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    The service offered is extremely poor and its just the brand name with which you are doing business. My courier was dispatched from Bhubaneswar on 8th of Oct and at the booking office I was ensured that it would be delivered by 11th. Its 17th Oct now and the courier is not yet delivered. Your online tracker shows no movement after 11th October. Current location keeps toggling between Ranchi and Kolkata. When I tried contacting on the Kolkata and Bhubaneswar contact numbers, no one took the call. Its more than frustrating and I will be forced to take legal action since the courier has extremely important documents and the delay has been causing monetary loss to me. The courier tracking number is K73322619. I am expecting a response and you can reach out to me on my mail id

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    On 26th August, I went to the DTDC Courier office in Hebbal, Bangalore and checked with them how much time it will take for them to deliver a small cover to Tumkur, which is hardly 3 hours away from Bangalore. They replied with all guarantee that it would be delivered the very next day. This was the only reason why I did not try any other courier service and decided to use DTDC.

    If the reply that anything like "it might be delivered tomorrow", I would have definitely skipped DTDC and opted for another service.

    On Saturday, I tracked online in dismay that the courier was left undelivered (if a person is tracking something the whole day, you know it is really important). I sent an email to them on Sunday after trying in vain to call the customer service. They were off for the day, since holidays are more important for some companies than their customers or customer services. On Monday morning, I tried calling the Customer Care (I did not receive any proper reply to the email, barring an auto-acknowledgement) and was told information which I could gather from the online tracking itself. The lady acted like she was never a part of DTDC and she had to get in touch with another team in order to know the status. As she told me she would revert within a short while, I waited for her response on the courier delivery status. Nothing happened for 4 or 5 hours.

    I called again, and another lady picked up, and as you can guess, she too did not have any idea of where my shipment was. Like the other lady, she also sounded like she is from some non-profit organization trying to help me on charity and asked me for details of the courier. After these were provided (I don't know why they were needed since they were already a part of the courier submission), she told she will update me the status within an hour.

    I waited for 2 hours and by the time I had called back (5:04 PM) I guess everyone left the DTDC Customer Care office and left the customers fending for themselves.


    This is worst customer service of any kind I have come across and I would suggest anyone and everyone to stay clear of such a service provider.

    They don't have an escalation matrix on their web site and the only number we can call does not work most of the times.

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