I am being constantly harassed by Airtel representatives for payment of the bill which I am willing to pay provided they send me the detailed bill for the period 02 Jan to 19 Jan, as I have been doing since last 15 years with number 9810016656.

I have mailed Airtel umpteen times that I need the Detailed bill where my call records are mentioned, but they failed to provide me that bill. My monthly bill always remained within Rs.1000 to Rs. 1700. How come during the month of January for 15 days they are asking for a amount of Rs. 1500. Moreover they are not providing me with the detailed bill. This clearly shows their fraudulent behavior towards collecting this bill. On top of that they are constantly harassing me by making continuous calls while I am in office. This is not acceptable to me.

I have been Airtels customer since last 15 years but these people don't know how to respect the customer which is pathetic on their part.