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Thread: complaint against ebay india who frauded me

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    Angry complaint against ebay india who frauded me

    Dear Sir,

    My Details as below:-

    ITEM NO :- 120488183630
    PAISA PAY ID :- 25509817225

    Sir the problem is i have purchase mobile phone on 7th November 2009. But the problem is the seller dispatch wrong mobile phone and i complaint to the seller and the seller agree to replace the mobile phone so i am dispatched mobile phone to the seller on 21th Nov 2009 through speed post No.(ER439352392IN),
    But sir the problem again, I faced the seller again dispatched wrong mobile phone and i said to the seller he said you again dispatched the mobile phone and i will change once again then I am again dispatched mobile phone to the seller on 01st December 2009 through speed post No.(ER4399329981IN).
    He said i will dispatched once i received the mobile phone, he received mobile phone on 07 december 2009 but his mobile phone is switch off for long time so i cannot contact them and he will not responce any mail then i complaint to EBAY customer care twice. then the ebay officer give me new no of seller then i talk on 18th december his way of talking is very bad and harsh with me. He said me ki AAPNE CLAIM KIYA HE NA AAP JANTE NAHI HO MEIN EBAY KO 25000 RS. MONTHLY KAMA KE DETA HU WO MUJHE KUCH NAHI KARENGE OR BUYER KO GHANTA MILEGA, IS TARAH KI BAAT KARI USNE MUJHSE PHONE PE. But I talked politely then he again said he will dispatched mobile on next week but his new contact no again switched off till today and he is not responding any mail and EBAY also not responding any mail.

    I am Enclosed Speed Post Receipt of proof of evidence.

    Sir Please tell me what I do???????? I dont want to buy mobile phone. I want my money back





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    Unregistered Guest

    Default EBay is Fraud company by cheating people

    This is regarding the material I purchased from Ebay and after receiving it it was very poor quality material so I request people not to buy any product online.It is better to purchase any product in front of you so that you can check each and every feature. So don't worry be happy instead of purchasing any product from EBay or Naaotol like cheaters.Why to waste your hard earned money through online cheaters.


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    abdul.saahir Guest

    Default Bad Experience With Ebay

    Bad Experience With Ebay:

    I bought the above mentioned Item for RS 6800/ from ebay seller sluckyguy.I called the seller and I confirmed that the item is 100% orginal before buying.

    I got the Item within Two days and I found the item is 100% Duplicate.He was cheating me by bad commitment.Then I called Him and told these things.Then he told me to return the product and he will refund the money ASAP and told me taht dont mention it in E bay,Bcz he loose his Goodwill if i am doing like that.

    I returned the product via DTDC Courier and after recieving it he was telling me that the item has broken and he cant refund.He was lying me for not refunding the amount.Then continously i called him to get my money.

    Then i told him to send it back with that condition.He told me that he have sent it to Bombay for refurbishing it and told me that if iam giving RS 1000/, he will give another watch.I agreed and i put extra RS 1000/ to his canara bank A/c for getting it.

    He gave me a CASIO Watch for this amount(RS 7800).But again he cheated me by giving CHINA Watch(Duplicate CASIO).

    I need a help from ebay to retrieve my money from him.
    Now i am realising that Ebay is a site with a group of Fraud Sellers.....

    Will You Contact him and take my Money from him and give it to me???????

    I have all the evidence against him,
    1.Courier Details.
    2.Bank Account Details(which i credited the RS 1000)
    3.09972742524(Seller Mobile Number)

    Need a quik reply.........

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    Default beware of a fraud seller in e-bay id :" pradeepluck " and "kvades"

    i want to tell u about a fraud e-bay seller

    e-bay id "pradeepluck"
    SBI ACCOUNT NUMBER : 30656551540
    branch name: stone house pet,
    bank name: state bank of india
    MOBILE NO :- 08099867725

    this person has promised me to sell a laptop (compaq) , that he had listed in e-bay.

    i had deposited Rs7700/- in his account on 27/09/2010 from
    my sbi account

    i am quoting what he wrote in the mail through e-bay

    "here im sending the account details to u ..

    ACCOUNT NUM : 3065655154
    branch name: stone house pet,
    bank name: state bank of india

    total amount is 7800/-rs including shipping charges.. after deposit the paymnet please inform to me and send ur shipping

    adress to me.. thq... i will desptach the lappy through the bluedart courier..."

    he gave a wrong account number, then he gave me the actual account no.
    30656551540, and the branch location , later on the amount was agreed to Rs7700.00

    but till now he has failed to deliver his promise.

    i want convey to the reader of this COMPLAINT that please do not buy from e-bay.
    and particularly this person (e-bay id : "pradeepluck")who lives in nellore .
    if any body is from nellore , please take note of this person before doing any business.

    another id "kvades" is similar to this person, he was trying to sell a ACER laptop. later on he closed that selling process and vanished.

    uttam rakshit

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    bruteblue Guest

    Default eBay and I2c both are frauds with a BRAND NAME.

    Here is my story with icc and ebay.

    <b>The service is pathetic and frustrating.</b>

    I bought a blackberry bold from icc and received the item after 20 days where I had to pay INR650 as octroi charges. After opening the parcel I found the unit to be refurbished and not the new unit as described.
    The unit had a duplicate battery with a bad quality panel and signal issue.
    I tried to contact the seller but no reply then I wrote to ebay and they said the issue will be resolved. I asked them time and again if I need to do something to get the refund, they said nothing just wait for our call. Ten days passed and no call I called them again and the same story. They gave the excuses like the claim handler left the job (so it means no coordination at ebay customer service)and i will receive the call. After continuous follow up today almost 45 days after I recieve a call from someone named SOHAIL (ebay claim adjuster) and he asked me to give them a proof that the cell is refurbished. They said that I need to go to the Redington Service Center and ask them to gimme in written that the cell is not Brand New. When I said that why didn't they tell me this before and what if they don't agree to give me in written as I didn't buy it from them and don't have warranty, (Just have the bill). Then he said that he can't refund the money and when I asked him to give me his supervisor, he placed me on hold for 5 mins came back and said that the supervisor will call back in 10 mins...its 10 hrs now and I have not received any call.
    I am an editor with TOI and I have all the (recorded) conversation and mail with me which I am going to report. I want everyone to know the kind of service eBay is providing. THINK TWICE BEFORE BURNING YOUR HANDS.

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    Rajuslpuram Guest

    Unhappy Ebay-complaint against mobile accessories

    I have purchased one watch mobile with reference number (item #170507181104 ►WATCH MOBILE+CAMERA+TOUCHSCREEN+MP4 ◄AOKE "8 GB CARD") from mobileaccesories

    Mobile became faulty after one month. I contacted the seller through mail and phone. After several attempts seller agreed to take back and repair the item and asked me Rs.600 for repair even they had offered one year warranty. Also the additional battery supplied along with the mobile was faulty which he has not replaced.

    After the repairing, they sent me the mobile. But i couldn't use the mobile as it is showing the same problem (not switching on). I noticed that the battery contact on back side of the mobile broken. It was in good condition when i sent it for repair.

    Ultimately i couldn't use the mobile. I spent a total of Rs.5600/- for this favorite item. Please help me to sort out this issues.

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    lol something like this was going to happen with me i was bidding on casio watch which seller said the actual price was 22 thoousand , then my highest bid was 5900 .well this says i won the watch for 5900 whos actual cost is 22 thousand ,then i was about to pay with paisa pay then i thought of doing some reserch then i googled lol and found one chinese guy selling same watch for 2500 rs like 60$ online same watch 100% then i emailed the seller and complained e bay for selling fake chinese product on e bay . it just cant make sence ,of you look for watch at e bay india you will find sooooooooo many casio eddific i think 99% r fake . well still people look for good bargain and in the end get cheated

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    Default complain

    Please chqe this mobile number is doing mee all time a frauded calls

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    Default eBay and berrynxt are fraud

    I agree with you guys ,as I have also faced similar kind of problem with eBay, I purchased Sony Ericsson Handfree and the seller (berrynxt) shipped me the local china made product, for which I complaint to seller and eBay and I have returned the product to seller also but its been 20 days I have neither got the replacement and nor refund of money


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    Default Ebay free gift not received.

    Hi all,

    My name is Anil and my details are as following,

    Anil Kumar Allam

    Item details

    Item Number:300578876992
    PaisaPay id: 29474761014
    Gift code :MONSOONWD7
    amount paid:Rs. 36,250.00
    Date Paid :19th JUNE 2011

    Complaints logged with Ebay and 3rd one is the only reply on 29 sep and after that there is no reply.
    1)Thank you for writing to eBay India's Customer Support Team (KMM55629040V94135L0KM)
    From: eBay Customer Support
    Sent: 20-Sep-2011 10:19
    2)Thank you for writing to eBay India's Customer Support Team (KMM55941562V20922L0KM)
    From: eBay Customer Support
    Sent: 28-Sep-2011 20:12
    3)Re: FR=C00202 The problem you're having with fraud isn't listed [300578876992 #IN $IN ?01 -01 ] (KMM55974404V1309L0KM)
    From: eBay Customer Support
    Sent: 29-Sep-2011 18:32
    4)Thank you for writing to eBay India's Customer Support Team (KMM56119835V30439L0KM)
    From: eBay Customer Support
    Sent: 04-Oct-2011 17:44
    5)Thank you for writing to eBay India's Customer Support Team (KMM56149864V4184L0KM)
    From: eBay Customer Support
    Sent: 05-Oct-2011 14:13

    ---My messages to ebay
    1)Didn't receive an item
    To: allamanil
    From: allamanil
    Sent: 20-Sep-2011 10:11
    2)The problem you're having with fraud isn't listed
    To: allamanil
    From: allamanil
    Sent: 28-Sep-2011 20:07
    3)Re: FR=C00202 The problem you're having with fraud isn't listed
    To: allamanil
    From: allamanil
    Sent: 04-Oct-2011 17:36
    4)Thank you for writing to eBay India's Customer Support Team(KMM56149864V4184L0KM)
    To: allamanil
    From: allamanil
    Sent: 07-Oct-2011 12:59
    5)Thank you for writing to eBay India's Customer Support Team(KMM56149864V4184L0KM)
    To: allamanil
    From: allamanil
    Sent: 10-Oct-2011 14:36
    6)Thank you for writing to eBay India's Customer Support Team(KMM56149864V4184L0KM)
    To: allamanil
    From: allamanil
    Sent: 17-Oct-2011 14:50

    The below is the mesage from ebay.

    We understand from your mail that you want to know the gift status when
    you will be receiving the gift for the PaisaPay id: 29474761014.

    On checking our records we noticed that you have made the payment during
    MONSOON PROMOTION ( MONSOONWD7 ). We am glad to inform you that you are
    eligible for the mentioned promotion gift.

    I have paid the amount on 19th JUNE 2011 and i have been witing since then every time i call,chat i will reeive the same answer wait untill you receive the item.all the custmer care people are treating us like beggers because they say it is free gift from ebay so i don't have the right to ask them to delever in time.But ebay policicy is max 60 days .

    It has been 3 months now Can please help me in reciving the MONSOONWD7 item.

    Call me on 9482932598

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    sachin.sg1@gmail.com Guest

    Default Gift not honored by Ebay India even after 75 days

    I bought a mobile phone from Ebay India website and there was the offer by paisapay. I availed the offer using the promo code FREEDOM102. On their website it is written that the free gift is delivered within 45 days. In this case it has been more than 75 days and I still have not received the gift.
    I choose the option of Panasonic cordless phone as the gift as I was in need of the same. Now after waiting for almost 2 months I had to buy the telephone for my home. Now, you people tell me what I will do with this even if I get it. There is no point of getting the gift if I cannot use it when needed.
    I would request you to please look into the matter and do the needful. If possible also replace this with another gift which I can use. I did not expect such kind of delays from the reputed firm like Ebay. If no action is taken then I can take this matter to consumer court as well.
    PaisaPay ID: 29674296852
    User ID: Sachin.sg1
    Transaction date: 14th August 2011

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    Default Complaint agaist ebay, india

    my case is that on oct 15,2011 i received an email from e bay, india that Top selling brands from USA @ your doorste I selected this product Blackberry Pearl FlipCDMA phone and read the full description of i2c world offered.But when I received this phone I was shocked to see that there was no SIM card slot in it, I have Reliance number so i went to Reliance world after checking they told me that this phone is useless in India because it is blocked by Verizon, USA company and now its like toy phone for me. Nothing was mentioned that this phone is without SIM card slot and its with contract with verizon and it can,t be used outside USA. This phone is blocked by Verizon and no phone network can work on this phone except Verizon and you know that verizon network is working in USA and not in India. Now my question to you ebay india people that when you know that these products can't work in India, why are you sending these emails to your Indian customers. I am a layman and don't know the technicalties of these fraud deals, but have faith in ebay india, so placed order blindly but very sorry to hear from you that the product that i2c world has send is as per description. I can see that you are just taking their side and protecting them and still selling this product through your ebay sites and helping them to cheat more innocent Indian people. But I won't let you to do that. If you are not going to refund my money and stop this seller to sell this product to innocent Indian people without explaining the drawbacks of this phone then I am going to Consumer forum and bring this matter to the Public Greavence Cell also.

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    Angry Complaint against EBAY's lazzyness

    I have sold 2 items on ebay
    1. 27/09/2011 paisapay id 30053490322 (designer kurti) amount 825 INR
    2. 05/10/2011 paisapay id 30085237915 (designer kurti) amount 950 INR

    For both product buyer paid amount via paisapay
    remittance also generate but still i didn't get credit in my bank account with paisapay.
    from last 1 and a half months i m callling ebay customer care for this problem
    they just giving me information that we are working on it and will give you soluting withing 24 to 48 hours.
    but i cant get any solution from ebay even they dont call or contact for this matter
    after every 48 hours i m contacting ebay from last 20 days but still the position is same
    they demanded my account statement i have sent 3 times.

    i also called today still they have same reply we will give you solution withing 24 to 72 hours

    i want solution of this matter and want to show ebay that be responsible for work
    and our money is valuable not for waste

    please look this matter as higher priority and solve it as soon as possible

    so i m complaining this matter against ebay in consumer court.

    +91 95747 92747

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    Ebay India sent me Damaged Laptop

    As i have purchased two laptops from Ebay India before Diwali, but in this 2 laptops i received one laptop is totally Damaged (Iteam code- 120794133505), so for that i raised a claim on Ebay (Claim no- 64469) on the date of 23rd Oct-2011, but after 25 days they told me we cant refund you for this product. So can you help in this case...
    Feel free to contact me on my cell --- 09377773741.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Gift not received even after 70Days

    I have purchased following item and not received gift yet.

    PaisaPay ID 30047094406
    Item: LG optimus black P970 mobile
    Price: 20,199
    Purchased On: 26-Sep-2011
    Gift Code: EBAYDUSS09
    Gift Iteam: MicroMax Mobile

    I have not received this item despite of calling in customer care many times.
    Kindly help me to get this gift.


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