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Thread: hero honda cd deluxe powerstart registeration complaints

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    Default hero honda cd deluxe powerstart registeration complaints

    i m rajkumar from kudankulam near kanyakumari, i am having need to purchase two wheeler then i collect some data about herohonda cd deluxe power start from nagercoil dealer VSK motors, i got a quotation on 30.12.2009 stating that the onroad price of vehicle is 42999,in nagercoil branch only one CD deluxe is available so the branch manager said to me that you can purchase the same vehicle from our branch office which is located at kavalkinaru junction, so the registration formalities are very easy for us as well as you" , then 31.12.2009 i went to Kavalkinaru branch office there they tell that we are having the same vehicle but onroad cost is 44473, i show the above said quotation they tell that we will talk then we will clarify in this regard afterwards they tell that the quotation given to u is prepared by some new employee of our company so the mistake was happened like that they told,

    i gave cash of Rs.44473/- they deliver my vehicle on 31.12.2009 it self that day branch manger tell that we need to bring invoice from main office so u can collect the invoice on next day, they i ask i need some proof for this payment they made some statement in a white paper and sighned with rubber stamp, on that day it self i submit my all supporting documents which are necessary for resistration to that branch manager they tell that 01.01.2010. is holiday for RTO office so we cant made registrration u please wait upto next friday(08.01.2010), i also wait upto next friday, on friday they tell that today we are having some exchange mela so we cant made any registraion today(08.01.2010); u wait upto next tuesday12.01.2010. once u made a call on monday so that we can easily have ur records like that they are telling, as per their instruction i also made phone call on monday11.01.2010 but the kavalkinaru branch manager tell that i m far away from the office so i cant check the status u contact another number i also try to contact another number that number is not reachable, then i made a call to nagercoil branch they tell that 12.01.2010 morning 9am u made a call and come to RTO office vallioor, in between yesterday night kavalkinaru manager tell that ur documents are misplaced because we dismiss some employee from our company

    what is to be done in this above said case
    please suggest me

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    Unregistered Guest

    Angry my bayek is engen oil lekeag.

    my bayek is engen oil lekeag. This problem is 2/1/2012 in start.plz. Cont.me this no.9225660556/9766297665

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    khurshid khan Guest

    Default hero delux

    No documents complts no rajistion

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