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Thread: Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation

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    Default Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation


    FIRST APPEAL NO.1290 OF 2008 Date of filing: 26/09/2008



    Date of order : 13/11/2009

    Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation

    Through Depot Manager

    State Transport, Barshi Depot

    Barshi, District Solapur ……Appellant/org.O.P.


    1. Mrs.Sujata Yogesh Malkhare

    2. Mrs.Madhuri S.Malkhare

    both R/o.6A-Nirmal Society

    Vijapur Road, Solapur ……Respondents/org.complainants

    Quorum: Justice Mr.S.B.Mhase, Hon’ble President

    Mr.S.R.Khanzode, Hon’ble Judicial Member

    Present: Mr.P.B.Kadam-Advocate for the appellant.


    Per Justice Mr.S.B.Mhase, Hon’ble President

    1. Heard Mr.P.B.Kadam-Advocate for the appellant.

    2. This appeal takes an exception to the order passed by District Consumer Forum, Solapur in consumer complaint no.101/2008 decided on 04/08/2008. District Consumer Forum has directed the appellant to pay an amount of Rs.790/- towards refund and Rs.1000/- by way of cost and if the amount is not paid within a period of 30 days, further interest @ 9% p.a. has been granted.

    3. There is a scheme of the appellant that on payment of certain amount i.e.Rs.395/-, the pass to travel will be issued for a period of 4 days. According to said scheme, complainant had deposited Rs.790/- since persons were to travel. The complainant planned to visit Tryambakeshwar, Vani Shirdi, which are religious places. Journey as per the pass was to commence on 7/12/2007 and she was eligible to travel upto 10/12/2007. However, she cancelled the ticket on 7/12/2007 at about 11.00 a.m. which the appellant refused and, thereafter, refused to pay the amount received.

    4. Defence of the appellant is that as per their circular dated 02/11/1998, the journey can be cancelled only in case of death of any member in the family, and/or earthquake, fire, heavy rains, flood and other natural calamities and that he shall inform day in advance with evidence, then only after deducting Rs.10/- rest of the amount will be repaid. What is to be noted is that, this is an inter-departmental circular of the appellant. As per the circular, conditions should have been incorporated on the ticket so that it can be inferred that the consumer had knowledge of the said condition. In the absence of such knowledge condition cannot be foisted on the consumer. Apart from this, District Consumer Forum has found that the complainant desired to visit the religious places and therefore, she has taken the said tickets, but there was menstruation and therefore, it was required to be cancelled and taking into consideration the said fact of natural difficulty the benefit has been granted. We do not find any reason to entertain this appeal. Hence the order:-

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    Nasar Guest

    Thumbs down Over charge of 3 month pass and daliy ticket charge

    Dear sir,,

    this to inform you that the service of your transport is very poor at Bhiwandi andThane depot,there is no proper timing of bus,on proper Q system at both the depot,3 month pass is not acceptable in2x2 bus,conductor charge extra 7 Rs for traveling,and the most important thing is the price of the ticket is too high.please look in to this matter.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Ticket rate

    how many km's have 1 stage? please send ticket chart on our email id: shivajipatil1982@gmail.com

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    kots food MALEGAON Guest

    Default Increasing freight of s.t. Parcel


    we have the food processing unit at malegaon dist nasik our is a perishable and non perishable

    goods .we are continuing supply the goods all over maharashtra from last ten years .but that

    private conractor m/s siddhivinayak freight pvt. Ltd. Has hiked the freight rate without any fuel

    hike or any rate . So please to look in to the matter

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Comlpaint against Conductor for bad behaviour

    I am regular traveller of "Pune - Wai" bus.Today (24 Jan 2011), Conductor didn't return my change( Rs. 30) and he behave very badly.

    Bus No. MH 14 BT 1221
    Conductor No. : 64805
    Name : N. W. Sadafu

    PLease get it resolve and help me.

    Thank you!
    Kiran Pawar

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