. When i ask police from the station and said that vehicle was parked opposit to gate. But i was parked properly still i am confident, i have parked right place.

    One more day, I went HDFC bank i.e. same bank. But this time i have parked little faraway and walked upto bank. This time also Choor log gadi lake gaya.. Once again i went to police station to take the vehicle. This time they are telling like "Vehicle was parked in taxi stand". Even now i was confident. I parked the vehcle not taxi stand. Before my vechile, almost 7 taxis can stand.. How come police will do like this.

    One more day.. same problem but differnt reason. If you can see close to dindoshi bus dept police station. There huge traffic, due to doble line parking and doble like car washing... They nopolice will go and ask due to lack of dare.

    Goregoan trafic police and towing people are "Chor admi ye", "Arami ye". These people are looting directly with law. Actual Chor log "Chori karta ye" without law. This is the only diff.

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    Daisy Guest

    Unhappy Rude and Unfair Treatment by B.C Traffic Police

    On Monday, October 11, while driving home from the Rockies, I got flagged down by a traffice cop at Yahk (9 miles before the Idaho Kingsgate border). I pulled aside and so was the car behind me. I thoght he was just signaling us to slow down due to accidents or detour or any thing that nature. I was surprised when he said I was over the city driving limit. I knew I wasn't becasue I was slowing down to read the town name Yahk. After getting my driving license and records, he waved the car behind me, which has a Canadian licence plate to go on. He then walked across the street to his car and came back with a ticket with a $138 fine. I asked how come the car hehind me got away from drving the same speed as me. He said becasue I was the first car and he doesn't have 15 hands. He then asked me to sign the ticket but I was questioning him why I was treated unfarily and he got all annoyed and said he was not going to waste 15 minutes explaining to me and said all the information were at the back of the ticket. He dropped the ticket inside our car and walked across the street back to his car. He had 2 other colleagues with him and before I drove off, I yelled unfair and all three of them yelled back and said " get out of here".
    I am furious about this incident and I felt that these cops were tageting Americans. Can't you imagine the hassle we have to go thru as Amercian disputing these ticket? What give them the right to be so rude? I think he was probably caught by suprised that little Asian woman like me dare to question him.
    I don;t know if anyone has similiar experience like this but I feel that other than getting off my chest, there is nothing I can do but pay the fine.
    Any comments you like to share are much appreciated.

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    krishnaprem Guest

    Wink Revolt against traffic police, join your voice here...

    This is regarding our day today problems while traveling on our bike n car. Why r we afraid of traffic police? we r easy prey for them. Rs 100 or 200 is compulsory zizia tax to give.
    If you have not committed any violation of traffic rules, u dont have to pay anything to those exloiters gundas in the uniforms.
    Just be our member to fight against them. membership is free. just send ur names address, vehicle number, birthdate n possibly a pic to issue u our membership ID card.
    your complains are welcome, but they are fruitful if you have proofs against the injustice imposed upon u. Like Audio-visual recording, pic of bribe taking traffic police,

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    suhasp Guest

    Default Wrong Charge Filed by Traffic Office Mr. Sangle

    I had parked my bike on M G Road beside my bike two bikers parked there bike which are first and second in row. After 25 mnt. I came to take my bike but it was towed by traffice police officer Mr. Sangle. thereafter i went to manjunath towing agency to take my bike where i met to Mr. Sangle. I asked him why did you tow my bike when it was in third place? and first and second bike were there. Then he replied that Some times it happened? and he threatened me that if you are not paying charges then we would file complaint against you and you will have to come in court.

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    unregistered Guest

    Default chaos at ganapati chowk viman nagar

    Ganapati chowk at viman nagar has cluster of temples and small eateries. The eateries have occupied half the road and remaining road is used by unauthorised parking of cars and two wheelers of their customers. A cofee shop is an addittion to the already existing tea shop and vada pao shop. passing through this patch of road has become dangerous.
    The traffic police on duty get free tea and snacks at these shops and therefore they turn blind eye to the traffic jam.

    The shops should be removed and no parking should be allowed.

    It is suggested that a divider be made at this junction so that automatically it will not be possible to park the vehicles.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Smile Revolt against injustice of traffic police.

    Quote Originally Posted by krishnaprem View Post
    This is regarding our day today problems while traveling on our bike n car. Why r we afraid of traffic police? we r easy prey for them. Rs 100 or 200 is compulsory zizia tax to give.
    If you have not committed any violation of traffic rules, u dont have to pay anything to those exloiters gundas in the uniforms.
    Just be our member to fight against them. membership is free. just send ur names address, vehicle number, birthdate n possibly a pic to issue u our membership ID card.
    your complains are welcome, but they are fruitful if you have proofs against the injustice imposed upon u. Like Audio-visual recording, pic of bribe taking traffic police,
    plz contact ur complaints at - twowheelerpune@yahoo.in,
    and work for association to resist injustice made to us at all corners of India.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Thumbs down Parking of 2 wheelers on the footpath

    We the residents of 57 a ruxana palace mohammed ali road have a solid grevience against the traffic police in our area who allows 4 wheelers to park on the road adjacent to the footpath and the two wheelers if parked there are towed by them and they show no guts in towing these 4 wheelers who in turn are desparately inducing the 2 wheelers to park their vehicles on the footpath which is causing the pedestrains to walk and thereafter causing unnessary hassles.

    We request if the road parking is for no parking for 2 wheelers then why 4 wheelers are parked here which please take immediate action.

    If action is not taken we will be left with no choice but to approach higher athorities and put the same in the press whatsoever.


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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Traffic police - True Beggars

    This is a complaint against a beggar (Traffic Police) V.V. Paithone Police sub-inspector - Malad.

    I and my frnd were on bike, riding slowly from extreme left on the road. Here we go. Keeping your bike on the left side of the road seems to be a curse. I was asked to provide license, papers etc. Everything was correct. But since these beggars need some money they start looking everywhere to find some problem. He mentioned that the no. plate was illegal. The numbers and the name were clearly readable but wrote in a fancy way.

    To achieve his target this beggar tore a receipt of Rs 100 where there was no fault and it was completely unjustifiable.

    If this continues in India, we as youth cannot find justice in life.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default It is raining currencies at ITO intersection!!

    Right under the nose of Police Headquarters of Delhi, at the intersection of ITO/DDA, traffic cops have an easy way of making money. Traffic cop posted there manually rather smartly operates the signal system in such a way that at each change they get one or two motorists for sure, taking a right turn from Vikas marg towards Rajghat, jumping the red light as the green light for right turn stops suddenly without any warning of orange light and that's where the motorists are caught unaware and get trapped by the police net.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Post Bhupender Kumar Head Constable - 344/T and Udai Bhan Refused to Challan Other Vehicle

    Today February 8th, 2011 around 5 PM, I was stopped at a Barricade In Malviya Nagar, Near Aurbindo College; because i had tinted glass that were more than what was allowed in Delhi. I agreed upon my violation showed all the documents to the officers, and even paid the Challan on the Spot. Sir the Problem is there was another car stopped right after me, and that person claimed he had no R.C or driver's License, his offense was of tinted Glass as well as he was talkin' on phone, but what Mr. Bhupender Kumar Head Constable - 344/t and Udai bhan Another officer let them go 'cause they knew some XYZ Police officer. I was shocked from their behavior, Why would they let any offender go like that, and Just after that another safari car with wholly tinted glasses didn't stopped at barricade even after being called to stop. none of them even Recorded that car's number and when i told Mr. Bhupender Kumar that why was he not stopped that car even after being called for tinted Glass to that he replied abruptly " Mein kya yaha sab ko Rok ke khada Ho jau" This is very shameful. If Delhi Traffic Police will lead things this way it will be really very shameful for our city. Please do take necessary Action sir. thank you

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