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Thread: complaint is against LURA PROPERTIES, who arent returning our money as was claimed by them earlier.

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    Angry complaint is against LURA PROPERTIES, who arent returning our money as was claimed by them earlier.

    This complaint is against LURA PROPERTIES, who took 38K from us for providing us an assured service of 90 days wherein they would sell our property in electronic city (if not our amount would be refunded) within the period of 90 days, but they never even brought a client for our place.We had to call them everytime for an update and would get the same response that their sale team will contact us soon with an update. As per the assured service if the property isnt sold within 90day then they would refund our entire amount after deducting the service charges(which wasnt provided at all in our case) now after the 90 days period is over they arent answering our calls or emails and havent refunded our amount.
    Please look into this matter

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    Any update on this please?
    They have still not initiated the refund, our money is stuck with them. They still dont answer our calls or email, this looks to be a fraudulent activity that they do, atleast with us this is what has happened, i happened to see a few reviews of some other people on websites like justdial etc where they stated that even they have faced the same issue

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    HI Sakeena,
    What is the status now? Has the property been sold or amount refunded? Even i have been undergoing through a similar case. And i am planning to sue the company for it. i too have entered into a contract and its been 70days and i got no response from their end. There is no company as such i believe because we are not advised to go to their registered office which is a fake one that has been mentioned in their website.

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