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Thread: Consumer Court Punjab

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    Default Consumer Court Punjab

    State Commissions Punjab

    Punjab State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission,

    SCO Nos. 3009-3010,
    Sector – 22-D,
    CHANDIGARH-160 022
    STD CODE: 0172
    E-mail : pun-sforum@nic.in

    States/District Forum Punjab

    Amritsar District Forum

    SCO No.10, Ist floor, District Shopping Centre, Ranjit Avenue, Bank of India Bldg., Amritsar

    Bathinda District Forum
    Near Bus Stand, Bhatinda

    Faridkot District Forum
    Judicial Court Complex, Faridkot

    Fatehgarh District Forum
    District Court Complex, Fatehgarh Sahib

    Ferozepur District Forum
    Shaheed Bhagat Singh Stadium, Indore Game Complex, New Railway Bridge, Ferozepur City-155002

    Gurdaspur District Forum
    New PWD, Rest House Road, Gurdaspur

    Hoshiarpur District Forum
    B-17/813, Manwata Nagar, Sutheri Road, Opp. Dr. Kapila’s Hospital, Hoshiarpur.

    Jalandhar District Forum
    Room no.217-220, IInd floor, Administrative Complex, Jalandhar.

    Kapurthala District Forum
    Bldg. No.B-XVII-23, Ist floor, Fateh Bazar, Opp. Old Hospital, Amritsar Road, Kapurthala.

    Ludhiana District Forum
    Guru Theg Bahadur Market, Near Clock Tower, Ludhiana.

    Mansa District Forum
    Sardar Sita Singh Bldg., Opp. New District Court Complex, Mansa.

    Moga District Forum
    D.C. Complex, Opp. Geet Cinema, Moga.

    Muktsar District Forum
    District Court Complex, Kotakapuras Road, Mukatsar.

    Nawan Shahr District Forum
    Chhokran Mohalla, Nawan Shahr.

    Patiala District Forum
    239, Shah Bldg., Passy Road, Patiala.

    Ropar District Forum
    Room no.4, Ist floor, Court Complex, Mini Secretariat, Ropar.

    Sangrur District Forum
    Ist floor, Old Treasury Office Bldg., Opp. District Court Complex, Sangrur.

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    Post complaint against railway vendor

    On 15th January I joy Sebastian was traveling from Jalandhar City to Jodhpur on Jammu Ahmedabad Express-train no-9224 (PNR No. 2402079431). While I was traveling, near about 6’o clock I asked a railway vendor (named Baljeet-assumed) for a bottle of water. He granted me a bottle of water branded ‘Rail Neer’ but the bottle was opened and duplicate. So I asked for another sealed one. He not only refused but also asked me to pay Rs. 15 for the given bottle. I refused to give the money as the bottle he gave me was not genuine. He raised voice and hands against me. I also got up and said him firmly that I won’t pay money for such kind of water bottle. My fellow passengers also came to my support and the vendor left the coach quietly.
    When the train reached the Bhatinda Station at 6.30 the vendor along with some ten gundas got into my coach no. 5. I pulled the chain but the vendor along with the gundas hit me thoroughly and pushed me to the window side where some of them were with some iron weapons. They hit on my head through the window and bleeding started from my head by seeing the blood and the other passengers approaching the attackers left the train quickly.

    I was hit thoroughly for something which was my consumer right. So I got down in the Jodhpur Railway Station and filed an FIR although everone told me it of no use. FIR NO- 0/2010.

    I need justice and the concerned gundas should be brought before the law so that there will be no more such kind of incidents for any passengers.

    My details

    Joy Sebastian
    New defense colony
    Jalandhar cannt

    Permanent address
    Ambala pady
    Idukki distt.
    Kerala (state)

    Mob- 9041959917
    Work- university lecturer
    e-mail- johns_englishacademy@yahoo.co.in

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    We are sorry to say, but as I think this is a criminal case.

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    Sir i belong to punjab and i hired a firm in chandigarh to get me and my wife settled abroad. They charged me 4 lacs. My wife is in U.K now bt they r not filing my visa and giving excuses. I have been provided with wrong information. What can i do now. I want my money back with damages.

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    Smile Reg consultancy firm.

    Sir i belong to punjab and i hired a firm in chandigarh to get me and my wife settled abroad. They charged me 4 lacs. My wife is in U.K now bt they r not filing my visa and giving excuses. I have been provided with wrong information. What can i do now. I want my money back with damages.

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    Unhappy damage of houses

    I''m docter Baldev kumar from village Nangal majja teh phagwara kapurthala punjab.sir we are facing a big problems from water and sanitation department.Near about one years ago they fixed underground pipe without good planning. and now when they start water suply in the village..then we comes to know that all pipes are blast.leaking and broken through all over village...we get some picturs for avidence can attached with file and ragister to kapurthala and chandigarh office. due to water leakage our three house are fully damage...and our life are in danger .now please we need yours attention to take a look that how much our life in danger. we going to lost our house and money.we need your help and compensetion

    dr.Baldev kumar mehmi
    v&po.nangal majja
    94639 57122....01824241463

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    Default Request to give a rememberable justice by taking action against icici bank

    Please spare some time from your precious time to read my email as I am being teased by ICICI Bank.I had given request to ICICI bank patiala branch on 6january,2010 to update my mobile number as I had to transfer funds to any other ICICI bank account.On 9january,2010 my mobile number get updated.As per ICICI bank policies to transfer fund to any account the customer has to confirm the payee by receiving the Unique registration number(URN) on his registered mobile number.The procedure is

    (a) Customer has to login to net banking.Then he has to add the payee to which he has to transfer the funds.Then within 15minutes he receives the URN as mentioned on ICICI net banking window.

    (b) If the customer does not receive the URN then he can send SMS to 5676766 or 9837142424

    (c) If again the customer does not receive the URN then he can delete that payee and then add the payee again and then adopt the same procedure as mentioned in points (a) and (b).

    (d) If still the customer is unable to receive the URN then he can follow up with his mobile service provider to confirm is there not any problem from the mobile service provider`s end.

    Now coming to point everyday from 9january I am adopting these four points (a),(b),(c) but I am unable to receive URN on my mobile number(9878822986) and for the confirmation that the problem is not from the end of my mobile service provider please read the confirmation email from appellate authority of my mobile service provider(airtel).Everytime ICICI bank is creating new service requests and then close the service requests that problem has been resolved.The service requests no created for my single problem are SR129125145,SR36-800-797,SR129876505.Everytime the customer service officers like Mr. Mohsid Khan,Mr. Resham,Mr.Parkash and customer service head Dakshita G are saying the URN is releasing from ICICI software but where it is going.Is it in the air.To confirm that it is really not reaching my mobile I have done the same procedure as mentioned in points(a),(b),(c) in front of ICICI patiala branch manager and assistant to branch manager(Miss Anu) and also they observed that the URN is not reaching my mobile.But even then they told me the same thing that we are creating one SR(Service request) and Please wait for three days because SR are solved within three days.All the staff of ICICI bank is just taking their salary and doing just formality by creating service requests they do not care whether customer query has been resolved or not.

    Due to ICICI bank I have suffered a loss of Lakhs of rupees.So I request you to take a strong action against ICICI bank so that in future the people will remind about your strong justice and they will not be suffered from these types of teasements.

    Waiting for a early reply from your side.If any information required from my side then order me anytime I will be available.


    Amit Rana,

    Mob- 9878822986

    Email id- amitkumarrana@indiatimes.com
    ICICI account no- 016201532881.

    ----- Forwarded Message -----
    From: appellate@airtel.in
    To: amitkumarrana@indiatimes.com
    Sent: Wednesday, 13 January, 2010 4:46:16 PM GMT +05:30 Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi

    Dear Mr. Rana,

    Thank you for contacting Airtel.

    We understand from your previous interaction dated 13 January 2010, you have expressed your concern over incoming sms issue for your Airtel number 9878822986.

    As per your telephonic conversation with the undersigned, we would like to confirm that the sms service is well connected from our end. Also there is no problem found for incoming sms on your number.

    This might be the problem from the other server from where the sms are being sent to you.

    For further assistance, mail us at 121@airtelindia.com.

    We value your association with Airtel.

    Warm Regards

    Jyoti Rawat
    Appellate Officer
    Bharti Airtel Limited

    To leave your feedback on the current interaction, please use the below hyperlink
    Click here to provide Feedback.

    Simplify Life with Airtel Selfcare. Just dial *121# and get instant information related to your account on your Mobile Screen.

    ---------Original Message----------
    From: amitkumarrana@indiatimes.com
    To: appellate@airtel.in
    Cc: nodalofficer.pb@airtel.in;appellate.pb@airtel.in
    Sent: 13/01/2010 16:31:41

    Respected sir madam
    My case is not resoved by icici bank regarding the sending sms on my airtel mobile number 9878822986.As per their conversion their committment period is enging today.Read the emails below.They are saying that it may be the fault of service provider that the verification sms for the confirming the payee for online funds transfer.If it is the case the loss will be incurred by your side.So please confirm me that from 6january 2010 to till today there was not a single sms that was not delivered by your sms whichever is sent to my mobile number because tomorrow i am going to file a case against icici bank and if they were true as per the below email that they had sent a alert on 10january and it is not received by me then the loss due to funds not transferred within a given time to my client will be incurred by your side.
    Amit Rana

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    Default a call spoiled my carrer

    i am rohit sharma from pathankot.before 5 months i was working as assistant engineer in an electronics company in chandigarh. oneday i got a call from a person and he said that he is calling from a electronics company 'allied '. they r organising an interview in ludhiana next day.do u want to give interview. i said am already in job. so he said ur future is not bright , where u r working, our company is mnc and giving u almost double salary and accomodation,so just come to intwerview.actually he was just a career consultant telling lie. i attend them . there was a person ,whom he said sr. engineer of company. they selected me, take rs 500 for organising charges and told me to deposit rs6000 as security fee without which joining was not possible.i said i hav not money then he said that deposit half of it.i do that and asked him wder i should leave previous job. he sai just do that . he gave me the joining date but joining has not happened till last 5 mnths . every weak he calls me and say that joining is delayed. i asked him to giv me money back but he is just giving me next and next date,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sir please help me to get my compensation, im from a poor family....... i think no dobtly it comes under ur effects as he just charged me as a customer for providing services,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sir his work is still fast running ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sir i want justice

    mob .. 9465585919

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    Default Airtel complaint

    Hello sir, menu Airtel company ne bahut tang kita hoya hai.oh bina kise imformation de mera balance Katde rehnde Han.main gareeb banda main 80 rupees di dihaadhi laa ke auna ta saare paise airtel wale katt lainde ne.oh bina dasse koi v scheme chala ke paise kat lainde han.je custumer care nal contact karda ta oh fone disconnect kar dinde ja ohna da number ni lagda.ohna di call v sab ton mehngi aa.tusi edda di scheme kaddo ki main airtel da number kise hor network te free of cost convert kar saka.je tusi kush kar sako ta tuhadi bahut mehrbaani hovegi.mera fone number 9876992298 hai.

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    singhjitender48 Guest

    Red face complation against airtel

    dear sir

    My name is jitender singh from ludhiana my airtel no 0161-4642177. i have disconnect already your your dsl no 0161-4642177 bt you do not cut my connection and send the bill proper with out any intimation . is this regarding to call your branch manager mr ashish chauhan and miss amrinder kaur custmer relation officer but you both do not any action and send the bill again we have pay your full and final payment paid two time then you do not any action .so we are going consumer coaurt and want the reply what is this and claim to airtel for disturbing to us un necessary bodration

    jitender singh

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    Default extra charges for newspaper

    i am from punjab. and i have a complaint against my newspaper vendor that he charges me 10 rs extra every month for the newspaper. and when i asked him the reason then he told me that they charge it from everybody. he is the only vendor in my area. so basically this is the injustice against everybody. when i asked him that i will file the complaint in consumer forum....he told me that consumer forum dont handle such cases. what should i do??? this has been happening from last year....(may be even before because i shifted in this area recently).

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    This is Jatinder Singh Bhullar. I'm joint account holder of Axis Bank Faridkot branch ( a/c no.417010100017657). I had transferred AUD 700$ from my account to Commonwealth Bank Sydney (account no. 10915999 BSB No. 062692 on 13th, July2010. It is a matter of great regret and surprise that till date amount has not been credited to the beneficiary's account. The Commonwealth bank is helpless stating that they dont have received any funds, whereas Axis Bank is stating that bank has acknowledged the receipt of funds you must approach to the bank. Due to negligence of bank, I'm bearing the pain for no cause of mine. So, please look into the matter and arrange to credit the money in beneficiary account at the earliest.
    I would like to file a complaint against Axis Bank Faridkot branch.

    Thanking you,


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    Default fee refund

    sir i am deepika rani i take admission in sviet in b.tech 1st year in ece branch on 1july2010 under ptu 1st counselling and deposit the fee rs40000 and 2aug 2010 classes started and i joined the hostel and deposit the fee rs240000 and i go to clg on4 aug 2010 and i attend the college three days due to my serious illness i leave the college and my parents go to college for fee refund and college said that they will not return my documents and fees due to which i forced to join the college again but due to my problems i again leave the college and surrender the seat on 17aug2010 now college is not refunding my fee sir please advice me what can i do now for my fee refundation

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    Prithipal Singh Guest

    Default Let down by Airtel.

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    My purse and mobile(Double Sim-Airtel/Idea) was stolen in Sept. 2010. I reported the matter to police and got my complain regestered in Galiyara(Golden Temple) Police Station, Amritsar. Who ever stole my phone was using it. He used to receive the call but never spoke to me when I asked him to return it and and take money as it had some 300 contacts stored in it and also some important messages from my office, but to no use as he never answered.

    I called Airtel call centre for call history/Detail. They told me to send a SMS in a particular format next month ( in Oct. 2010) as they donot issue call detail of current month. Than I got one(From 2 Sims in Mobile) of my Airtel Sim/Number cancelled and reissued.

    Next month on 4th Oct. 2010 I did sent Airtel a SMS according to thier told format and they confirmed the SMS and deducted Rs. 50/- from my Account. But, till date I am waiting for their response. I have called and mailed them thousand times. Each time they say I will receive the Datail in next 10-20 days. But, the story remains the same. Then, I asked them to refund the charges they have deducted if they cannot send the details. But and again to no use.

    Sir/Madam, had they sent me the call details I could have managed to catch the culprits with the help of police. I have lost Thousands of rupees that was in the purse, my ATM cards, and other valueables. Only I know what time I had to go through that day. Without any money, without any contact number to call for help.

    Had Airtel fullfilled its said service. It would have lessen my pains and I could have recovered my lost Phone, Money and other valueables.

    I want to know from you if there is any provission I can hold them guilty for insulting my feelings and making me suffer more and more due to their working habbit. They are earning in thousands of crores and they donot have feeling for their customers.

    Kindly Please advice and force them to respond to customer calls.

    Prithipal Singh

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    amita Bhatia Guest

    Default Regarding no services provided by godrej service center during warrantee period

    My parents purchased Godrej refrigerator for Rs14500/ on 29.6.2009 from Next retail shop Ferozpur Road Ludhiana.Just after ten days of its purchase it had sound problem which was informed to service station of Godrej co. model gram Ldh. They sent Mr.Sunil twice but he could not identify the problem.Therafter one another person was sent he also did not provide satisfactory work.Thus one year expired and another person came he said gas needs to be filled and asked for money for filling gas and that to with gurantee of three months only. It means New Godrej refrigerator needs to be filled with gas after every three months.This delay has occured due to no service provided by service station and they just lingered the things and warranty period expired.My parents were harrassed unnecessary Now they want that company should replace the refrigerator immediately and corect piece to be provided as it is not athentic to get the gas filled in New refrigerator after every three months.so I am writing you so that you ask service station people and we should able to get correct piece of refrigerator.
    I shall be very much thankful to you if justice is being done here.Please do reply me.
    Thank you
    amita bhagat
    D/o Sh.Chander Bhagat
    B34/742 Habowal Kalan
    Ludhiana Punjab 9463044558

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