This is in reference to Lenovo's worst customer service.

First of all this company would harass you so badly and make you troubleshoot so many things by yourself before arranging a visit of the technician even when you have paid for on-site warranty!

Then you get a unprofessional technician and their seniors calling you which is a third party company and they have their own statements. No matter if you are facing some hardware issues or any software issues, if they have decided your computer is fine, you can not do a thing to convince them!

Their decision is more powerful than Supreme Court.

Now, this company's escalation matrix, you escalate the case, the escalation matrix replies with the same thing as technician.

So, technically if you spoil the mood of this company's outsourced technician, you can forget about the warranty of your laptop!

I am disgusted with this company's customer service! I wish I would have never purchased this company's products if I had an idea of their customer service!

You spend money to get peace of mind that you still have warranty and even after that you have to go through so much of mental harassment and pain.

I would definitely need some help in filing a case with consumer court. Can you please guide me for the same?