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Thread: speedpost problem

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    Default speedpost problem


    Status of the following 5 speed post LETTERS sent on 07/01/2009 is not available on Indiapost Web Site.

    It will be so kind of you if receipt & delivery status of the following is made available to me or my complaint is registered, regarding this I had also emailed them at speedpost@indiapost.gov.in, ems@indiapost.gov.in






    thanks & regards

    mob - 09871077866

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    Angry Speedpost Terrible Service

    I imported some figures from Japan by EMS and it usually takes about 3-5 day. I waited for freaking 2 weeks and feel something very fishy. So i went to online tracking by Singapore Speedpost. And guess what? My item was marked "No such Delivery Address" on the 5 day where item was suppose to arrived. And now its marked under "Retention". Furthermore no delivery advice, no emails and no call from them although all info was written on the article itself.

    I went back and check with my shipper invoice and check they actually had input the correct address. This isn't the 1st time Singpost is practising such acts. If i did not check online, my item would have been shipped back and i have to pay a freaking huge amount for redelivery again. I was really pissed off and shot an email to Singpost for their utter poor service.

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